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Mission Reports

booksListed here are all the in character larping write-ups and reports that have been submitted to Valley Archives. To read any of the reports just click on one of the links below to expand and contract the yearly listings.

If you wish to send in any larping reports for publication, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

There will be an in character reward of 20 gests for each larping mission article submitted.

Even if a report has been written by another larp character please still feel free to send in your own report as well as not every character sees things from the same perspective and other players can benefit from the information you put into your report on their future larp events.


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176 Diplomatic Mission to the Labyrinth of Xenos Feb 2009
177 Karn’ak Zol Alain – The Heart of the Nation Feb 2009
178 The Kalid Feb 2009
179 The Forest of Unshed Tears Feb 2009
180 Bone Moon Slave Fair Vanguard Report by Kevralyn Soulfire Feb 2009
181 Eostarre – A Celebration Feb 2009
182 Dymwan Threat Averted Feb 2009
183 The Eostarre Celebration Feb 2009
184 KFW Mission Report Cold moon AR 12 Feb 2009
185 To save a Nazgul Feb 2009
186 The Thirteenth Celebration Feb 2009
187 Icarus’s Shadow Passes Over Pendaron Wood Feb 2009
188 Heroquest V - Enemies United Feb 2009
189 Heroquest VIII - The Great Lord of the Dark Feb 2009
190 HEROQUEST VII Feb 2009
191 The Dawn of The Dead Halloween Theme 1996 Feb 2009
192 The KFW’s Finest Hour Feb 2009
193 KFW Mission. – High Sun Feb 2009
194 Cold Moon – Sorting out Drakken – A report by Gravesong of the Iron Guard Feb 2009
195 The Free Towers Pact Meeting Feb 2009
196 Further Travels with the Dymwan Feb 2009
197 Children of the Brood Mission Feb 2009
198 Players in a Game Feb 2009
199 The Penultimate Seal Feb 2009
200 The Free Towers Pact Feb 2009
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