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Wind Moon PC09: Supplemental Scouting Reports

Field report summary: Lichen

Reports have been coming in of attacks by groups led by people dressed in yellow and blue tabards. Discussions with other nation scouts indicate the same. Which nation these represent is unclear at this time. Please report any information via the usual channels.

1st day, Wind Moon PC09: Scout Report

Field report summary: Loganberry

The past two weeks have been spent gathering members of the Black School of Magic as a result of the mission a Valley group led by Sorcerer Quicksilver completed. The School building and many of its people have been located on the edge of the Dragur Marsh about halfway between the Well of Souls and the Valley. This has something to do with the casting of shadows across the elemental planes but it is well out of my preview.

Records indicate that 86 students including the Darkbringer were missing after the Battle of the Valley. The Pathfinders have now recovered 51 of those lost though most have been found in a very poor state of health, with all of them suffering from various maladies of a mental, spiritual and mystical nature. All of them are being taken for treatment by our hospitaller sect. Initial questions indicate that Sorcerer Shaderiver led around two dozen to seek shelter in the Elemental Plane of Darkness, but at present their location is unknown. The Wizards Concillium has been approached to see if they will help, though in these current times many Nations have become very inward focused and passions are running high.

Though the return of our people is a thing to celebrate of the 35 missing, reports indicate that least a dozen have been permanently slain, including Sorcerers Dunbar and Bushyasta.

12th day, Snow Moon PC08: Scout Report

Field report summary: Loganberry

I have been scouting the forests on the edge of the hills a short walk from the Under the Shadow waystation. The waystation itself is currently occupied by a group of Dymwan led by a Knight, but is run by a friendly Reader called Ludlow. I expected the Dhori to be active in this area but it is quiet, I saw a few of them with dark Spirits but kept well clear.

17th day, Snow Moon PC08: Scout Report

Field report summary: Loganberry

The Dymwan at the Under the Shadow are not friendly, they nor their undead have attacked me yet but they seem keen that I move on as they are preparing the area for guests who are due to arrive in a month or so. However Ludlow has assured me that as a waystation I am more then welcome to stay. It started snowing today.

19th day, Snow Moon PC08: Scout Report

Field report summary: Loganberry

I spoke to some nationless scavengers today who spoke about a lone dark figure wearing a valley symbol roaming the woods nearby to the West. They were vague on the matter but they said he was crazy, and I got the impression they tried to unsuccessfully attack him, but he drove them off with lots of black magic. Also, at the waystation a Dai-Fah-Dyne trader turned up with some Easterlings. He had some 'gifts' for the Dymwan knight and I think he was accompanied by a scout who I could not focus on, it was like seeing movement out of the corner of your eye but was gone when you looked. I plan to go take a look for the Valley member in the morning if the snow isn't too heavy.

20th day, Snow Moon PC08: Scout Report

Field report summary: Loganberry

The snow is pretty bad today but I went out early before most were up except the skeletal squires that guard the outbuildings. I followed the directions the nationless gave me and after about half a mile spotted the figure they described. Dressed in black robes he was eating a small deer that was still alive but lying helpless on the ground. I called out to him, and he growled and ran away. I followed him and he warned me to keep away, lashing out with black magic. I tried to help but he seemed afflicted by something like the paranoia invocation, and when I tried some sleep venom on a throwing knife, he seemed protected by a dark shield. I tried a few times but these effects were longer than a spells duration.

22nd day, Snow Moon PC08: Scout Report

Field report summary: Loganberry

The snow is now making most trails impassable. I have tried a few more times to speak with the crazy black valley wizard as I call him but to no avail. I will report this all to Jeremiah and leave it at that. It's almost Yule and the crazy guy can keep running around shouting at squirrels. Ludlow says that most of the trails will be unusable for at least the next few weeks.

Fools Moon PC08:  Supplemental Scouting Reports

To adventurers in the field,

Reports have been received which have direct bearing on the current situation within Orin Rakatha and any groups in the field should be aware of;

Field report summary: Lichen

A significant group of Crusaders from Halmaddons Heights have battled with Dymwan that were travelling to the south of The Spine. Covert observation of the conflict confirms casualties were taken on both sides.  The culmination of the battle resulted in only two Dymwan necromancers surviviving and fleeing the area while the remaining Crusaders were engaged with ablative undead reinforcements.


Field report summary: Dandelion

Fervent supporters of a Good Sphere Ascension have gathered in the south East of Orin Rakatha and they have begun to take action to further their cause.  There have been several incidents of groups of these fanatics putting traditionally non-combatant members of "evil" nations to the sword and even burning them pyres dedicated to the coming of the light. The initial response from the closest of these nations has resulted proven cases of lynching of small Circle of Flame adventuring groups sent to investigate.  


Field Report: Loganberry

A week ago a direct attack was made on the borders of the Well of Souls by several potent groups of Halmadons Heights. They were opposed by incorporeal undead and what appeared to be living members of the Dehori nation.

One of the principal groups in this assault has been confirmed to be led by Sir Ruff although his forces were primarily those of the Heights it is possible other Valley members were attached.

An auxiliary observer has reported a sighting of Lord Volminor within the ranks of a different group of Heights forces but this remains unconfirmed until one of the primary team verifies.


All due care should be taken when encountering either the forces of Halmaddons Heights or those gathering together under the banner of the Good Ascension.  Tensions are particularly high if you do not obviously, and vocally, present as of like mind with them.    


Stay Safe,


Jeremiah Clearwater



Harvest Moon PC07 – Second Battle of the Portal

As almost everyone now knows the Valley people have been driven from their lands by a combined assault by the Fortress of Pentar and the Kalid (in particular a newly revealed force of the “legendary 8th Legion”).   Our adventurers fought delaying and harrying actions which allowed all of our civilian population to escape through the portal system erected by the guilds of magic, however, the price was steep.

Our former lands now lie in ruins with nearly a third of the land covered in water, caused by the Green School’s actions.  The remaining land is still being patrolled by large numbers of Kalid and some Pentar forces, with a large number of Kalid prison camps containing our captured. 

Of our entire adventuring population (approximately five thousand two hundred in number) the following intelligence is available.

·         One thousand nine hundred are safe and mustered in waystations or within one of the civilian retreat points.

·         Just over seven hundred that were captured by the Fortress of Pentar are in the process of being returned by Chide and his supporters and we are co-ordinating muster points for these freed forces.

·         Approximately twelve hundred are currently being held in prison camps, within the former Valley lands, by the Kalid

·         Around six hundred are currently unaccounted for.

·         It is with heavy heart that I have to write that we have confirmed reports of seventy-five adventurers who were permanently slain in battle.

·         The remainder of our forces we know to be performing guerrilla actions within our former Valley lands and surrounding areas.  They seem to be acting as independent adventuring groups, as their training dictates, although we are as yet unable to build or maintain regular communications or contact with them.

Our current nation position is that the civilian population and guild structure is now spread amongst five allied nations;

·         Lord Khandis Greyspider and the bulk of Darkhome and the Hospital are within the Enclave of Saldor, along with fifteen percent of the population.

·         Lord Quicksilver, after participating directly in support of the Citadels co-ordination efforts during the battle itself, will travel to Laire Tinwe where Aether Town is gathered with around ten percent of the civilians.

