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Misst Adventures by Igor

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A group was assembled to travel to a location given to us by Raggamuffin Heartbreaker and call a mistweaver moot. 
In Attendance
A low status group was deliberately chosen as this was thought to be an advantage dealing with the mists. 
Roesis – Knight Aspirant of the Order of St Michael
Tarndeth – Knight Aspirant of the Order of St Michael 
Kellorin – Knight Aspirant of the Order of St Michael
Rhianna Layonnise – Knight Aspirant of the Order of St Michael
Walker – Warrior 
Frannk – Wizard of the Black School
Drake – Warrior from the Menagerie
Mordecai - Hospitaller
Igor – Hospital Cleaner
Earth Day
We travelled out of valley lands to the point we were told to by Ragamuffin Heartbreaker. There we met a strange mist creature who told us she was here to help us travel to the moot. She teleported us (minus Drake and Kellorin) to the far side of the Spine just west of the Desolation Downs. We met a member of the Laire Tinwe who asked us to hear their lament which we agreed to do. We had a brief scrap with an undead skeleton called Lord Bonescraper. His forces attacked but he himself withdrew after realising that we were not the Forgotten he was here to stop.
Our Mistling creature turned up again with our missing members and told us that we had to come up with a name for her. She would take a different name every day till she found a name she was happy with. Initially we went for Buzz Fingerlena. Later names were Stealthy McSpriteface and then Entusia Sparklequilt which she liked a lot. She helped us call the Mistweavers to the moot and told us that they would be watching our actions between now and when they arrived to see if we were worthy of being the Voice of the Mystics.
The waystation itself was strange. It was inhabited by a spirit of a Halmadonian who told us he was there to “Hide from the Darkness and Shield from the Light.” There were also colours on the walls some of which we identified as Knights of Our Dark Lady colours and others which we discovered over the mission were colours of old Orders of Halmadons Heights. Over the course of the mission we discovered that the waystation had been the location of a travesty. A number of Knights from certain factions of the Heights were turning to the Evil Sphere and becoming Knights of Our Dark Lady. In response other Heights factions acted with lethal and indiscriminate force. The KoDL were killed but so where a large number of innocent Halmadonians. It was the spirits of these creatures that inhabited the waystation and were seeking recognition of the wrong that was done to them. Our knight aspirants each acknowledged the wrong done and promised an act of penance. This was enough to lay the spirits to rest and remove some of the harmful effects from the waystation.
Fire Day
Morning – 
We fought a number of Khalid creatures, who were pursuing a Dymwan who looked like he was suffering from a disease. There was nothing we could do to help him but before he died he told us that the Khalid had been performing experiments with some sort of darkness in the area. We travelled to the area the Dymwan indicated and found a number of Spirits of Darkness. These were attacking trees and causing local creatures to become hostile. They drained essence when attacked but we were able to destroy them and stop their effect. We found a force of Khalid who were trying to investigate one of these spirits. One of their number had been strongly influenced by the darkness and was trying to protect the spirit. We were able to destroy the spirit itself but allowed the Khalid to collect their dead and leave the area.
Afternoon –
We were approached by a Pordaradrim Druid who told us a bit more about the Darkness in the area. It was spilling out of the void in the Ikarthian Triangle and was threating to corrupt the land. He gave us a seed and directions to a garden where the darkness was corrupting death mushrooms. We had to uproot the mushrooms, plant the egg and cast a number of magical and druidic effect on it and this would help remove this tendril of darkness. We duly did this and after some trouble with the mushrooms (death mushrooms are about as unpleasant as they sound) we managed to do as Arthur asked us to and the darkness started fading. 
We had a rather unexpected visit from Calex Wraithspawn himself. He claimed that he had been denied access to the node of Necromancy within the Dymwan lands. We later checked this with a ranking member of the Dymwan who made it clear that Calex was permitted access himself but not with the retinue of undead he was insisting would accompany him. 
Evening – 
We had a run in with knife men from the KoDL and then a number of aspirant knights who fought duels with our own knight aspirants. The KoDL implied that a full knight was in the area fighting his own duel and on completion would be coming our way. As the duels ended an imposing knightly figure did appear but it was not the KoDL but his opponent. Sir Kylar, first Dreadnight of the Citadel. He had fought the Kodl and had triumphed. The KoDL aspirants were offered the option of joining a new knightly order that Sir Kylar was forming. One tried in vain to avenge his master and the others joined this order. Sir Kylar explained that he had been left valley lands some time ago to try and end the Knights of Our Dark Lady by killing as many of their knights as possible and recruiting the rest to his new order. This order is not part of the alliance but he implied that it would not be openly hostile in the same way that the KoDL have been up to now. 
After dinner we met with one of the Atomi. (I am afraid I did not take a note of his name) He told us more about the nature of the darkness and that it had extended a tendril to within the Greenheart forest and is threatening to destroy the entire plane. He requested valley assistance with this and we agreed to pass the message on to the various higher ups. There was also a vicious attack by a force of Forgotten who took a great many guardian spirits before withdrawing. 
We also had a late visit from the Nation leader of the House of the Weaver. He arrived to talk about the recent spate of assassinations that had been occurring. He sat and began talking when a creature appeared from nowhere (inside the waystation) stabbed the Grey Man and disappeared with him. The name Mescona was mentioned in relation to the assassinations but nothing further. Obviously assassination of a tower leader is a concern. 

