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Listed here are all the in character information collected on missions that have been submitted to Valley Archives. To read any of the reports just click on one of the links below to expand and contract the yearly listings.

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The Tale of Dwion

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We stood in the tunnel deep beneath Orc Gate, not far from the charred remains of our brethren. Lord Stoneshaper called out and challenged the still darkness before us.

Then I saw a swaying light, something akin to a far away fire, but of a strangely reddish hue. It grew and we knew it was coming. How I dreaded that moment! I long for the comforts of my lodgings and hoped for the strength I knew that we would need.

Suddenly the flame flickered and our warriors let out an anxious cry. Scarcely an instant passed, and with a roar a hot wind blew down the passage. The mines walls gleamed with a fiery aura and for the first time, the only time in my life, I felt the heat to be too much. What follows gives me nightmares to this day.

As the sweltering breeze died we began to murmur and our lord turned to us with his axe upraised and his voice strong and clear. And he said  'Weapons ready Prepare yourselves, all. By Aules side we fight! And with Aules blessing we shall be rid of this beast! It will die the unending death of its master, the Black Enemy of our fathers .Our lord said no more, like a curse from the depths of evil there came an explosion of fire so great that the rocks shuddered and burst into flame. Our once bold host stood back in fear. Amidst the fury of the fiery ball stood a shadow, which erupted forth with a horrible outcry. I for one could not stand before it, the only reason I lived to tell this tale was that I was so overcome with dread that I was held immobile, and could do nothing but watch as our proud force was destroyed before my very eyes.

The evil loomed before us twice the height of a man, but with considerable girth. Fire swarmed about it and wings framed its visage. It seemed to change character with each passing moment, shrouded at times and then all too clear in its awful countenance. A flaming sword the size of a two handed blade it held in one hand.

In an instant it caught hold of Lord Stoneshaper in its black and twisted claw. My Lords Warders charged to give battle, and with one mighty sweep, runes glowing infernally along it length, the massive blade felled them, their heads rolling like coals from the licking fires.

The Runepriest gathered those brave enough and rushed forward, shields held high. Yet they were too late. The foul horror flexed mightily and tore our lord, Gorrim Stoneshaper, in half. Then as a spirit of fire it sent a

blazing whirlwind into our ranks. Dozens of the finest dwarven warriors fell like dead trees in that unstoppable gale.

This was my last sight as darkness swiftly fell. When next I could see the evil terror had gone. I fell to my knees and looked into the accursed void that once gave blessed wealth to our kindred and I stared in pain for many hours.


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A Treatise on the Nature of the Drafus Rings

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I have written this in an attempt to correlate the information currently held on the collection of artefacts which take the appearance of rings. It is my hope that in doing this I may be able to gather more information from those who don’t realise the import of what they know. And also to more widely inform the adventurers and people of the valley as to what we know about them and what their relevance is.

To begin with I will relate the history of the rings as known to the Valley group nicknamed the “Misfits”.

I do not know the full history within the people of the valley as I joined only a few years ago, but as a group we were training to begin our journey as adventurers. One of our instructors was a good high priest by the name of Samuel. He was an elderly man who taught us on the matters of history. During our last lesson with him he told us that he had been given a number of rings by his former mentor, an individual by the name of Jalanis Nariham Karfu. These rings were handed out amongst us. We believed at the time that they were simply a set of matching rings as a gift before we began our lives as adventurers. 
During our early missions we became aware that these rings seem to contain a spirit of some sort. However we were unable to learn more. Upon our return we discovered that high priest Samuel had passed away, seemingly of old age.  We then, through repeated testing, learned that these rings could not be removed. Even the loss of the limb bearing the ring would result in it appearing on the other hand.

During our missions we came to learn that each ring seemed to be aligned to a different concept or force. Which are as follows-

  • Kellorin – Law
  • Roesis – Chaos 
  • Davros – Good 
  • Igor – Nature
  • Rihanna – Necromancy
  • Tarndeth - Death
  • Akron - Neutral
  • Mordecai – Life
  • Drake – Mind
  • Michael – Evil

It should be noted that in the normal state the rings have effect or powers as such, nor do they influence the personality of the bearer.

After some time and assistance from other seers I was able to reach a point where the ring I wear was “awakened”. A term I use to represent it becoming active. In this instance my ring had an impact on my abilities for a short while but was probably a side effect of the awakening. My ring enables me to access and use evil sphere invocations despite not having a connection to the evil sphere nor registering as having one. Indeed, a Repel Evil invocation used upon after the ring was activated had no effect.
This seems to be the case for all of the rings in their respective fields. I am now able to awaken them all without assistance although it is a process to be approached carefully due to the mental impact that could happen, especially when one’s ring is opposed to one’s personal beliefs.

