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The Time of Reckoning (Hunting Moon PC04)

Author: Ligner Larrsson

Mission Parameters:

Accompany Lord Khandis to secure teleportals in the South of Orin Rakatha in the triangle of Waystations around Darkvale in order to facilitate transport of Nation Leaders to the central Isle. 

Addendum - Investigate a Temporal Anomaly and recover lost allies from the Dymwan and Wizards Concilium.

Group Composition:

Lord Khandis Greyspider (party leader)

Master Lancorrin Bloodcall, Baron of Darkhome

Nerak Soulblade, Baron of Darkhome

Vilk Bloodmoon, Baron of Darkhome

High Priest Baron Silas Von Greenback, Baron of Darkhome

Velkin, a drow Scout

Master Seeker Caradac Fireapple

Michael White Sorcerer and Seer

Eminent Sentinel Kyle Ompac

Champion Kurt Polarise of the Humacti

Hak Leafbiter of the Lodge


And myself Ligner Larrsson of the Archives.

Summary Information

  • New waystation created in the south east

  • Void Storyteller destroyed cleansing some (all?) of the Vale of Memories

  • Master of Shadow reduced to it's primal essence which is now in the possession of the Wizards Concillum who intend to use it to recreate one of the missing Nodes of White or Red magic

  • Darkhome Barons promoted

  • The Time of Reckoning occured and much news was heard. I assume this will be reported separately so I have no included these announcements in my notes below.


The initial days of our engagement were fairly straightforward. We visited the waystations and ensured all was in order and that our allies from the Wizards Concillium and Dymwan were prepared for the upcoming Time of Reckoning.

We were a few days into our duties when a report came in of not only a Temporal Anomaly but also of a Dymwan High Sorcerer and members of his organisation that had gone missing. Concerned about what this might mean for the Time of Reckoning Lord Khandis decided to pursue the matter personally and we set off for a point somewhere between Hadons Hall and Mothers Den.

Earth Day

As we broke the cover of trees on the evening of Earth Day we saw a number of figures approaching. Their shambling gait suggested undead which in turn suggested we might have found the person we were looking for.  Unfortunately the good news didn’t last long as the undead crashed into our doughty front line.

After a brief skirmish in transpired that the dymwans High Sorcerer was indeed present and it turned out to be a famous Valley Hero by the name of Tornado apparently involved in some sort of secondment or job-share arrangement? Tornado and Khandis spoke briefly while Michael and myself saw to the wounds of our warriors. After this it seemed our target was a large manor house nearby that a number of our group seemed to recognise.

Before we could get inside however we found ourselves under attack by numerous shambling undead. Spurred on by Tornado's information that these things seemed to rise of their own accord and would seemingly not stop coming at us we fought a swift advance to the main entrance and made our way inside at which point the assault stopped and the creatures returned to their staggering patrols around the walls of the courtyard.

Inside we found the place quiet. There was evidence of some habitation but we could find no bodies, weapons or living beings whatsoever.

Our investigations uncovered a door into a series of tunnels beneath the house which were investigated by our underdark dwelling party members. They uncovered some sort of ritual tied to the mystics and other ritual components and remnants. During the course of this however both Lancorrin and Nerak were seemingly slain by a ward of considerable power their guardian spirits being wrenched from them with savage efficiency.

While we contemplated the next steps and continued our search a most disagreeable individual arrived.  Clad in black and mincing around in a gold veil he seemed disturbingly pleased at our appearance here and mocked our lack of progress. I was very tired at this point of the evening and didn't follow much of what he said but when he finally departed it seemed clear that he was in some way responsible for the anomaly we were investigating and we agreed to investigate further the following day.

Fire Day

Upon waking somewhat stiff and sore as my time spent in the nation over the past few years hasn't prepared me for the rigors of field work it came as a surprise to find ourselves dining with members of the missing Wizards Concilium and Dymwan groups that we were trying to locate. They appeared to think that it was Earth Day and wanted to know how we snuck in without any of them noticing.

