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Fire Day.

Today we began our raid on the Wizards Prison.    If all goes to plan, we shall become renowned as the group who staged a jailbreak at the escape proof facility of the Wizards Concilium.

To get to the prison, we needed Elemental essences to power a transport device allowing access to prison.

We met a Valley group who mistook us for Bandits.  We stole the likeness of their leaders and concocted a disguise to infiltrate the prison.  We would pretend to be a mercenary force (not a big stretch) contracted to assess the security of this Prison.

We quickly obtained Elemental Essences needed and transported to Prison plane.

The Prison building was nearby and we began our ruse, pretending to be inspectors.  Wizards:  So gullible.

Questioning those present revealed:

The Prison on 3 levels, each in its own plane.  The central level on sub-plane of OR serving as a barracks and supply centre.  The lower level is elemental pocket plane of Earth containing anchors for upper level.  This upper level elemental is also a pocket plane, this time of Air and Water.  It  contains prison cells and is the ultimate target of our designs.  

We were on the central level.  It also became clear that the prison was originally designed and built by Chancellor Marius himself and that it had played a pivotal role in his ascent to power.  This level was staffed by Purple Guard seen as too unstable/brutal for other duties.

Access to the upper level was controlled by attuned passes keyed to individuals.  Questioning of the staff and particularly the Engineer revealed that there was an emergency backup access.  To reach the upper level, we would need to perform a ritual, the components of which were on the lower level.

So, we raided the pocket plane of Earth to obtain necessary scrolls and ritual components for transport to the upper level.  The pocket plane was continually collapsing and reforming around the three anchors making it necessary to make multiple, quick raids.  A portion of our number delved while the rest laid to rest numerous elementals summoned by the raids.

Steel Day

With ritual in hand, we arrayed the components and began.  Elementals assailed us continually, aided by what can only be described as Concillium Drones.   At the completion of the ritual, we arrived on upper (Prison) Level and narrowly survived an assault by purple elementals.

All went to plan and we spoke with governor and staff.  The Prison is being continually extended and holds dozens of prisoners.  The Governor grew suspicious and so we overpowered her to obtain access to a warded area which summoned purple guard.  Once these were disposed of, we accessed nearby cells.

We recovered four Prisons,  each having a Vanish and Permanency active.  A sorceror's dispel would release the occupant for a few minutes.  Questioning the prisoners, we determined that the greatest prize would be had from interrogating a Professor.

The Professor turned out to be Enchanter Caralon who was collaborating with the Wizards Concilium and is the source of the Concilium Drones we had encountered.  After clearing his experiments from the area he was persuaded to tell us of a secret "High Security" area.  

Using other information, we divined the keyword to this area and recovered the only container held within.  Breaching the secret area summoned many guards and we made a fighting retreat from the upper level back to the central on and then on to Orin Rakatha proper.

We were sorely injured in this escape and, in exchange for their aid, had to sell on our hard won Prisons to the same Valley group we had met the previous day.  I hope they get the blame for our deeds as we have not covered ourselves in glory, slinking away without our prize to lick our wounds.

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