A large number of the misfits took part in a mission to Axos where we obtained an unusual blue crystal device apparently known as a control unit. This was used (with assistance from an off-plane individual who I will discuss more later) to prevent a permanent ascension of a sphere upon Axos. This is still in the Misfit’s possession, currently held by Kellorin, we believe. My memory and notes on this time are somewhat hazy so if anyone has relevant information on this mission I would be most grateful to hear it.

Following this, on a later mission I came into possession of an unusual book, which after some time communing and in visions I was able to learn was tied to one of the rings that we wore (in this case the book was tied to the ring of nature). When I later was able to awaken said ring, Igor developed an understanding that the book was in a certain sense his. And was able to reach an equilibrium within himself once he took possession of it. 
It should be noted that until recently none of these books could be opened by any means we were capable of at that time. Since then I was able to recover the book aligned to good (more details on that shortly) from the lair of the ancient vampire Zacharius, and the book aligned to necromancy was given to me by Nerak Soulblade and other drow. I also learned about the location of another book, currently in the possession of Arryion (commonly known as the Grey Man, a mortal aspect of evil and meddling who leads the House of the Weaver). According to the information gathered the nature of his book gave a vision of darkness, evil and poison. It is my working theory therefore that he possesses the book aligned to my ring.

The book of good that was discovered in the vampire lair was unusual in that it had somehow been opened. The story within seemed to tell of a champion of the Good Sphere and how he ended up becoming the ring of good. I will present it now verbatim:

Marcus Navear

Marcus was born in the small town of Tranor on the plane of Katharallia.
He first showed his aptitude in the healing arts and was quickly apprenticed to the town healer.

Realising his talents were wasted he was granted a scholarship to the Temple of Life in the capital of Kathoria.
It was here that he learned of the high priests plans to raise the good sphere for the 4th time upon Katharallia to wash away all darkness forever.
At first he rejoiced at the news, embracing the ideal and following the high priests doctrine and preparation.
He was tasked with routing out the cult of Drafus who sought to prevent this enlightened path from reaching its full potential, surely these people must be evil and deluded in believing any other way could possibly be better?
A raid went wrong, and he and his remaining forces were captured. Fearing the worst in the hands of the unbelievers he prepared himself for death.
It was with some surprise then, when he was brought before Drafus to discuss what was occurring and the reasons it should be prevented.
Marcus listened and was enlightened by the words of Drafus “as it is only through balance that a material plane can maintain its stability and continue to serve its true purpose” {Teachings of Drafus Chapter 3}
Marcus confronted the High Priest of Kathoria but was rebuked for his words of hearsay. 
The court of Drafus were too late, the people of Katharallia rejoiced in the ascendancy of the good sphere and its guiding light.
“but what is it to be truly good” {teachings of the disciple Marcus Nevear Chapter 1} As always, the fundamental flaw with all people took over. “The expectation of reward for being good” {teachings of the disciple Marcus Nevear Chapter 2} and soon this came to pass from petty arguments to the outright conflict of war.
As Drafus predicted the plane of Katharallia tore itself apart from crusades of piety and the ‘true’ good sphere ideal of one, to the ideal of another.
Marcus wept to see his home ravaged by such horror he could face no more. Joining the Court, he followed Drafus on his mission “To bring harmony and balance to all places impacted by the spheres” {teachings of Drafus Chapter 1}
Mandobar was the turning point for up until now Marcus had not taken up arms against another.
The stream of unlife brought to assault all that stood in the way of the necromantic plague was too much. Embracing his power, he called upon Humact for his aid and was answered.
War mace in hand, with power flowing through it he took the battle to the enemy.
His path was now locked, and he sought solace in his piety for what he needed to do.
“True guidance does not always come from the source you expect it too” {teachings of Drafus Chapter 3}
For it was from the Anti Paladin, the Champion of Can-Del-Len, Zor-Tal-Re who set Marcus on his path. “You are who you are. Never doubt your own conviction for if your purpose is true then you are already blessed” {teachings of Drafus Chapter 3}. He showed him by understanding ones true place and purpose one can see allies in all that would aid.
And so, Marcus battled on for the court, but the courts numbers didn’t grow, and time, as is inevitable, passed.
And so Drafus gathered his most loyal champions and they did number ten and Marcus stood as one elevated to accept his fate for all eternity.
`Bound to this ritual, bound by faith and belief in one’s self I commit myself to the cause for now and forever more`.

The remainder of the book contains notes relating to the ritual performed to turn Marcus into what I believe is now the ring aligned with good. It is worth noting that in the back of the book is an outline of the ritual circle used to perform this feat. This circle is identical to the one given to the valley group by the Grey Man during the apparent slaying of the Mescona. It is also worth noting that this area where the ritual was performed has now become a dark nexus emitting evil spirits which currently assail the Heights. There were a total of 3 rituals performed as I understand, although the Valley were only involved in one of them. It seems logical that all 3 have created a dark nexus.