·         Lords Rannin and Veryn Manypage have travelled with the Archives and Menagerie to the lands (and waters) of the Keepers in similar numbers to those in Laire Tinwe.

·         Sir Clavados and Sir Volminor along with the bulk of the Citadel and twenty percent of our civilians have been granted sanctuary with Halmaddon’s Heights

·         Lazarus Steel along with the majority of our people, including the Training Grounds and Warrens, have been taken in by the Horde.


Finally, all of the Guilds did their duty in the battle as commanded under the Martial edicts that were in place.   Their overall disposition is as follows;

·         Black School.   The black school is, in its entirety, missing in Action.  They were last seen attempting to combat the machinations of the Drow factions of the Fortress of Pentar.

·         Blue School.   Predominately safe.  Some reports of a small number within the Kalid camps.

·         Brown School.  Despite pushing hard into the warrens during the battle most made it to safety although some are reported to have remained in the Valley fighting or are now held in the Kalid camps

·         Green School.  Missing in Action.  During the battle they caused the waters of the Six Boroughs to flood protecting the recovery of a huge volume of supplies but no word has been had from them since.

·         Grey School.  Having pushed out from the Valley during the battle, to cover the return of a large portion of the civilians initially sent into a trapped escape route, the Grey school seem to have been over-run by the Kalid and the majority are now within the Kalid camps.  Some are safe and mustered while stories of a couple heading up groups of resistance fighters are filtering through.

·         Red School.  While part of the mage contingent supporting and working the portal most of the Red School made it out safely however a contingent of approximately forty took it upon themselves to disperse into the Valley lands to harry the Kalid.  Some of these were captured but most continue to scorch and burn enemy supplies with wild abandon.

·         Yellow School.   All successfully passed through the portal as part of its operation.

·         White School.   All successfully passed through the portal as part of its operation.

·         Hospitallers.  A large portion of the hospital were taken prisoner during the battle as they were frequently targeted by our enemy.   Of those around one hundred and fifty are in the groups being returned by Chide while nearly a hundred remain in the Kalid camps.  Some reports are also coming through of unarmed healers being among the resistance cells keeping those still fighting as healthy as they can. 

·         The Humacti.   In a similar action, and fate, to the Grey School the Humacti bravely sought to provide safe passage back to the portal for one of the early civilian evacuations.  As a result, they were cut off from all support and the majority were taken prisoner by the Kalid.  A small number are safe or fighting within the Valley while we believe approximately two dozen will be returned by Chide.  It is of sad note that of all the confirmed permanent deaths we are aware of fifteen were from the Humacti.  

·         Michelener Sect.   Sent during the battle to support the Sentinels in a battle of attrition the Micheleners were in the main captured and placed into the prison camps by the Kalid.

·         White Path.   Given their role in support of the other guilds the White Path managed to get most of their people to safety taking with them many of the wounded from their triage stations.  We believe approximately a dozen to be prisoners and another dozen amongst those to be returned by Chide.

·         Druid Sect.  During the battle the druids somehow sealed their grove preventing access in or, as far as could be told, out.  At the time of sealing a large number of Hepaths had just encroached.   We have no news on the fate of the Druids and they are considered missing in action.

·         Grey Gauntlet.  Thirty are being returned with the groups from Chide while over a hundred remain prisoners of the Kalid and two score have joined the Valley guerrillas within the nation lands.

·         Grey Path.  Most made it to safety with a handful captured or returned.

·         Grey Wardens.   The majority made it to safety aside from a score who remained to reinforce the wards holding back the Kalid advance on the citadel.  They are believed to be in one of the prison camps.

·         Dark Brethren.  Joined the heavy fighting in the Warrens where a large portion were captured.  They are being returned by Chide.  The remaining forces are believed to remain in the Valley fighting.

·         Dark Path.   A small number remain behind in the Valley fighting but the majority either made it to safety or were returned by Chide after throwing themselves into the conflict with the Hepaths advancing on the portal in the middle phases of the battle.

·         Dark Seers.  Tasked with recovering and returning as many of the supplies as possible all but a single member of the Dark Seers escaped safely.  The single missing Seer is understood to be a Kalid prisoner.

·         Spiritualists.   Aside from a couple of individuals who chose to remain behind with the Guerrillas the entire sect made it safely out via the Portal.

·         Reapers.   Having being notably aggressive in their assault on Fortress positions a large number of the Reapers were captured and are being returned as part of Chides efforts.  The remainder (over five dozen) remain in the Valley causing, no doubt, havoc.

·         Fell Knights.  Two of their number were sent to report that the entire order held a number of buildings behind the main Kalid advance until they were overwhelmed.  Two of the order were seen to be permanently slain while the rest were eventually taken captive.  Later reports speak of two Knights in their orders Colours with one of the more active resistance groups in the Valley.

·         Order of St Michael.  Aside from a small number who escaped (principally those who took part in the co-ordination of the battle in the citadel) the entire Order was taken prisoner by the Kalid and remain split between several of the camps.

·         Knights Marshall.  A group of the more senior aspirants are known to be operating within the Valley co-ordinating as best they can the Guerrilla actions.  The remainder of the order has been taken captive by the Kalid and are held in a single camp as far as we can tell.

·         Barbarian Lodge.  The tribes threw themselves into battle with the Fortress around the Warrens with abandon.  The majority were captured and are part of the groups being returned by Chide.  Around a dozen are believed to be operating in the Valley rather than travel to safety through the mages’ portal.

·         Reavers.  While many were captured by the Pentar and are being returned a large portion of the Reavers guild (approximately ten dozen) chose to scatter into the Valley to fight the enemy forces and disrupt their occupation rather than escape through the portal.

·         Sentinel Guild.  Having held the line against the Kalid for virtually the entire battle the Sentinels were eventually overwhelmed with more eighty percent of them taken prisoner by the Kalid.  Around forty remain safe having been assigned to other groups as part of the evacuation efforts.

·         Archers.  As befits their role as hunters the Archers chose to remain in the Valley as part of the resistance efforts.  We believe around twenty are imprisoned by the Kalid while the rest remain active.

·         Assassins.  After being assigned to ambush any forces attempting to enter the Valley via Darkhome’s tunnels the Assassins have emerged and spread around the Valley lands representing the greatest numbers of any guild active in the resistance efforts.  Around forty assigned to other activities are known to be safe and ready to deploy.

·         The Monastery.   After the Green Schools actions in the Six Boroughs a third of the Monastery are missing in action as the two guilds were working in close proximity during the battle we assume they are with the missing green school members.  Twenty appear to have been captured by the Kalid during their fighting retreat. 

·         The Skirmishers.   As part of the defence of the Six Boroughs we have lost contact with thirty of the skirmishers who we hope are alive somewhere along with the Green school and Monastery members who went missing when the waters rose.  A handful are due to be returned by Chide having been carried off during a Hepath attack against the Bank.  Around two dozen are believed to be held in the Kalid camps while the remainder continue the fight within the Valley as part of the resistance groups.

·         Pathfinders.  Around three dozen of the Pathfinders are amongst those being returned by Chide.  The remainder are seemingly evenly split between Kalid prisons or roaming loose in the Valley guiding resistance groups and gathering intelligence.

