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Ice elf PriestCreating a new LRP character can be a fun task in itself.  Do you want to play someone completely different to yourself - an extrovert or an introvert?  A mighty warrior or a flouncing mage?  A caring healer?  Do you want to be human, or something "different"?  Do you see the world as a bad place in need of the light of goodness, or a place where you will manipulate the weak and tame the strong?

First Adventure

The only thing you really need to think about before your first event is what race your character will be, and about some basic costume, as it determines what you look like. It may take you a number of adventures before you realise your character has a black heart or can't abide it if people are dishonourable.

You will also have access to a basic set of skills that allow you to fully interact with the event, without having to know the rules. During your first live action role playing adventure you can get a feel for the sort of character you would enjoy playing and ask the other players or the Heroquest Referees for advice.

We understand the difficulties in getting your first live role playing character exactly right, and offer the flexibility for changing some of the choices you make later on (character class, race, skills etc) – we want you to play a character you enjoy.

Things To Consider

To create a new larping character, it's always worth considering the following:

  • Race - this defines what you look like, often how you speak, and - to some extent - how you tend to think.
  • Class - whether you want to be a warrior, acolyte, mage or scout.
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