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Jeremiah's Journal

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Hunting Moon,  Year of PC04 - The Time of Reckoning

The time of reckoning has come and gone and we are still here, at least most of us.  May the Seneschal and Lightfoot Flame return to the life sphere with our thanks for their lifetime of dedication to the Valley.

During the course of the day many announcements were made as a result of the Time of Reckoning.  I have summarised the main ones below;

  • The Cabal of The Dragon were granted Nation Status and Lands south of the Three Sisters.  Their Colours are a stylised Dragon’s head presented on a solid field.

  • The Forgotten have reclaimed an enclave in the Starvale Peaks and are returned to Nation Status .  They have reclaimed the old colours of the of purple, black and white in sunburst pattern.

  • The Well of Eternal Souls has been named a Nation and granted lands in the Fallow Hills.  Their official colours are Green and Yellow with a Red Skull emblem. This nation appears to have been formed by a large number of sentient undead and a sect of the Dymwan called the Dehori.

  • The Kalid are no longer considered a Nation.  Their time as dispossessed is over and any remaining on Orin Rakatha are considered Nomad.

  • The Halls of Suhtek chose to not present themselves at the Central Isle and are no longer considered a Nation.  Any member of this Nation who have not joined another Nation are considered Nomad.

  • The Legion were prevented from presenting their status to the Central Isle and are considered dispossessed.  Their lands bane and boons will cease to function but they may travel to the festival lands for protection.

  • The Cold Dawn were prevented from presenting their status to the Central Isle and are considered dispossessed.  Their lands bane and boons will cease to function but they may travel to the festival lands for protection.

A new waystation has come into being at the rivers fork in the Greensward (in the East).  It is named The Butlers Boon.  The Valley group lead by Lord Khandis Greyspider were seemingly responsible for its creation.

It was noted that the Shadowsfall returned to their old ways and accepted contracts on many of the nations which resulted in attacks on many notable leaders of existing Nations including our own.  Judge Flam presented himself to the group travelling with Lord Khandis to express that this was not personal and that the Shadowsfall have no vendetta with anyone outside of formal contract arrangements.

The Kesiora Dynasty and Reader were attacked by the Shadowsfall but managed to swear their status after their leaders escaped the ambushes. The Legion and the Cold Dawn were not so fortunate.

It was reported that Ison, leader of the Fortress of Pentar, was attacked and killed by the Shadowfall but he later appeared at the Rainbows landing alone and seemingly unharmed to present his nations status.  

The Laws of Orin Rakatha were reviewed and updated.  The changes allow for sentient beings, regardless of origin or nature of existence, to take their place as a member of a nation with all the duties and benefits this entails.  This includes the ability to hold and swear status to that nation. An additional clarification prevents the holding of nation prisoners in waystations. It was determined that an application of a Commune or Identify Person would be able to provide the answer as to that individuals sentience for the purpose of testing laws referring to sentient beings.

The saddest news was, of course, the assassination of the Seneschal, as well as Lightfoot Flame and Lady Isabella.  With both Lightfoot Flame and the Seneschal being permanently slain as a result. Lady Isabella was thankfully returned to us.   As a result of this disruption however the Valley was unable to gather all of their status to swear at the Central Isle. Rumours are that Arbor was attacked and wounded only to escape in animal form leaving the Shadowsfall to be consumed by a plague of insects.  He has worryingly not been seen since. The only glimmer of victory during the day was Sir Clavados who was also attacked was able to defeat the Shadowsfall ambush without loss of Valley life.

Castellan Steel did all he could but amidst these attacks little over half of the total status was able to be resworn in time.  As a result of this the Valley borders have contracted significantly leaving our nations lands in turmoil.

The Menagerie lost approximately 90% of its land and what remains is now packed with those from that sector that fled from the mists rolling in.  High Priest Railin of the Seers has been instrumental in organising the remaining buildings (old barracks and training laboratories mainly) into what we hope are temporary communal accommodations.  Many members of the sector remain unaccounted for and the mist and Hordling activity remain to think to begin any rescue operations at this time. High Priest Railin has expressed his intention to send parties out into the sector lands as soon as possible to recover both the people, materials and equipment from the abandoned labs, pits and warehouses.

The Ways and Groves are now entirely outside of our border as best we can tell.  Groups from this sector have been appearing regularly at the border having dodged groups of hordlings and the mists.  Given the solitary and roaming nature of many of this sector (encouraged and exemplified by the still absent Lord Arbor) it is almost impossible to judge how many, if any, have been lost used as they are to living for extended periods in the wilds.