·         Drow.  Fighting as a unified cross-guild force the Drow ran a series of hit and run attacks against the Kalid using the OSM as a bastion to fall behind before striking back out again.  As a result of these tactics only a handful of Drow (less than one percent of their total force) were taken prisoner by the Kalid but otherwise the entire Drow contingent safely made it through the portal.

 The following sects have reported permanent deaths.  I will not disclose specifics until family such as can be found are notified;

Grey School, Red School, Yellow School, White School, Hospitaller Sect, Humacti Sect, Michelene Sect, White Path Sect, [BD1] Gauntlet Sect, Grey Path Sect, Warden Sect, Brethren Sect, Dark Path Sect, Dark Seer Sect, Spiritualist Sect, Reaper Sect, Fell Knights of Ushaz, Order of St Michael, Knights Marshall, Barbarian Lodge, Reaver Guild, Sentinel Guild

We salute their sacrifice.


Stay Safe, The Valley Endures

Jeremiah Clearwater 


Fools Moon, PC05 

Travel beyond the reduced borders of the Kern Valley Orin continues to be difficult and exceptionally dangerous.  The Mists are at their most unpredictable many Master Pathfinders and other experts used to living and working beyond safe borders have commented that this is the worst they have ever seen them.  Observational evidence appears to indicate that the mists are covering larger areas and are appearing at an increased rate.  Safe havens and areas of relative safety are growing scarcer leaving many people both dispossessed and nomad alike vulnerable and desperate

The Hordelings remain aggressive towards any use of magic and appear to be attracted to the use of magic in a similar way to their natural attraction to large amounts of status.  A more concerning development however is that even small parties of less than ten have attracted serious attention from Hordelings with fast moving mists their hindering movement while providing cover for the Hordlings to approach.

After reviewing after-action mission reports and other available soruces of information I have decided that we need to contact as many Nations and organised Dispossessed groups as we can as it feels we are operating within the mists themselves blind to both tactical and strategic importance of the current situation.  I am looking for volunteers to travel with pathfinder support in groups of three to make contact officially with other nations with the aim of information exchange.

Volunteers should use the “Guild Halls” to report their interest and discuss any information found.  I would remind all adventurers, especially those of a more paranoid nature, that the Guild Halls are secure and even sensitive information may be discussed freely there.

 Wind Moon, PC05

Apologies for the lack of information forthcoming it has been an exceptionally hard winter and I have been out of the Nation for many moons. 

A report from Hak Leafbiter is available in the library from a mission this moon


Leaf Fall Moon PC05

The time of reckoning has occurred and the land is currently reeling at the results.

Rather than summarise the events again I have included my messages from the course of the day below;


The Time of Reckoning will be held today.

Nation representatives will be travelling via the Waystation Portal Network to Rainbows Landing where they will be met by assigned River People ferrymen to cross to the Central Isle.

Two Judges of the Shadowsrise are enacting the Ritual of Peace over the proceedings.  This will prevent Nations attacking other Nations while travelling to and from the Isle.

Stay Safe,   Jeremiah.


Lazarus Steel has been met by Judge Duval Stormfist of the Shadowsrise who will accompany him to the Central Isle.


Judge Flam is apparently en-route to the Central Isle to commune with the mystics


The Rainbows Landing seems to be exceptionally busy.  A number of Nation groups have been waiting since early today to board the boats but they have not yet arrived.

Tensions are running high.  Those groups assigned to the Waystations should attempt to diplomatically delay the arrival of any further representatives until there is more space available.


Lazarus Steel has returned from the Central Isle successfully along with Judge Stormfist.

Lazarus is returning to the Nation while the majority of his group remains at the Rainbows Landing in an attempt to understand the nature of the delays. 


The border guards report that Valley lands to the North and South West are shifting.

They will be monitoring closely over the coming days but it seems likely that much of the lost lands of the Menagerie will be once again within our borders while any space to the North will provide welcome protection against further incursions from the Fortress of Pentar.


Many Nations have expressed official concern to the Valley as a result of being unable to travel to the Central Isle.

Several have left Rainbows landing to seek their own way to the Isle, or simply returned to their lands with demands of instructions once the Valley knows what to do.

Multiple adventuring groups have been deployed to identify the cause.


A number of Ferrymen have been found assassinated along the Riverways leading to the Central Isle.  All Valley groups in the field are instructed to provide protection to any River People they encounter.

Investigations continue.  The Rainbows Landing is at capacity.  Nation groups should be instructed to remain at their muster points.


As the sun sets a level of panic has gripped Rainbows Landing.  No further trips have been possible since Lazarus’ return and the Valley are facing many scared and angry representatives. 

The Ritual of Peace still holds but reports from further afield suggests that the tensions have flared into conflict where Nation groups are not directly involved in the Time of Reckoning.


The results of the Time of Reckoning have been received by the Oracles;

The Valley have retained Nation Status and expanded their lands

The Horde.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed.

Jewelled Pavilion.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

The Dymwan.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

The Shadowsfall.  Retained nation status. 

Warriors of the Crimson Winter.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed.

Reader.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Azad-Dan.  Retain Nation status and the Festival Lands as part of the Laws of the Land.

Vagrants of Dionatte.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Laire Tinwe.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Halmadons Heights.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Warriors of the Iron Islands.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Celestial Bureaucracy.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Keisiora Dynasty.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Circle Aflame.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

The Keepers.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Well of Souls.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Fortress of Pentar.  Retain Nation Status.  Land holdings will reduce in the coming days.

The Forgotten.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Wizards Concilium.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Enclave of Saldor.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Labyrinthe of Xenos.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Cabal of the Dragon.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

Halls of Asgard.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

  The Dai Fah Dyne.  Did not present status.  Are now dispossessed

The Nomad Alliance.  Have gained Nation Status.   They have claimed lands in four different places across Orin Rakatha and their borders are unclear.  They will be known by their colours of brown and cream worn side by side.

The Kalid.  Have gained nation status.  They have claimed the lands in area of the Dragur Forest, West Waite and Dragur Marsh.  They will be known by their colours of Blue and Black.


Judge Flam is known to have approached a Valley group to discuss further details along with the Darkwind Oracle Kiara.  It appears that actions by the Shadowsfall, in particular targeting the River people and confounding somehow the Oracles connection to their Mystics, have enabled them to demonstrate their power to undermine the purpose of the Time of Reckoning.  The Valley will be working with the Shadows Rise in the coming days to determine a course of action that will enable the ToR to be re-run as soon as possible.  

Needless to say the Valley have come under attack in retaliation for our apparent failure.  The situation across the land is now unstable and while we should extend every assistance we can to our allies be aware that even moderately friendly Nations may by hostile towards us.

Update:  While scouts are out confirming further details our current understanding is that the only Nations who retained or gained such status are;

  • The Valley
  • The Nomad Alliance
  • The Shadowsfall
  • The Kalid
  • The Fortress of Pentar 
  • The Azard Dan (as part of the Festival Lands)

 A report of the mission may be found in the Library



Hunting Moon of PC05

The area of the spine which was obliterated by the revelation of the Chancellors latest experiment (a blast akin to that which once destroyed the Vanishing Tower) has resulted in a swathe of the land to be shrouded in drifting mists interspersed with dust.  Other more unusual phenomenon have also been reported included floating rocks and streams flowing the wrong way.  Despite the danger (and very real threat of considerable hordeling activity) scouts and explorers of many nations, most notably those of the Reader and Dye Fah Dyne, have flocked to the area seeking a passage through the spine which would save many Nations in the Northern areas both sides of the spine many weeks of waiting for trade caravans to use more traditional routes where the goods do not warrant the expense of using the portal network.

