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To keep things simple, you can choose from four primary character classes:

  • warrior
  • scout
  • mage
  • priest

Within each of these classes is wide scope for variety and flavour.


Warriors are the backbone of any adventuring group. They excel in physical combat and obtain weapon skills and life points more cheaply than the other classes. Warriors come in many different types, be they armoured knights, fur-clad barbarians or fleet-footed elven archers. They are the only class that is consistently able to go toe to to with any enemies they may meet.

Some of the different flavours of warrior you might encounter could be:

  • tanks - use a shield and sword, stand their ground and fight!
  • brute - strong, two-handed weapon users
  • barbarians - can't abide magic, seek to beat things in their path without thinking about it too hard; often have distinctive accents such as Sven "kill ze vitches" or Itam "him cloud warrior"
  • finesse - dextrous fencers
  • "Drizzt-clones" - skilled fighters with a weapon in each hand
  • archers - prefer bow and arrow and ranged fighting to becoming embroiled in a close melée


Acolytes call upon the power of the Spheres to cast invocations, be they to cure the wounds of their fellow party members or steal the life from their foes. Acolytes will generally be dedicated to furthering the causes of their Sphere (Good, Evil or Neutrality) and their role in a group will often depend upon which Sphere they follow.

Acolytes who follow the Good Sphere are vital members of any group as it is their healing invocations which hold a party together. Acolytes also make reasonable fighters as they are able to wear armour without it interfering with their ability to cast invocations.


Mages utilise elemental forces known as mana to cast spells, both upon themselves and their foes. Magic is a powerful weapon but it requires much dedication and study, rendering the study of more martial pursuits difficult for Mages. Mages are often vulnerable during a fight but their spells can make a big difference to any party.

Within the mage class there are a wide variety of different roles you can take on:

  • warlocks - deal damage up close (grey and red magic)
  • offensive mages - channel the elements to damage their foes (red and yellow magic)
  • support mages - use magic to assist their comrades (grey and blue magic, most colours provide some form of defence)
  • control mages - throw spells at their foes to hinder the enemy's advance (green, white, brown and black magic)

The colours of magic in brackets are merely suggestions for which type of elemental mana might best suit a particular role, but you may use them in any capacity you wish!

Stereotypically, the mage might be expected to be one of the "intellectuals" of the party.  Often, mages take it upon themselves to translate strange runes and scrolls found on missions, but again, each mage is different in their outlook and approach.


Scouts are the jack-of-all-trades of the adventuring world, and the most flexible of all the classes. Although many act as scouts for parties they are not restricted to this and can access all skills. Scouts often employ sneaky skills of subterfuge and stealth and tend to be highly dextrous, able to dodge out of the way of an attack they can see coming.  Some types of scout include:

  • pathfinders - range ahead of the party to find the way, locate enemies ahead, reporting back on their findings
  • potion specialists - can identify and make a wide variety of potions
  • subterfuge - specialise in skills to take out an opponent, waiting for the best moment to pick off one target (be it in combat, or a planned assassination)
  • bards - singers, storytellers and instrumentalists: bards are there to provide entertainment and to gather wondrous tales
  • monks - those who train in the way of clarity of mind and call upon their ki to resist or enhance attacks

What others enjoy about their character...

 "As my assassin, popping out of the darkness at just the right moment to slit the throat of the big monster. Or sometimes, popping out of the darkness at completely the wrong time, and having to run for my life before the said big monster smashes me to pieces" 
 - Chioma/Thralk, half-drow scout 

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