The Forge has also suffered.  While the majority of the forges themselves remain in our borders the save passages to many of the mines in the spine are now no longer within the border leaving a dangerous trek across open Orin Rakatha to reach valuable basic resources such as Iron, Copper and Coal.

Word from the Warrens is that the border has retreated over them leaving with them with little to no open ground remaining free from the mists.  However not is all lost. Some quick action in barring the gates to the tunnels and caves (where most of the Warrens live) means that most of the living space is currently unaffected.  There have been reports of hordlings trying to break through and occasionally drifts of mist seeping into the entrance ways but on the whole it could be far worse for the denizens of the underground ways.  We may in the future find the loss of the land above, used for crops and food in the main, to be of great concern.

Finally Darkhome now finds the northern border cutting directly through a portion of its farmland and underground complexes leaving nearly half in unclaimed lands.  The underground complex should be secure but making use of the farmland will be much more difficult and Darkhome itself is now the first sector that would be entered by visitors from the North.

We have had several reports from the field which have been stored in the usual section of the archives here and here.


Harvest Moon,  Year of PC04

A group of adventurers resolved a pressing issue with supplies of certain vital minerals used in the production of magical and empowered artifacts.  It appears that the mines north of the Valley lands owned by the reader but jointly operated by the Valley had been over-run as a consequence of several intersecting matters.

Sadly one of the druids of the Ways and Groves by the name of Silik had become tainted by the void and ultimately died as the result of nefarious plans by Zalfurin Nightspell a long-standing enemy of the Valley.  Zalfurin remains at large and, despite this most recent plot being hopefully curtailed, his ongoing machinations pose a threat to the Valley and Orin Rakatha at large.


Grumwick Irontotem and Railin the Seer have been detained within the Nation for debriefing regarding their activities in a multi-nation enterprise relating to the mines disruption and wider consequences. 

One of the other issues identified within the mine structure was the presence of an Dymwan stasis chamber of some kind that contained a spirit of considerable power.  This was eventually dealt with before it could desolate swathes of the land and population.   It was mentioned that a different Dymwan individual may have been in the chamber but left the area.  Hopefully a more detailed report may shine some light on this.

A full report from the Aventuring team (abley lead by Wulfric Baneguard) can be found in the archives, thank you Caradac.  High Priest Railin has provided further information and background here.  Some additional information concerning the Gatekeeper and related matters can be found here.


High Sun, Year of PC04

Malcolm Middleton, once Lord of Ethertown, was found guilty of theft by a “council of the commons” for his actions in removing the Teaching Scrolls from Valley control and giving them over to the Wizards Concilium.  His sentencing is yet to be announced.  Several of the Lords specifically named Skalgrim Skyfather as performing above and beyond the adventurers usual role in ensuring the trial was as fair as possible.

Discussions during the trial have raised concerns amongst the adventurers that the nation's laws are rather sparse and unsuitable to address more complex issues.  Cirith in particular has been rather vocal in wishing progress in this area.

In a sad return it seems the Spirit of Ketzler Von Hartson, once a Lord of Ethertown, returned consumed by rage and came into conflict with the Valley group overseeing the trial.

A full report from the adventurers present is now available within the Archives


Planting Moon, Year of PC04

A report has been received by a fellow by the name of White Crow who provides detailed information about meetings with Fae courts and investigations into the Kalid lands.

The Kalid Nation seems to be entirely gone from Orin Rakatha as a functioning nation.  While a small number of guards and peasants have been spotted the seems to be no sizable population remaining.  A significant number of Hordlings have been seen in the area suggesting that many were taken by the mists.  The location of the remainder of the population remains unclear although ritual sites found in their old lands suggestion transportation of at least some of their number was achieved. 


Perhaps of some significance one of the ex-Kalid hordlings called himself Caramin Emberthief seems to have already become a Mist Shaman or similar being rapidly growing in power and influence.  

The messengers of the Oracle continue their travels around all the waystations and nations of Orin Rakatha announcing his/her/its return and offering nations the chance to present questions to be answered.  The Lords are seeking input from the adventurers as to the questions the Valley should put to this ancient source of knowledge.


Fools Moon, Year of PC04

An old enemy of the Valley the Cult of Hate and Pain has apparently resurfaced.  They have been identified as trying to work with Dymwan and have thrown their lot in with Calex Wraithspawn.