Hordling numbers around the lands bordering the Wizards Concilium have notably risen and a number of more puissant types have been identified ‘leading’ groups to inhibit travel to and from the nation lands.  Hordlings have also been noted on several occasions making a beeline for Valley Sorcerers casting their morning preparations.  In one case a particularly keen Troll apparently charged straight past a full plate of bacon to attack one unusually unlucky caster.

Harvest Moon of PC05

Reports from the field indicate that several tribes of Easterlings have shown a renewed interest in Orin Rakatha.  Some of these are working as mercenaries for the Dye Fah Dyne while others were running a more nefarious scheme to drain the spirit strength from inhabitants of the plane to funnel it into servants of the Savage Chieftain (one of the nine). 

During the rescue operation to recover Bill Jingle (a success) the Savage Chieftains projection was confronted and defeated on Orin Rakatha.  While this is a great victory it bodes ill that the eyes of Thranduil are once more turned to our small haven in the planes.

The Mists exhibit something of a return to their old ways.  They seem to be move consistently spread across the land again with many of the areas that were seemingly untouched by mists once again becoming subject to their arrival.  This has been hampering the efforts of the Nomads and our pathfinders have lost track of many of their groups.  Large camps on the boundaries of the Saldorian borders still remain but have been disrupted far more lately by hordlings and mists than they have been in past months.


Green Growing Moon, Year of PC05

The assault on Calex Wraithspawn that has been planned for many months was successfully executed by a group of Valley Adventurers, aided by the Shadowsrise and the last of the Sneverhime, who came down from Stormfather mountain to assist.  While Calex himself escaped to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead (seemingly to take a position close to, or as, the Realm Lord of Hate and Pain) the cult activities and his control over them appears to have been shattered.  Reports from across Orin Raktha show that the cult appears to be fragmented and infighting is common.  

During this assault the Sneverhime Radnor Stormheart was freed from the Thrall of Calex Wraithspawn although several other Sneverhime were slain during the battles with the Cult of Hate.

The Shadowsrise appear to have sent out the entire youth of their last pure bloodlines to be tested in some manner and to accomplish the aims of Judge Flam.  There seemed to be only two outcomes; you were worthy or you were slain.  Four of them proved worthy and in a process designed to ensure that the Father continues to be represented on Orin Rakatha merged with the last of the Sneverhime to become pure Shadowsrise Judges.  These were; 

  • Judge Duval Stormfist
  • Judge Genevive Stormheart
  • Judge Stormstrike
  • Judge Stormwind

 Judge Flam Mistborn has now restored the number of pureblood Shadowsfall Judges from two to six and gained control of half the Shadowsfall council and is seemingly at odds with Talon Stormherald.

The Sneverhime as a people are now no longer in existence however the storms that rage around Stormfather Mountain, erected for their protection, continue unabated. 

The Shadowsrise trainees who failed their trials did not die in vain (or perhaps did not fail at all?).  It appears that ten of them are on the path to become Mistweavers in an accelerated fashion.  There has been a noticeable uptick in the appearance of the mists in several areas that were previously relatively free of them.

Adventurers are reminded that any intelligence (scrolls, prophecies, letters of note) should be presented to the Valley Archives so that copies may be taken and made available to other groups.  Adventurers are welcome in most cases to retain the originals but the information in such documents may prove vital to future Valley activities.

Meanwhile the congress voted on one of its most important matters to date;  the question presented was “Should the Valley, with proper planning and working with other nations to provide a suitable alternative, seek to relinquish our role as Enforcers of the Will of the Mystics?”  This Vote passed with a majority “Yes” and the Lords and their representatives will now proceed with enacting this decision

News was also received the High Priest Bill Jingle had been kidnapped by forces of the Easterlings and is now believed to be held offplane.  A valley group will be mobilised to seek his return and to dismantle the Easterlings schemes.

Planting Moon, Year of PC05

The Shadowsfall Judge Titus Orchemenus, known to be fiercely loyal to the Shadowsfall Nation leader Judge Talon Stormherald has been slain.  It is now understood that Judge Titus was most active in the handling of execution contacts and was the Judge who oversaw the attacks on the Valley during the last time of reckoning.   A ring in the form of a black skull wrapped around the Tarot card for Vengeance was reportedly found at the scene.  

It is also known that Judge Flam Mistborn has returned from his MistWalk and is now in the possession of the Hammer of Law which he cleansed of its Hateful corruption through his calling to the Mother and Father.  He now seeks to grow the Shadowsrise’ influence within the Shadowsfall.

Reader Caravans have come under attack in the past month by assailants unknown and have raised a concern with the Valley that the trade routes are not being adequately protected.   In following communications the matter of Valley debts to the Reader were raised with implications that payment for past services were now due.

Helpful contacts from the tribe of Fallen Brothers (Nomads based in the north) have confirmed the presence of both Calex and Radnor Stormheart in the area of Stormfather mountain along with growing numbers of troops.  Safe passage and lodging have been offered and mission parameters are being laid out.

We have received word from Judge Flam that during the recent incursion into Shadowsfall lands the Senior Tilduring Assassin Gival Nightfang was permanently slain.


Fools Moon, Year of PC05

 A rare “out of borders” meeting of the Lords and many of the Guildleaders took place in the old menagerie lands this moon.  During the course of the session many things were discussed (sadly I wasn’t present having other pressing matters to attend to) a a number of votes called;

  • It was agreed that the Valley would use the Shadowsfall contract in order to attain a state of neutrality with them during the next Time of Reckoing.  This was originally proposed by Lord Quicksilver and passed by thirty-one votes to five).
  • It was also agreed that the The Drow within the Valley would be offered a seat congress and their representative (Matriach Kevralyn Soulfire) given a vote on matters with equivalent power to a Guildleader.

The Lords advised during this session that the group support Shadowsfall Judge Flams attempts to reform the Shadowsfall by providing him a number of doses of the “Elixir of Life” to allow him to proceed on his goals.  This was done and Judge Flam drank of the elixir before de-robing and taking a lone walk into the mists.  Gabriel Chide of the Pentar was also seen to have taken four doses of the Elixir of Life during the culmination of the creation rituals.  

Much valuable material and several groups of missing Valley members were returned to the Nation as a result of the actions of the adventuring group active in the Menagerie.  I am sure a full report will be available soon.

Congratulations are due to Dame Layla Mayfield, Guildleader of Knights Martial who was knighted in the field by Sir Clavados in recognition of her service.  We eagerly await the public announcement of the Orders new salute.

Priest Marcus of the Hospital has been confined to a cell however he protests he is innocent of any crimes against the Valley and indeed has laid a number of charges against prominent adventurers for his attempted murder through the use of Cause Fatal invocations (multiple) and having his throat cut.  Investigations on both his involvement with the Cult of Hate and Pain and the manner of his capture continue.

Encounters with the strange Fae groups continue.  For now lone and paired pathfinders seem to be able to avoid contact with them but several adventuring groups report engaging in combat with them when they reveal themselves and are unable to provide the particularly shiny individual they seek.  While no losses have been taken so far these creatures have potent magical abilities and groups should be on the lookout.  Any information relating to their actual purpose could prove useful in avoiding future conflict.