The Dymwan present were an interesting bunch. They called themselves the Dehori and wore Green and Yellow quartered tabards with a red skull motif on the breast (some had one others had three the relevance of which I didn't fathom). They spoke about being 'recognised again' and expressed considerably hatred of the Humacti. When I challenged them on why they said "well you know what they do don't you? Why wouldn't we hate that?" at which point I cleared by empty plate away and gave them a wide berth (they were most disagreeable in the main).


As we prepared an angry Vampire approached the house shouting about unwanted guests. We got involved in conflict with them and things were going rather badly until Velkin seemed to be possessed by some sort of dark force and began to obliterate anything he touched in a rather impressive (if worrying) fashion. It seemed we'd been stuck into the story of Pradot Vay and his takeover of this Manor (which some people recognised). We suspected this may have been a hold over from the

After the meal Lord Khandis conferred with the Dymwan and WC and we agreed to scout the surrounding area to see what we could learn while they would focus on investigating the shrines and rituals of the undercroft having a number of specialists with them that we lacked.  

A short walk from the building brought us to a strangely affable but odd fellow who was happy to show us around. Before we got too far with him though we met with a peculiar scene before us. A number of warriors in the colours of the Knights of Our Dark Lady (Assuming I correctly identified the black with gold edge and sunburst livery) were fighting in pairs but their faces were blank, devoid of feature of detail. Behind them two other figures dressed in the gold snake head-dresses of the Halls of Sutekh were in discussion. We watched the story play out until, as the two priests left, the warriors all turned to us and suddenly seemed to realise we were present at which point they immediately turned on us and combat ensued.

Afterwards our guide seemed to rip something from the vision and throw it skywards and the next thing we know he is dressed in the colours of the KooDL.

It turns out we were on the Vale of Memories (VoM) drawn here overnight and the guide we had picked up was, possibly, the remains (or beginning?) of a storyteller and that the void was corrupting various stories in an attempt to create a Void Waystation which would then, somehow, poison the other waystations with the Void. 

We spent the rest of the day following a number of stories while our guide took on more and more nation colours until his svelte form was shrouded in so many layers of fabric he appeared as rotund as Nobby.

The stories we followed were;

With the completion of each a full version of the story appeared in a frame at the Manor so rather than try to include all the details here I have logged a copy of each in the archives.

Eventually with our colours bedecked guide in tow we returned to a fine meal at the manor house (or it's reflection on the VoM I am unclear on the details) and for discussions with the WC and Dymwan who gave us some updates on their investigations of the tunnels.

We also had a visit from the Master of Time himself who spent some time (no pun intended) discussing the anomaly and problem within this place essentially tasking us to resolve it and providing us aid through the guide to do this. We were given the story of the Master of Shadows 'birth' (for want of a better word) and would have to make 3 changes to it in order to weaken and defeat him. Then using the story of the mystics we would summon the Void Storyteller and the Master of Shadow and defeat them. Cleansing this area of the VoM of the taint of the Void and reduce the Master of Shadow to his pure essence?

Sometime later (or earlier? Did I mention yet that I am not a fan of the VoM?) we found ourselves scattered somehow. Myself and Caradac were in a room together with two cackling witches with the minds of children. While we could hear the voices of Lord Khandis and Lancorrin coming from inside a fireplace nearby. After playing various childish games with the witches to keep them busy while Khandis investigated the warded door we ascertained that, as usual, the way forward was the application of violence so we gave the witches a kicking and made our way back into the house proper.  

It seemed that we had been thrown into a pile of broken and ridiculous stories presumably in an attempt to stop us achieving our goal of stopping the Shadow Master's plan. We were met by a range of problems including;

  • Nerak was trapped in a tunnel being slowly devoured by a large acidic jelly

  • A fanged hepath thing was possessing or crippling anyone who tried to leave it's presence (I think it was lonely)

  • Blades seem to cut you from any direction with no apparent source of the injury while objects would float around of their own volition

  • The Sofa tried to eat several people

  • A chest actually _did_ eat Kyle but fortunately couldn't hold it's sentinel and vomited him back up

  • Cushions would fly around and smother people

  • Dangerous biscuits. . . like _really_ dangerous.

