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There are two types of Heroquest events as follows:


Special Larp Events

larp adventure

The "Special" is a live action role playing event more suited to those who like to be involved in an adventure 100% from start to finish.


The dungeon begins on a Thursday evening, commencing at approximately 9 pm, and runs continuously, finishing at approximately 1 pm on the Sunday with a total duration of around 64 hours. There are time outs after each fight to battleboard the party whilst the monsters go and get changed etc for the next encounter. The actual Larp game ends late on the Saturday evening; this allows everyone the opportunity to sleep overnight (out of character) before clearing up and driving home on the Sunday.

This fantasy event is aimed at 12 to 16 players and is one party of live roleplaying adventurers. There will be something for everyone on this type of event.

The aim will be to complete a self-contained mission given to you by the Valley Nation where all the players characters live; it will also tie to the overall Heroquest Larp Campaign plot. 


70 points will be awarded to each player at the completion of the weekend. There is a lot of action on these events and the fear factor is high - like all Heroquest events it will be the teamwork of the players that is vital to overcoming the monsters and the plot that the Ref team provides.


undead retinue

This is perhaps the most professional and specialist type of larping event available anywhere in the world, but be warned: this style of Larp event is not for the fainthearted!


A Heroquest lasts approximately 100 hours, spanning 6 days. The start and finish times will vary but normally commence late evening on Tuesday night and finish Sunday morning. The actual Larp game ends on the Saturday evening, followed by an out of character meal and drinks. This allows everyone the opportunity to sleep overnight (out of character) before cleaning and driving home on the Sunday.

This event is a one party adventure and will contain a maximum 16 players.

This type of event is a highlight of your character's career and will be the culmination of one or more threads of existing campaign plot. You should expect to be challenged at every turn; on successful completion, your character may well earn great renown and be thought of as Hero of the Kern Valley.


Each player will be awarded 100 points at the completion of the event and will also be given a Heroquest ability prior to the start of the event.

Note that while all Heroquest larp events run continuously in game, from start to end, you are not expected to stay up on guard all night. Experience has told us that the most hardened live role player needs at least six hours sleep particularly when they are active mentally and physically for multiple eighteen hour days.

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