Contact has been made with Elias Van Grange an off-worlder now living as nomad between the Valley and the Saldorian border.  He and a number of his men seem to be operating a kind of recovery team responsible to shepherding nomads to safe locations across Orin Rakatha using whatever sanctuaries they can find from the mists.  He is engaged in a protracted disagreement with a Coma Doof and Toast the Knowing within the old lands of the Menagerie where the latter seem to be gathering Nomads to them in the fashion of a warband for the purpose of looting and killing.  The Pathfinders are monitoring both sides.

Elias also provided additional intelligence concerning the lands to the North around Mount Star.  It appears that the mists are very weak there, unsual in the mountains of the spine, and nomads from across the North West being drawn there by others of Elias’ allies however it also appears that Calex Wraithspawn is also using the opportunity to gather his forces there and the Cult of Hate and Pain are stepping up their “recruitment” in the area.

Lord Railin of the Menagerie reports that treatment on the cure that is now possible due to the recovery of the Elixir of Life proceeds well and the Lords are hopeful that everyone will receive their treatment in due course.

Finally in other good news the Hepath Lord Balor was forcibly banished from Orin Rakatha.  This seemingly caused the immediate banishment of all Hepaths serving Balor from Orin Rakatha.  Multiple reports from conflicts within both the House of the Weaver and Valley groups elaborate that the hepathic foot soldiers simply disappeared in clouds of sulphur leaving several Pentar groups with insufficient support resulting in their defeat in several engagements.


Wind Moon, Year of PC05

The poisoning has been tracked to the Kings Well an underground lake on the northern border of the Citadel and Darkhome that supplies water to Darkhome, Aethertown and areas that used to house the Forge and Ways and Groves.  Guards have been posted at similar water sources in order to prevent further attempts to attack the valley in a similar way.

The Valley assisted the Wizards Concilium in reforming the two lost nodes of magic.   Meanwhile Chancellor Marius has announced that he has created a node of Purple Magic using the essence of the Shadow Master of Lore that the Valley recovered a year ago (see Wind Moon PC04).  The exact location of this node (and presumably Master of Lore) is currently unknown but the working supposition is that it lies somewhere within the Wizards Concilium borders. 

The House of the Weaver extended an invitation for the Valley to assist them in performing a “Ritual of Life” in the coming summer in order to prevent the Mescona returning from the Halls of the Damned.  They also appear to be continuing their war against the Pentar on several fronts.

Reports from the Heights suggest that Sir Horner Of Valancia of the Knights of Purity is about, or has recently begun, to undertake the Grail Quest which is a rite of passage in the Heights required to claim the rank of Grand Knight.

Bone Moon, Year of PC05

The political season has apparently begun in earnest with several new appointments and changes in the Valley.

One of the most important announcements is that Oracles have agreed that the Temple of the Four Winds will be moved from within the Valley to neutral locations depending on the season.   At the next handover the intention is for the Temple to take residence in the land between the Reader and Azadan nations with only a small contingent of the temple staff travelling with the Oracle.  The remainder will for now remain the Valley until security arrangements and the practicality of the new approach is proven. The Shadowsfall, Reader and Azardan have been contacted in regard to providing guards and support for the season.

The other major news of the time is that Quicksilver has been named the interim Lord of Aethertown filling the position that has been vacant since the sad death of Lightfoot Flame.

Other appointments or movements of note;


  • Ksandra has been elected to the position of Guildleader of the Red School and moved the school to Darkhome
  • Michael has been appointed to the role of Acting White School Guildleader
  • Shard Farsight has announced his intent to take the Grey Wardens sect to Aethertown.
  • Teppic has moved the Grey Path from the Archives to the Training grounds expressing the need for the Path to be more involved in active adventuring.
  • Giles has settled the Grey School of magic in Darkhome
  • The Blue School has moved to Aether Town under new Guildleader Zephyr.  Ichabod wishes to concentrate on his work in the Archives and handed leadership to Zephyr with no challenges rising from within the school.


Outbreaks of a virulent plague which diagnoses as both power and magic have run rampant through Aethertown and Darkhome.  First manifesting as lethargy suffers seem to deteriorate to the point that they fall unconscious to during the course of meditations and must be forcibly roused from bed each morning.   

In Darkhome a number of wells have been identified as sources of the contagion and these have been cordoned off in an attempt to slow down the spread.  The aqaufors feeding these wells are being investigated. Similar activity is underway in Aethertown

The Oracle of Knowledge seems to continue in his enigmatic fashion of answering questions in indirect ways.  In passing discussion with several different people the Butler of the Butlers Boon waystation revealed the answer to the question;

Where is the Tomb of Zacharius the Ancient Vampire currently aligned with the Fortress of Pentar?

The Butler stated  “The last lair of Zacharius is lies in Lostgate Wood”.  While this is a large area it allows elements of the Pathfinders with support from other sectors (particularly Darkhome) to begin investigating.

An adventuring group lead by Kevralyn Soulfire successfully created a Pact of Neutrality using information provided by the Keepers.  During the course of this the Valley was given a dire message by one of the Mistweavers that they must free the Sneverheim Radnar Stormheart and to ensure his ongoing safety.  He similarly demanded that the Pordaradrim be protected.

Roving bands of hordlings have been spotted in the lands of the Menagerie and the mists have become more patchy.  While small groups of enterprising recovery specialists have attempted to get out and survey the area the expeditions are usually short lived and return little of value.

While the Fortress have maintained their probing attacks against the northern border their activity has been hampered by a number of assaults against the rear of their lines emanating from the Spine.  Consisting of large groups of spiders these groups are almost certainly from the House of the Weaver but no direct contact has been made with them by operatives in the field. After the attacks the Weaver forces melt back into the foothills and mountains north of the Warrens.

Halmadons Heights have announced that the Order of the Knights of Purity have been reformed under the guiding light of Sir Horner of Valancia while rumours from the within the Heights suggest that Sir Leon, Grand Knight of Virtue, is planning to depart on his Orders next crusade soon.

Reports come from various places of small bands of roving individuals actively seeking Valley members in particular “The Gem” or similar.  On such group fell foul of the Heights resulting in a prolonged skirmish. During this fight “for he of the Fae” was heard a number of times during the creatures casting.   Aspen, one of the Pathfinder scouts, was nearly slain when he presented himself to a different group near the Open Gauntlet and they turned immediately hostile.

Calix Wraithspawn continues to be a thorn in our side as he launched an attack on the Butlers Boon waystion.  While he was repelled his manipulation and control over the Cult of Hate and Pain seems to be growing and groups of cultists have been identified across the Orin Rakatha no longer seemingly contained within the area to the east of the spine where they were first re-encountered.

Reports from the field can be found herehere and here.

Cold Moon, Year of PC05

 The New Year begins quiet for the most part although Darkhome suffers from regular attempts to penetrate it’s border but the defenders have repelled them with aplomb so far.  One particularly large incursion consisting of several coordinated groups was stopped dead in its tracks when a large savage creature with a black wolfs face surrounded by ethereal white fur and massive boned claws wearing Darkhome sector colours appeared to summon a group of similar, albeit slightly smaller, creatures around him and proceeded to rend the attacking force with such fury that not a single foe survived.  The creature returned alone, it’s companions disappearing as quickly as they arrived, coated in a significant layer of gore.