It was at this point the old butler appeared sitting in a chair speaking to us. He told us a story of being approached by someone offering to help him make the Manor into a safe place for people akin to a waystation and told him the way to do that was to bind it to the VoM. From the description we believe this stranger to be Zalfurin Nightspell. He assisted the butler in contacting the Void Storyteller on the VoM but the Butler had tied a part of spirit to the house itself which was allowing him to resist the compulsions that were forced on him.

The butler then told us his story in a series of manifested stories, demonstrating his strength in the VoM, and to allow us to break the madness. Rodders was, and is a good man, and all he wanted was to keep his people and his house safe. He asked us to help him achieve this before he disappeared presumably back to the real world.

We went to bed after several nerve calming gins (although that might have started considerably earlier in truth. . how else does one cope with a real mystic appearing followed by a man eating sofa?) with a plan for the morning.

Steel Day

Breakfast was served alongside more chats with the Wizards Concillum and the Dehori how still believed somehow that it was Earthday. I ate my bacon and tried not to think too hard about the nature of this place.

The plan for the day was to go down and for Lan and Nerak to break the mystic ward so that we could face the Void Storyteller and ultimately defeat him and the Master of Shadow by forcing him to draw on the right stories.

Before this could happen though the building became under attack by a substantial group of Kalid. It seems we were experiencing further stories of a Captain of theirs who shepherded some of his people to safety only to seek revenge on the Valley. They were a fairly skilled group as well as outnumbering which lead to a protracted fight. Once they were defeated and it turned out none of us had been too badly wounded Lord Khandis was very happy to take a full and accurate count of the dead until he realised they probably didn't count being stories.

We then proceed to break the wards at which point we appeared in a field containing a small temple beyond the trees and hedges surrounding us was a bleak empty nothingness. Whatever came here we were not going to have any means of escape.

During this dreadful episode we experienced three stories.

We read the Story of the Mystics from the book belonging to our guide (a copy is now in the archives). As we did so we began to suffer waves of attacks by void corrupted story blanks. We took it in turn to read from the book while constantly fighting off the waves of enemies seeking to drown us. It was quite the ordeal

Another of the stories told of the Beginnings of the Master of Shadow which we then altered with a number of key changes to weaken and defeat him in battle. A bloody, dangerous affair indeed.

The last story was unusual in that it was the only one that did not appear in either a frame or the book itself. So unlike the others I must try and recount it from memory, and my hastily scribbled notes;

The Story Areeon (A as in CAT Ree, On)

The story began with a storyteller setting the seen of evil aspects rising to strength and one assuming power in the darkness this was Areeon. This being was challenged by Velash a goddess also of darkness (the underdark?) and war came.

At this point we became embroiled in the story and became part of a battle between the forces of Areeon and Velash.

When the fighting ended two figures (one was Areeon and I assume the other Velash) appeared and began to speak. They had a conversation where they agreed to stop fighting one would keep the underdark and the other would wander lands above ground.  Velash wanted secrets or more power but when challenged claimed wouldn't ever fall to the Void.

The Storyteller then provided some exposition about Areeon wandering and meddling in things until he becomes aware of a new power beginning to rise against Velash. This being was Lloth.

We then saw two figures enter. One was Areeon from earlier. He tells the other that they need to have powerful supporters and sacrifice them at the right time. The other mentions betraying her Mescona and asks about Velash (does this make the other figure Lloth?). Areeon tells her it will be fine as Velash is on the Halls of the Damned and can be imprisoned there. A bargain is discussed and Areeon tells her not to betray him (After telling her to betray her followers? I think these evil aspects may have trust issues!)

