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Mission Reports

booksListed here are all the in character larping write-ups and reports that have been submitted to Valley Archives. To read any of the reports just click on one of the links below to expand and contract the yearly listings.

If you wish to send in any larping reports for publication, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

There will be an in character reward of 20 gests for each larping mission article submitted.

Even if a report has been written by another larp character please still feel free to send in your own report as well as not every character sees things from the same perspective and other players can benefit from the information you put into your report on their future larp events.


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26 The Festival Lands by Khandis Sep 2015
27 The Path of Truth by Khandis Sep 2015
28 The First Intersector Games by Tristan Clearwater Jul 2015
29 Ticking boxes and taking names by Hamish McPherson Jul 2015
30 Time of Reckoning - by Khandis May 2015
31 New Beginnings - by Ichabod Mar 2015
32 Blood and Truth - by Caradac Dec 2014
33 New Beginnings - by Khandis Greyspider Dec 2014
34 Concerning The Festival - by Kudos Oct 2014
35 Mission report of the Grand Experiment - by Ksndra Sep 2014
36 What Shall We Do Now? - by Caradac Sep 2014
37 What shall we do now? - by Dunking Sep 2014
38 The Cataclysm - by Driedyn Aug 2014
39 The Ascension - by Kevralyn Soulfire May 2014
40 Dangerous Times - Theran May 2014
41 Dangerous Times at the Vanishing Tower - by Drokal Greyspire Apr 2014
42 In Momento Mori - by Kevralyn Soulfire Apr 2014
43 In Momento Mori - by Khandis Greykoil Apr 2014
44 If You Go Down in the Woods... Mar 2014
45 If You Go Down to the Woods today... by Theran Feb 2014
46 The Pentacle, by Khandis Dec 2013
47 The Coming of Ison, by Khandis Dec 2013
48 The Destruction of Cardinaris by Bill Jingle Dec 2013
49 The Crusade of Life or Death - by Kevralyn Soulfire Dec 2013
50 Shadows over the jade pass report by Ichabod Oct 2013
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