Steel Day
Morning – 
We had a surprise visit from High Priest Nathan. He had been visiting the newly formed Horde nation and helping them to establish themselves. Apparently they were having problems with the Dy-Fai-Dyne and Khalid whom Nathan believed were capturing and enslaving members of the Horde. He asked us to go out and find a troll who was important to the Horde efforts. We found him trapped by a group of Khalid who claimed that they had “bought” him from a group of Dy-Fai-Dyne. We tracked the DFD down and had a long conversation about the slavery laws on Orin Rakatha. The DFD were trying to draw a distinction between indentured servitude and slavery. Kellorin made it clear to them that sentient beings cannot be claimed as part of a debt. IE you cannot sell yourself into slavery. A DFD representative later turned up and said they were throwing all of their toys out of their pram. If this was the ruling of the voice of the mystics all trade was suspended. We again agreed to pass the information on to higher ranking individuals.
Afternoon – 
We met one of the Sneverheim (who is referred to in other reports.) We told him the message that he had set a previous valley group and he proceeded to explain what it meant and give us a little history lesson on the origins of the plane. 
Orin Rakatha was originally created as a prison. The Mystics created it to contain the darkness within the void. There are other forms of darkness but the reason they attack OR is to try and free the Darkness here which is more powerful than anything else and is a risk not just to this plane but all planes. The message held the key to this.
The missing lines were not as we first supposed the Forgotten or new nations but in fact refer to the original five bloodlines of the land. Apparently each of the mystics had brought with them a chosen people when the land was created.  
Mother – River people – They are currently missing no one is sure what exactly has happened to them.
Father – The mountain people – The Sneverheim was now the last of the original bloodline. 
Black Pharaoh– The Halls of Sutek – A recent valley group slew Kasenwati the Eternal, he was the last of the original bloodline. 
Traveller –Halmadons Heights – Sir Dannus was the last of the direct line and was slain by the Black Pharaoh
The Green – The Tower of the Sun – The individual from the Atomi we had met last night was now the last of them. 
The Master of Time – The Shendai – Again the last had been slain by a recent valley group. 
These people had been the chains that were used to imprison the darkness and now the original six bloodlines were reduced to just two individuals. This needs to be rectified if the plane is to be saved and the darkness returned to its prison. We can either seek out more of the original line from those who might still exist on other planes such as the Height or find others worth of becoming the chosen of the mystics. The first apparently being preferable. 
We were also given more tests to prove that we were worth of being the Voice of the Mystics. One was an unpleasant group of hordlings, the other a chase through trees and elementals in search of delicious chocolate rabbits. 
We were told that the Khalid had set up a breeding pit in the area and that they were producing creatures tainted by the darkness. We set off in the direction indicated and found the pit in question. It was the centre of a patch of darkness that kept us away till we found a body of one of the group we had fought yesterday. It was the source of the darkness and once dealt with we were able to approach the pit. We slew or drove off the Khalid and destroyed what we could of the pit itself before returning to the waystation for the moot.  
Evening – 
The evening consisted almost entirely of the Wistweaver moot. This was attended by all the remaining mistweavers which total to:
Bethelem – 3 Walk Original Mistweaver
Ushrak – 3 Walk Original Mistweaver
Ragamuffin Hearbreaker – 3 Walk Mistweaver who the valley aided in the past
Arnor Sparkfist – 3 Walk Mistweaver
Agramore Bonescapper – 2 Walk Mistweaver (name may be incorrect)
The conversation moved back and forth a lot and a number of decisions were made by the party and a number of other actions that the valley need to take were made clear:
  1. The Mistweavers would not be allowed to recruit by simply converting the members of the Horde. The return of hordlings will take longer but this seemed much preferable to allowing indiscriminate slaughter of a nation. 
  2. The Mist gates are in the wrong place. The Mistweavers will move them but it will take time before the mists are as they were. 
  3. A shook will be called against the Khalid featuring all the Mistweavers and remaining hordlings.
  4. More Mistweavers are needed. Several of the party have agreed to work towards this themselves but high status members of the valley are requested to think about their suitability for taking the long walk. 
  5. The Dreadlord is no able to be effective from the Temple of the four winds. He must return to the central isle. 
  6. The other mystics should not be left asleep. The world is not able to function correctly without them.

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