At this point I feel I should discuss what information we have regarding the individual known as Jalanis Nariham Karfu. As a group we were aware of the name from our mentor. During the mission to Axos is when I believe we first came into contact with the individual. From memory he seemed somewhat surprised at our presence but directed us towards the control unit and gave us some guidance on how to use it. We have encountered him on several occasions since our return to Orin Rakatha. He imparted several bits of information, including that the books were related to the rings we bore, and that some form of outside influence seemed to be affecting the rings. He theorised that this was what was causing the unusual level of influence that the rings occasionally seem to exert on the bearers personality (those who have adventured with us before will be aware of this).
According to what we have been told the rings are supposed to function as tools, not to have any actual influence on the bearer at all. During the last meeting with him it was witnessed that the Adamancer currently holding the position of oracle of the good mystic was somewhat hostile towards him and encouraged members of our group not to trust him or his group. It was also witnessed that during a conversation between him and Judge Flam that there was little to no hostility, the only point of which was Flam mentioning that last time the Court of Drafus were on Orin Rakatha it didn’t go well for them. 

To summarise: it is my belief that each of these rings contains the essence of a champion in their purpose who served an individual named Drafus. And that purpose seems to be the prevention on the permanent ascension of any sphere on a prime material plane. I believe that the books are designed to help the wearer understand the purpose of the ring and help them better understand and work with the champion in question.
Given that we are rapidly approaching a 4th ascension and that the individual known as the Grey Man is clearly working towards making evil in permanent ascension, I believe that the support these rings can offer in working together to achieve that is immensely important. Given that a major unbalancing is of even greater risk to the plane of Orin Rakatha in particular I would hope that as a people we can come together, regardless of personal views and leanings. To work together to save our people, to save our home. 
If anyone has any further information regarding any of these matters, especially any possible knowledge of the location of any more of the books, please come forward. If not to myself then to any of the sector lords in this matter.
May we walk together
Guildleader of the White school
White Seer 

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Circle Aflame Quatrains

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These scrolls referred to as Quatrains were recovered from recent missions into the Circle Aflame lands. As yet we are unsure of their meaning or relevance.

A coffin is put into the vault of iron,

Where seven children of blood are held.

The ancestors will come forth from the Sleepless Dead,

Lamenting to see thus dead the fruit of their line.

Quatrain 142.1

The eye of Ravenna will be forsaken,

When his wings will fail at his feet.

The two of beasts will have made an accord,

And the Black and the Red will be trampled underfoot

Quatrain 17.5

Because of discord and negligence

An opening shall be given to the Cabal of the Dragon.

The Shadow of the Three Sisters will be soaked in blood,

And the Hearths Blood flow with Evil.

Quatrain 82.9

When the snakes abandon their Nest,

And the Mystics Voices are troubled by the Five.

Because of them, a Blood will flow.

The leader flees, hidden in the swampy marshes.

Quatrain 301.2

Near the borders of a falling Nation.

There will be two scourges which they will never see,

Poison in the Knights Well, points to the Five.

Leads to the great immortal secrets.

Quatrain 97.7

At sunrise one will see a great Hatred,

Noise and light rising towards the Peaks of the Starvale.

Sails of Steel and Death come, Anger in their Hearts.

They bring the tainted Weapons to break the order of the Mystics.

Quatrain 375.6

The changing Wind splits the four asunder

As new lands cherish the icons of old

Old enemies offer aid and succour

Waiting for the rebalancing of the scales of Time.

Quatrain 20.21

As six become one, old ties lie in shreds.

Waiting for the Mists to part once more

Daggers at Dawn spell the end of an era

The reborn immortals once more take the field

Quatrain 87.9

The swathe of darkness falls under the Light,

As one vision ends and another begins.

Newfound strength found in furious Law

The four arise to herald the new Age.

Quatrain 127.1

As Law becomes Chaos the hate rises forth.

The storms furious tide turned asunder.

The scourge of the Land, desolation in its path

Gives rise to the Protectors Wrath.

Quatrain 87.9

He will be wrapped in fabrics red as sunset flame,

Born of obscure and dark family.

He who the revered power of the great Sorcerer,

He blew Maeglor’s dust away.

Quatrain 83.1

The one born deformed suffocated in horror,

In the habitable nation of the great Djinn.

The severed hand of the captive delivered,

Hail and thunder, Shaking Earth

Quatrain 88.2

Newly arisen but bound in chains still.

In order to rise, one must fall.

A people forsaken as enemies are embraced.

The end of Time breaks all bonds of old.

Quatrain 56.9

On the day the red one will be taken by raiders,

Because of him peace will be troubled.

Anger and pain will he expose through a false act,

The crooked staff in his hand his mouth sealed.

Quatrain 211.1

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