Elsewhere work continues to restore and rebuild in all of the remaining sectors.   The mists hang heavy over the menagerie which has prevented entry into the majority of the lost lands.


Snow Moon, Year of PC04

Yule brought a measure of respite from the winter's chill and what supplies are available were distributed to ensure as many people as possible had something to celebrate.  The Dye-Fah-Dyne trade caravans have begun to flow in earnest which is alleviating some of the hardship brought about by the loss of so much of the farmland and attached storage facilities although it will still be a struggle for many until Spring arrives bringing with it the chance to open up new sources of food and other vital supplies.


Turning Moon, Year of PC04

Investigations into the deaths of Lady Isabella, her retinue, Walks-in-Dreams and the Braydon (the cleaner found near him) have continued. My thanks go out to everyone who has assisted so far and for those other offers of aid.  I understand the more than you know the frustration stemming from this loss.

This moon saw the visit to Orin Rakatha of an Oracle of the Sphere of Knowledge one that the Valley has interacted with a number of times before.  With the assistance of the adventurers the Lords instructed me to provide the list of questions that our people would present to them.  These were carried by High Priest and Guildleader Cirith along with a group of adventurers to the gathering where they partook in many challenges for the right to present questions to the Oracle.  Of the twelve questions permitted the party excelled themselves winning the right to ask a total of nine questions.  One was forfeit to the Dehori and another was traded (I will discuss this later) which left the following questions as the Valley's petition to this aspect of knowledge. 

  • Where is the Tomb of Zacharius the Ancient Vampire currently aligned with the Fortress of Pentar?
  • What methods exist restore the node of Fire and the node of Ice upon Orin Rakatha?
  • Does the principle of elemental matrixing laid out in Melvin Manypages treatise number two represent a viable method for the creation of new teaching scrolls?
  • Where should the parchment material (dragon skin) be obtained from?
  • Is the creation of spiritual teaching scrolls as hinted in Melvin Manypages research a possibility?
  • Where grows the Heart of Elm?
  • Was Malcom Middleton mentally influenced by the Wizards Concilium to handover the Valley Teaching Scrolls?

 Due to the nature of the Oracle and it's wisdom I'd ask all adventurers to be on the look out for odd coincidences or signs that might indicate an answer forthcoming to any of these. While I appear to have been named the Oracles conduit in this matter the questions were asked as a people and the Oracles answers are rarely delivered in an obvious fashion.

In further good news I understand the recent adventuring group were also able to strike a deal with the Dai Fah Dyne. Negotiations lead by Michael of the White School ensured that the DFD are willing to supply the Valley with basic food and provisions at cost price for the duration of our war with the Fortress of Pentar in exchange for a single question of their choice being presented to the Oracle by the Valley. Given the recent struggles stemming from the Time of Reckoning and the loss of easy access to much of our farm and pasturelands this deal will prove vital in the winter months to come. I would like to commend Michael, Caradac and indeed all of their group for engineering this critical supply line.

The Shadowsfall were once again employed to foil Valley activities. Working alongside the Well of Eternal Souls and the Fortress of Pentar large groups of Shadowsfall were contracted to prevent the Valley asking questions of the Oracle. In punishment for interfering with it's business the Oracle has somehow forced the Shadowsfall to offer the Valley a single contract of our choosing for which we will not be required to pay. Needless to say there are any number of things that we could employ this boon for and any suggestions will be taken under advisement.

As many of you will already have seen a new Guild of Spiritualism has been formed to undertake the role of teaching and guiding those individuals with an interest in Shamancy, Vitamancer or Necromancy (presumably in any of it's myriad flavours?). Xernes has stepped into the role of Guildleader after petitioning for the creation of the guild in the first place. So anyone with an abiding interest in such matters should contact him in the Temple of the Four Winds.

 Reports from the Adventurers can be found here and here 

Leaf Fall Moon, Year of PC04

In an effort to ensure the Valley has swift, representative decision making the role of Guildleader has been reintroduced as a political entity. The Lords will continue to propose policy decisions but the Guildleaders will now be given the opportunity to vote on key decisions through a newly devised communication system. 

I am very sad to report that Lady Isabella, Lord of the Six Boroughs, was permanently slain by assailants unknown. She and a number of the Council of Elders were being escorted back to the Nation and were little over a day away from the borders to the South West. All attempts at scrying and divination have, so far, failed. Her body and the bodies of her inner circle have been returned to the Valley for the traditional Taranor burial rites.

To compound this tragic loss Pixie Greenwillow and Tarm Gurrack, who were both acting to recover various resources from the lands of the Ways and Groves now outside the Valley borders, were slain permanently by Shadowsfall assassination squads. Meanwhile the Father and a number of senior merchants were also victim of assaults by the Shadowsfall. Several were slain and the Father has gone into hiding. 

Finally, perhaps most disturbingly,  the Oracle of the Firewind Walks-In-Dreams was been found dead in his chambers. He appeared to have been torn literally limb from limb. A member of the cleaning staff was found dead next to him although without any obvious cause of death. Investigations are underway by the Temple.

The day following Walks-in-Dreams death a Shadowsfall named Adjudicator Braes presented himself to the Temple claiming to be the Oracle of the Firewind. The other Oracles were recalled to verify this claim and investigate the matter. It is understood that he will not reside within the Valley lands and wishes the temple to be moved when it is his season to be the standing Oracle. The temple has so far made no statement as to the how this affects the leadership of the Sector.

As a result of these attacks, and the general confusion still reigning following the Time of Reckoning, the Lords put two questions to the Congress of Guildleaders. These were;

  • Should the position Lord of the Six Borough be removed from the ruling council and the lands, people and responsibility form part of the restructured Training Grounds?
  • Should the position Lord of the Marketplace be temporarily removed from the ruling council and the responsibility for managing equipment requisition and food distribution fall into the purview of the reformed Training Grounds?

Both statements were carried with a majority Yes vote. As a result the training grounds is now well prepared to support adventurers during this difficult time with the ability to source goods, provisions and equipment more effectively and ensure we are able to protect our borders and our duties upon Orin Rakatha. Lazarus Steel, how leads the Training Grounds as Sector Lord, is reviewing the living arrangements and supply lines to make best use of the remaining lands and natural resources we have at our disposal.

There were a number of other appointments to the Congress;

  • Graag Venombard was declared the new Guildleader of the Archers. He has announced his intention to move the guild to the Warrens.
  • Heldon Grange was declared Guildleader of the Dark Brethren. His years of service beneath Mothac Storm should prove a stabilising influence during the current turbulent times. Heldon Grange has announced he will move the Dark Brethren to the Menagerie in order to assist with maintaining order during the reconstruction.
  • Kretch has taken up the position of Guildleader of the Brown School of Magic. Kretch has decided to move the School to the Warrens given that the previous lands of the school are now beyond the borders.

Finally Broil Firebrew has claimed the role of Acting Lord of the Warrens given the Goblin Kings continued absence. He will speak and act in this position until the King can be located and restored to his rightful place.

