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Background and a Brief History

Originally, the Valley peoples lived peacefully in a sheltered Village in a place known as Murandir. They were protected from the Chaos outside their lands by a magical barrier known as the Forbidding Wall, created by the White Wizard Rol-Sireth. After a millennium of protection, the Wall collapsed and with its destruction came enemies - the first of these being the Dark Brotherhood led by the greatly-feared Lord Blackwolf.

As time progressed however, the Valley peoples faced a more sinister threat from the militant Senatus Empire. This ultimately forced both the Villagers and factions from the Dark Brotherhood to flee Murandir in a dramatic escape known as 'The Battle of the Portal'. On this day, many people sacrificed their lives holding off the Empire forces while their friends and relatives passed through the portal to new lands: a place of sanctuary.

The survivors arrived upon a plane known as Orin Rakatha, deliberately chosen as it was far away from Murandir in terms of time and space, and thus far from the influence and gaze of the ruthless Empire. Orin Rakatha was already home to a number of different races, all of whom had differing views - and some strange alliances.

Time Upon Orin Rakatha

Over a couple of decades, the people of the Valley gained three Towers upon the new land of Orin Rakatha. These werethe White Retreat, Wolfhold and the Valley Alliance Tower, and known as the combined force of 'The Kern Valley Alliance'.When theValley Alliance lost two of their Towers at a Time of Reckoning the Valley Alliance Tower was renamed Fortunes Keep.

At the last Cataclysm all Towers were broken and the Valley people moved to a new area of land called the Valley, which iswhere they now reside.

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