The storyteller then tells of Areeon and Lloth (guess that answers that question) and the birth of a new aspect but then Velash took the mescona as her own.

We were then drawn into a fight against the Mescona which was going rather badly with various people being shifted into the Shadow realm (or the Memory of the Shadow realm as we were on the VoM? How on Orin does that work? More gin less existential pondering on the nature of metaphysical reality I think!) meaning we could not assist those on the normal plane. Eventually Areeon and Lloth joined in and we were victorious but sorely wounded and very low on resources.

Areeon and Lloth had a discussion here that I didn't catch as I was tending to the fallen and injured hopefully one of those listening can fill in the blanks.

Regardless what was said at this point the Void Storyteller appeared for the final time and attacked us with even more of his void minions drawn from various stories we had experienced. We eventually destroyed him and his remaining minions and the endless nothing in our view dissolved into familiar rolling country and far off trees. We were back on Orin Rakatha proper.

At this point Lord Khandis seemed to be assailed by something we couldn't see but it turns out he had a huge number of sylphs clamouring around him all trying to deliver whispering winds simultaneously!

We scraped ourselves back together and resolved to get back to the estate we could see not far away from where we appeared.

Before we had gotten halfway back to the Manor however we were ambushed by a very well prepared Shadowfall group. They were clearly on a contract bedecked in their usual face markings and showing considerable focus on killing Lord Khandis. Despite everyone's best efforts they were able to reach him and after several probing attacks on his vulnerable fallen form it transpired he was indeed dead. I can't be sure if we killed the remaining attackers or they fled focused as I was on seeing to the fallen (of which there were several at this point) but needless to say either way we were shown the Shadowsfall's capabilities this day.

Once we were all alive and patched up we did make it back to the Manor where a flurry of activity began. Lord Khandis was joined by a number of others from Darkhome and began to enact a ritual of some kind. During the course of it we were attacked by creatures summoned to the ritual as part of a binding of some kind.   Half of the group took station in the Manor to assist and watch while those of Darkhome performed the ritual itself.

At its conclusion a HUGE creature of horned aspect with terrible rending claws appeared before Lord Khandis and bowed before him. It was lead away by Baroness Ksandra presumably to begin whatever purpose it is intended.

Once this was complete it was official promotion time with Vilk Bloodmoon being named Warrior Baron, Nerak Soulblade being named Drow Baron, Ksandra being named Magical Baron, Baron Silas being named Evil Baron and Lancorrin Bloodcall being named Scout Baron

It then seemed to be time for the Drow amongst us to all disappear off into a dark corner to discuss things important to them, but not important to tell the rest of us about. No doubt there was much plotting and planning and probably some houses and drow changed number.

During the drows absence we had our own visitor. Chancellor Maraius accompanied by two stern looking guards (not that he gave any impression of needing them, perhaps they were more like jewellery?) appeared without warning in our midst and casually picked up the Master of Shadows Essence from where it had been left on the table. He spoke to us with obvious self controlled power although he always calm and polite about our promises to his people to restore the lost nodes of Red and White magic (which were lost during the Void War). He claimed (and frankly we have no reason to doubt his words) that the essence could be used to restore one of them. Caradac stepped up to the discussion and attempted to placate the Chancellor in an attempt to keep the essence in our possession and confirmed that we intended to restore both but that using this essence now may reduce our ability to learn new ways of restoring the other. The Chancellor was unswayed however and left us with only his thanks and the essence in his hand. He is a most imposing fellow and someone with whom I expect we are not done.

As we were settling down Rhiannon appeared with Rosey and began critising the dust. We were asked what we wanted the fate of the building the butler to be. We answered that we wanted a new waystation and Caradac and I dedicated the building to this purpose and asking that, if possible, a place be found for as many of the staff as possible which was the butlers wish. As it transpired the next morning we were indeed in a new waystation at the fork of the river in the Greensward to the South East of Orin Rakatha and had a much longer walk home than expected.

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