Giles, has declared War on the Shadowsfall in his official capacity as Guildleader of the Grey School. The Lords have stated that this is his right as a Guildleader but that this declaration does not extend to other members of the alliance and that the Nation itself maintains diplomatic relations with the Shadowsfall and at Nation level do not consider us in a state of war. Valley members are reminded that we, as a disparate and varied people, have many individuals who hold strong views against one or more people, races, creatures or nations. It is down to adventuring groups to ensure we support and maintain individual beliefs will whilst ensuring our nations safety.

In external news;

Several Nations have offered their formal thanks to the Valley for the return of a number of people they had believed lost to them. These individuals were recovered by a Valley Party close to the lands of the Dye-Fah-Dyne where they were seemingly being captured during raids on trade caravans. Eye witness accounts of these people being sold at some sort of auction have also been reported. 
There was also a phenomenon reported where the living essence of individuals was being removed somehow leaving them withered corpses where they should have sufficient strength of spirit to be revived. This is believed to be tied to the Easterlings in some manner.

We await more detailed reports from those present but it seems clear that the Valley will need to investigate these events further when we are able to identify new leads.

The Fortress of Pentar have nearly completed their migration of their previous lands to take up residence in the old Kalid lands of the Rift. Between the mists and their scouting forces we were unable to to obtain much information regarding their common people (assuming they have such). Given the border changes and the Pentars new position missions leaving via the Northern borders are warned to be particularly careful.
The Dehori from the Well of Eternal Souls were seen in large numbers during All Hallows Eve (as we might expect) performing ceremonies and rituals at various points around their borders. They were accompanied by significant numbers of spirits.

Many of the Nomads who were camping close to the Saldorian borders south of the Halfway House seem to have migrated to the West Waite. It seems they are making use of old Saldorian camps to provide more comfortable places to live with some protection from the mists provided by nearby cave and tunnel systems or proximity to the Saldorian border.

Hunting Moon, Year of PC04 - The Time of Reckoning

The time of reckoning has come and gone and we are still here, at least most of us. May the Seneschal and Lightfoot Flame return to the life sphere with our thanks for their lifetime of dedication to the Valley.

During the course of the day many announcements were made as a result of the Time of Reckoning. I have summarised the main ones below;

  • The Cabal of The Dragon were granted Nation Status and Lands south of the Three Sisters. Their Colours are a stylised Dragon's head presented on a solid field.

  • The Forgotten have reclaimed an enclave in the Starvale Peaks and are returned to Nation Status . They have reclaimed the old colours of the of purple, black and white in sunburst pattern.

  • The Well of Eternal Souls has been named a Nation and granted lands in the Fallow Hills. Their official colours are Green and Yellow with a Red Skull emblem. This nation appears to have been formed by a large number of sentient undead and a sect of the Dymwan called the Dehori.

  • The Kalid are no longer considered a Nation. Their time as dispossessed is over and any remaining on Orin Rakatha are considered Nomad.

  • The Halls of Suhtek chose to not present themselves at the Central Isle and are no longer considered a Nation. Any member of this Nation who have not joined another Nation are considered Nomad.

  • The Legion were prevented from presenting their status to the Central Isle and are considered dispossessed. Their lands bane and boons will cease to function but they may travel to the festival lands for protection.

  • The Cold Dawn were prevented from presenting their status to the Central Isle and are considered dispossessed. Their lands bane and boons will cease to function but they may travel to the festival lands for protection.

A new waystation has come into being at the rivers fork in the Greensward (in the East). It is named The Butlers Boon. The Valley group lead by Lord Khandis Greyspider were seemingly responsible for its creation.

It was noted that the Shadowsfall returned to their old ways and accepted contracts on many of the nations which resulted in attacks on many notable leaders of existing Nations including our own. Judge Flam presented himself to the group travelling with Lord Khandis to express that this was not personal and that the Shadowsfall have no vendetta with anyone outside of formal contract arrangements.

The Kesiora Dynasty and Reader were attacked by the Shadowsfall but managed to swear their status after their leaders escaped the ambushes. The Legion and the Cold Dawn were not so fortunate.

It was reported that Ison, leader of the Fortress of Pentar, was attacked and killed by the Shadowfall but he later appeared at the Rainbows landing alone and seemingly unharmed to present his nations status. 

The Laws of Orin Rakatha were reviewed and updated. The changes allow for sentient beings, regardless of origin or nature of existence, to take their place as a member of a nation with all the duties and benefits this entails. This includes the ability to hold and swear status to that nation. An additional clarification prevents the holding of nation prisoners in waystations. It was determined that an application of a Commune or Identify Person would be able to provide the answer as to that individuals sentience for the purpose of testing laws referring to sentient beings.

The saddest news was, of course, the assassination of the Seneschal, as well as Lightfoot Flame and Lady Isabella. With both Lightfoot Flame and the Seneschal being permanently slain as a result. Lady Isabella was thankfully returned to us. As a result of this disruption however the Valley was unable to gather all of their status to swear at the Central Isle. Rumours are that Arbor was attacked and wounded only to escape in animal form leaving the Shadowsfall to be consumed by a plague of insects. He has worryingly not been seen since. The only glimmer of victory during the day was Sir Clavados who was also attacked was able to defeat the Shadowsfall ambush without loss of Valley life.

Castellan Steel did all he could but amidst these attacks little over half of the total status was able to be resworn in time. As a result of this the Valley borders have contracted significantly leaving our nations lands in turmoil.

The Menagerie lost approximately 90% of its land and what remains is now packed with those from that sector that fled from the mists rolling in. High Priest Railin of the Seers has been instrumental in organising the remaining buildings (old barracks and training laboratories mainly) into what we hope are temporary communal accommodations. Many members of the sector remain unaccounted for and the mist and Hordling activity remain to think to begin any rescue operations at this time. High Priest Railin has expressed his intention to send parties out into the sector lands as soon as possible to recover both the people, materials and equipment from the abandoned labs, pits and warehouses.

The Ways and Groves are now entirely outside of our border as best we can tell. Groups from this sector have been appearing regularly at the border having dodged groups of hordlings and the mists. Given the solitary and roaming nature of many of this sector (encouraged and exemplified by the still absent Lord Arbor) it is almost impossible to judge how many, if any, have been lost used as they are to living for extended periods in the wilds.

The Forge has also suffered. While the majority of the forges themselves remain in our borders the save passages to many of the mines in the spine are now no longer within the border leaving a dangerous trek across open Orin Rakatha to reach valuable basic resources such as Iron, Copper and Coal.

Word from the Warrens is that the border has retreated over them leaving with them with little to no open ground remaining free from the mists. However not is all lost. Some quick action in barring the gates to the tunnels and caves (where most of the Warrens live) means that most of the living space is currently unaffected.  There have been reports of hordlings trying to break through and occasionally drifts of mist seeping into the entrance ways but on the whole it could be far worse for the denizens of the underground ways. We may in the future find the loss of the land above, used for crops and food in the main, to be of great concern.

Finally Darkhome now finds the northern border cutting directly through a portion of its farmland and underground complexes leaving nearly half in unclaimed lands. The underground complex should be secure but making use of the farmland will be much more difficult and Darkhome itself is now the first sector that would be entered by visitors from the North.

We have had several reports from the field which have been stored in the usual section of the archives here and here.


