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Listed below is the sort of equipment that you should consider bringing with you to each event. This list is not exhaustive and obviously does not include any personal items that you may require (medication, contact lenses etc.).

The site list will also give you an indication of what is available at the base (facilities etc) and whether you need to bring your own crockery/cutlery etc. If there are any additional kit requirements for the adventure, you will be notified of them.

Basic Equipment - For Your Character

  • In Character Costume
  • Tower Colours (details can be obtained from HQ Admin)
  • Any Potion/scroll/item phys reps your character owns
  • Spell book (magic casters only)
  • Casting kit (casters only)
  • Plain or in character belt (at least one)
  • Latex Weapons (inc spare on longer events)
  • Pencil & paper
  • An in character drinking vessel such as tankard etc.
  • In character bag for carrying food and drink.
  • Gloves

Basic Equipment - For You

  • Water bottle (at least 1 in summer)
  • Directions to adventure
  • Sleeping kit (incl pillow) unless told otherwise.
  • Torch
  • Comfortable walking Boots (trainers are not advised)
  • Spare walking Boots
  • Indoor Boots
  • Snack food & drink to last the entire event
  • Wash kit


  • Candles/battle candles
  • Spare in character costume (in case of rain etc)
  • Spare dry clothes
  • Insect repellent  

Seasonal LARP Kit

  • Sun tan lotion in summer
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