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Present:  Caradac, Gravesong, Lancorrin, Tornado, Vilk, Giles, Kudos, Dayleth, Driedyn, Malice, Jux

In the area:  
Bandits:  Greater than usual activity with some organised groups and skilled individuals.
Children of the Brood: Chaotic and angry.  No purpose evident.
Labyrinth of Xenos: Seeking lost Enchanter

Earth Day.

The group went to the Garden of All Elements Waystation.

A delegation from the Wizards Concilium came to see us:
Chancellor Marius (Muh-ray-us)  Nation leader of WC
Barbaros Infernus (Dean of the Red College)
Alinor Northstar (Dean of the White College)
Discussed priority for restoration of Red and White Nodes

A pathfinder delivered various diary pages which seemed to be written by mortals residing with the Fae.

Fire Day.

Surveyed area to lay groundwork for Node restoration.

Met with a group from the Fortress of Pentar led by Arthurius.  They were seeking release of Zacharius.  Zacharius is an elder vampire and Arthurius' sire  They believe that it is held prisoner by the Humacti.  They were also seeking Zarak Nightborn who they believed to have been interned by the Wizards Concilium.

We agreed that the Law concerning captives should be re-examined with a view to stopping technicalities.  We also agreed to investigate the situation of Zacharius.

The Pentar leader demanded that this agreement be cemented by blood and we willingly obliged, slaying them all.

Worryingly, we also met a group from the Labyrinth of Xenos who also believed that one of their Enchanters was imprisoned by the Wizards Concilium.

We also met a group of Fae who delivered invitations to visit their Queen into the hands of a select few.

Steel Day.

Continued survey during the day.  In the evening, returned to Garden of All Elements waystation.  Oddly, there were no members of the Concilium present at all.

Prison Devices including one containing Malcolm Middleton were sold to us by a group of bandits.  In the bag with them was a document that I have included as it may be of some interest.

We examined the Devices and determined the following:

Container 1: Sarah Lightborn, former Dean of the White College and former Halmadonian.  Spoke of historical influence of Marius' family which eased his passage to power.   She was offered safe haven in Valley which was accepted.

Container 2: Zarak Nightborn, vampire of Fortress of Pentar.  Offered to return with Arthurius and give evidence at any hearing.  He was captured and held after the Colleges of Hepathology and Green Magic departed the WC.

Container 3: Mataran Black, Aldonar Elder and member of Wizards Concilium.  Spoke of an individual called the "Professor" who was a former Dean of the College of Magical Studies.

Container 4: Minas Soulburn, 3rd Sorceror of House Arduval.  Unaware of House falling from grace, we did not enlighten him.  He provided us with a keyword to give access through a ward to the "Professor".  He demanded that we slay this individual.

Container 5:  Malcolm Middleton, Valley member sought for questioning.  We temporarily released Malcolm Middleton from his container.  He defended his actions in handing the teaching scrolls to the WC as the only way to thwart the vote of no confidence planned at the time against the valley.  Had he not done so, he claimed that all other nations would have been set against us and the KVA destroyed.

It was pointed out that due to the dissolution of the Kalid, his actions had effectively handed a monopoly on teaching magic to the WC.  Also that many Valley adventurers had laid down their lives to obtain (and rescue) the scrolls which he so easily gave away.  When pressed as to why he acted in secret, he said that only he could see what needed to be done and that he would otherwise have been prevented from so doing.

He was then betrayed by Marius and imprisoned.  During imprisonment, he we repeatedly encouraged (tortured) to persuade him to try to stabilise another prisoner's creations using Fire and Electricity magics.

Middleton's Trial is to take place in a few moons and will be run by the Valley adventurers.

Small group of Jewelled Pavilion passed through on their way to the Ikarthian Triangle at the invitation of the Labyrinth of Xenos.  There they will assist with the reconstruction of "Nodes".  They report that the Labyrinth are cleansing the area of Void taint and restoring the Triangle.  The group chose not to remain at the waystation but hurried on their way after taking refreshments and a brief rest.

We were assailed by a large group from the Children of the Brood.

Adjudicator Froom of the Shadowsfall arrived under contract and asked many questions about the cleansing of the Void.  Particularly, he focussed on the role of the Stone Panthers and whether they were present on the Central Isle.  He would only identify his sponsor as another party on the Isle at the time.

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