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When are you free?

This year will be a great year to start a new character in Heroquest! 

There is no bar to what event type you can attend as your first character, and we generally encourage people to try out an Adventure Weekend first to give you an easy taster of the rules and Campaign world. To increase your enjoyment, why not bring along some of your friends as well? We would note that Heroquest is for 18 years old and over. For younger LARPers (and their parent) why not have a look at Herofest - www.live-roleplaying.co.uk


Talk to us - we're friendly

If you're thinking of coming along, contact our affable dedicated admin team who can:

  • set you up with a free account on our website (the process is quick and easy),
  • help you book on whichever event you're interested in,
  • assist you in creating your new character if you so wish.

Whether you have questions (big or small) or just want to say "hello!" we're a sociable bunch who like chatting to new people - so feel very welcome to stop by and introduce yourself.


Interested in learning more?

To get a greater feel for Heroquest, you can read about:

These links are just for your information and enjoyment.  Most people pick up how it all works on the actual dungeon itself - where we hope to see you soon!

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