Harvest Moon, Year of PC04

A group of adventurers resolved a pressing issue with supplies of certain vital minerals used in the production of magical and empowered artifacts. It appears that the mines north of the Valley lands owned by the reader but jointly operated by the Valley had been over-run as a consequence of several intersecting matters.

Sadly one of the druids of the Ways and Groves by the name of Silik had become tainted by the void and ultimately died as the result of nefarious plans by Zalfurin Nightspell a long-standing enemy of the Valley. Zalfurin remains at large and, despite this most recent plot being hopefully curtailed, his ongoing machinations pose a threat to the Valley and Orin Rakatha at large.


Grumwick Irontotem and Railin the Seer have been detained within the Nation for debriefing regarding their activities in a multi-nation enterprise relating to the mines disruption and wider consequences. 

One of the other issues identified within the mine structure was the presence of an Dymwan stasis chamber of some kind that contained a spirit of considerable power. This was eventually dealt with before it could desolate swathes of the land and population. It was mentioned that a different Dymwan individual may have been in the chamber but left the area. Hopefully a more detailed report may shine some light on this.

A full report from the Aventuring team (ably lead by Wulfric Baneguard) can be found in the archives, thank you Caradac. High Priest Railin has provided further information and background here. Some additional information concerning the Gatekeeper and related matters can be found here.


High Sun, Year of PC04

Malcolm Middleton, once Lord of Ethertown, was found guilty of theft by a council of the commons for his actions in removing the Teaching Scrolls from Valley control and giving them over to the Wizards Concilium. His sentencing is yet to be announced. Several of the Lords specifically named Skalgrim Skyfather as performing above and beyond the adventurers usual role in ensuring the trial was as fair as possible.

Discussions during the trial have raised concerns amongst the adventurers that the nation's laws are rather sparse and unsuitable to address more complex issues. Cirith in particular has been rather vocal in wishing progress in this area.

In a sad return it seems the Spirit of Ketzler Von Hartson, once a Lord of Ethertown, returned consumed by rage and came into conflict with the Valley group overseeing the trial.

A full report from the adventurers present is now available within the Archives


Planting Moon, Year of PC04

A report has been received by a fellow by the name of White Crow who provides detailed information about meetings with Fae courts and investigations into the Kalid lands.

The Kalid Nation seems to be entirely gone from Orin Rakatha as a functioning nation. While a small number of guards and peasants have been spotted the seems to be no sizable population remaining. A significant number of Hordlings have been seen in the area suggesting that many were taken by the mists. The location of the remainder of the population remains unclear although ritual sites found in their old lands suggestion transportation of at least some of their number was achieved.


Perhaps of some significance one of the ex-Kalid hordlings called himself Caramin Emberthief seems to have already become a Mist Shaman or similar being rapidly growing in power and influence.

The messengers of the Oracle continue their travels around all the waystations and nations of Orin Rakatha announcing his/her/its return and offering nations the chance to present questions to be answered. The Lords are seeking input from the adventurers as to the questions the Valley should put to this ancient source of knowledge.


Fools Moon, Year of PC04

An old enemy of the Valley the Cult of Hate and Pain has apparently resurfaced. They have been identified as trying to work with Dymwan and have thrown their lot in with Calex Wraithspawn.

The Dymwan meanwhile have created a Vamughast, a vastly powerful undead being, by utilising one of the Sneverhime in some no doubt deplorable ritual fashion.  It is unclear what this heralds.
Chancellor Untapt is now a Dymwan Master and exerting his control over the actions of the Dymwan nation.

A meeting of the Evil Towers took place, called by Gabriele Chide of the Fortress of Pentar. The purpose was to begin the process of establishing a new order following the ascension of the Dread Lord.

The Shadowsfall have been observed at a number of waystations offering their services or operating under contract markings. 

The Dymwan more been noticeably more active than they have been since the removal of Cardinaris and the appointment of Lord Mian as their nation leader. While still officially neutral to the Valley there have been incidents of unpleasantness over the past several weeks.

A report of Valley activity at this time from Master Seeker Caradac can be found here


Wind Moon,  Year of PC04

It seems some of our adventurers encountered a bold mercenary fellow in a tavern who told an interesting tale but it seems we had a man or two on the inside who furnished more information.

In summary it appears that the Wizards Concilium have been running a prison within a pocket plane of some kind where they had been keeping a number of individuals from many nations and people.

The Fortress of Pentar have been making noise about us keeping one of theirs prisoner within our lands adventurers have been discussing the ramifications.

The Wizards Concilium have reiterated their desire to have the missing nodes of Red and White magic restored. The Valley have been pledged to assist.

It seems that Lord Khandis is continuing with the tradition of appointing Barons to various roles forming the command structure of Darkhome. Rumour has it that there are a number of challenges being undertaken by various interested parties.

Malcolm Middleton was located in this prison and has been returned to the Valley for trial. It is currently unclear what Laws he has been accused of breaking but a number of powerful individuals are very upset with his actions in handing over the teaching scrolls to the Wizards Concillium.


Bone Moon, The Year PC04

Things continue to be quiet. Pathfinders report that the mists have become exceptionally heavy to the North of the Neck limiting our changes to monitor activity in the area.

The Saldorians have continued their policy of feeding and sheltering Nomads at their borders without recompense over the winter. It is unclear how long their lands can support this activity but there are grumblings from some quarters that this policy is detrimental to the Enclave.


Cold Moon, The year PC04

The beginning of this year continued as the last ended. Orin Rakatha seems quiet in the manner of a household usually filled with playing children after their parents have had a blazing row. The entire world seems to be holding its breath in anticipation of another calamity.

News from the Oracles suggests that they have still had no further visions since the one they reportedly saw upon the their return from the central isle (see: Oracle Visions - Dispersing lights).

Oracle Vision - Dispersing Lights

I start with something that occurred last year where I happened to witness one of the Oracles receive a vision. I believe I captured what I believe is the essence of the vision below as his vernacular makes for a much more difficult read.

As I slept my spirit soared into the sky. From a point higher than the tallest peak I observed the world of Orin Rakatha stretched beneath me. I dove through the clouds and into mist shrouding the Central Isle. There I felt the spirit of The Protector with me as well as that of my fellow Oracles. We watched as lights of all hues and shades from darkest black to pure white, from burning gold to frozen silver and all colours of the rainbow rose from the isle into the mists and began to weave about one another. While I heard no words the feeling was of being in the midst of heated argument of warchiefs and elders as the lights flitted back and forth in ever more agitated fashion. Then sudden stillness. The lights began to pulse gently growing brighter and brighter until with a flash of light that was heard as much as felt they delivered a message to both us and those we serve. We shall return and do that which we must do but no longer shall we but passively exist With that I found myself soaring once more into the Sky surrounded by lights until again Orin Rakatha lay before me like the most detailed map you can imagine. The lights hovered level with me for a second before falling to the ground scattered across the world.I watched for a while and all was still but every now and then one of the lights would flash then dim while another light of the same hue would flit about the world before returning in another pulse and once again sit still and bright. I saw the crack of dawn begin to break over the mountains and I awoke.



With the upheaval of the last year it is my intention to keep a journal of the coming year, and beyond, in an attempt to provide adventurers, who juggle so many duties, something to help them navigate the numerous reports submitted to the archive in the context of a timeline and point out any rumours the pathfinders may have gathered. 


I hope it proves useful to someone,

Jeremiah Clearwater

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