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In addition to the internal politics, we are constantly seeking to improve relationships with other communities in the land, with varied degrees of success. Some of the better-known nations on Orin Rakatha include:

Wizard's Concillium

The Wizard's Concilium used to occupy two Towers in central Orin Rakatha but now reside in an area of land to our south. They are generally responsible for teaching magic to most other communities in the land. The ability of the Valley to teach its own members the arts of Magic has led to many tensions with the Concilium in the past, although each College within the Concillium has its own stance. Encounters with Concilium groups often resulted in combat, even though there is officially peace between our peoples.


The Shadowsfall are a nation of Assassins who previously claimed to enforce the "will of the Mystics" and ensure that the laws of Orin Rakatha are adhered to (the self proclaimed Police of Orin Rakatha). During the last Cataclysm the Shadowsfall were "put aside" as the Mystics enforcers, a task that has now been assumed by the Valley. The Shadoswfall have many unusual skills associated to Status available to them and are still generally feared by most nations who encounter them.


The Dymwan are predominantly Necromancers with whom the whole of Orin Rakatha went to war a number of years ago after the Dymwan had gained a forth Tower and were expanding rapidly. The Dymwan lost this war and are now a contained force. Since Lord Cardinaris, their longstanding and powerful leader was slain, a battle to claim leadership was waged amongst different factions within the Dymwan, with Lord Mian Gravestealer emerging as the victor and new nation leader.


The Kalid are a community who used to hold five Towers and are considered to be one of the greatest threats to the stability of Orin Rakatha. The Kalid are divided into a number of legions with different abilities and leadership and who compete amongst themselves to kill the greatest number of their enemies. In recent years, the Kalid formed an alliance (the Northern Alliance) with the Saldorians, Celestial Bureaucracy and elements of Halmadons Heights and between them they had the strength to dominate the North of Orin Rakatha. The Kalid legions were split between True Bloods and Caibiti legions with the former being in charge.  Since the last Cataclysm this has changed and the Caibiti have now overthrown their True Blood masters and are hunting them down.  A state of war exists between the Valley and the Kalid.

Rival Merchant Nations

The Dai-fah-Dyne and the Reader are the two merchant nations in Orin Rakatha who constantly compete for trade across the land.

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