The Dymwan meanwhile have created a Vamughast, a vastly powerful undead being, by utilising one of the Sneverhime in some no doubt deplorable ritual fashion.  It is unclear what this heralds.
Chancellor Untapt is now a Dymwan Master and exerting his control over the actions of the Dymwan nation.

A meeting of the Evil Towers took place, called by Gabriele Chide of the Fortress of Pentar.  The purpose was to begin the process of establishing a new order following the ascension of the Dread Lord.

The Shadowsfall have been observed at a number of waystations offering their services or operating under contract markings. 

The Dymwan more been noticeably more active than they have been since the removal of Cardinaris and the appointment of Lord Mian as their nation leader.  While still officially neutral to the Valley there have been incidents of unpleasantness over the past several weeks.

A report of Valley activity at this time from Master Seeker Caradac can be found here


Wind Moon, The Year PC04

It seems some of our adventurers encountered a bold mercenary fellow in a tavern who told an interesting tale but it seems we had a man or two on the inside who furnished more information.

In summary it appears that the Wizards Concilium have been running a prison within a pocket plane of some kind where they had been keeping a number of individuals from many nations and people.

The Fortress of Pentar have been making noise about us keeping one of theirs prisoner within our lands adventurers have been discussing the ramifications.

The Wizards Concilium have reiterated their desire to have the missing nodes of Red and White magic restored.  The Valley have been pledged to assist.

It seems that Lord Khandis is continuing with the tradition of appointing Barons to various roles forming the command structure of Darkhome.  Rumour has it that there are a number of challenges being undertaken by various interested parties.

Malcolm Middleton was located in this prison and has been returned to the Valley for trial.  It is currently unclear what Laws he has been accused of breaking but a number of powerful individuals are very upset with his actions in handing over the teaching scrolls to the Wizards Concillium.


Bone Moon, The Year PC04

Things continue to be quiet.  Pathfinders report that the mists have become exceptionally heavy to the North of the Neck limiting our changes to monitor activity in the area.

The Saldorians have continued their policy of feeding and sheltering Nomads at their borders without recompense over the winter.  It is unclear how long their lands can support this activity but there are grumblings from some quarters that this policy is detrimental to the Enclave.


Cold Moon, The year PC04

The beginning of this year continued as the last ended.  Orin Rakatha seems quiet in the manner of a household usually filled with playing children after their parents have had a blazing row.  The entire world seems to be holding its breath in anticipation of another calamity.

News from the Oracles suggests that they have still had no further visions since the one they reportedly saw upon the their return from the central isle (see: Oracle Visions - Dispersing lights).


Oracle Vision - Dispersing Lights

I start with something that occured last year where I happened to witness one of the Oracles receive a vision.   I believe I captured what I believe is the essence of the vision below as his vernacular makes for a much more difficult read.

As I slept my spirit soared into the sky.  From a point higher than the tallest peak I observed the world of Orin Rakatha stretched beneath me.  I dove through the clouds and into mist shrouding the Central Isle.  There I felt the spirit of The Protector with me as well as that of my fellow Oracles.  We watched as lights of all hues and shades from darkest black to pure white, from burning gold to frozen silver and all colours of the rainbow rose from the isle into the mists and began to weave about one another.  While I heard no words the feeling was of being in the midst of heated argument of warchiefs and elders as the lights flitted back and forth in ever more agitated fashion.  Then sudden stillness.  The lights began to pulse gently growing brighter and brighter until with a flash of light that was heard as much as felt they delivered a message to both us and those we serve.  
“We shall return and do that which we must do but no longer shall we but passively exist”
With that I found myself soaring once more into the Sky surrounded by lights until again Orin Rakatha lay before me like the most detailed map you can imagine.  The lights hovered level with me for a second before falling to the ground scattered across the world.  I watched for a while and all was still but every now and then one of the lights would flash then dim while another light of the same hue would flit about the world before returning in another pulse and once again sit still and bright.  I saw the crack of dawn begin to break over the mountains and I awoke.



With the upheaval of the last year it is my intention to keep a journal of the coming year, and beyond, in an attempt to provide adventurers, who juggle so many duties, something to help them navigate the numerous reports submitted to the archive in the context of a timeline and point out any rumours the pathfinders may have gathered. 


I hope it proves useful to someone, 

Jeremiah Clearwater 

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