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Holistic Cartography at Lost Wood

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Michael (party leader)



Davros Epson

Skalgrim Skyfather

Wolfric Banegaurd




Rhianna Layonnise





The mission was to assist Cartographer Dorothea in creating a map of the area around The Lost Wood. This essentially setting up, checking and disposing of three magical nodes. These generated a map for the Cartographer and also tracked positions and movements of beings. During our repeated loops of the area we discovered, and in many cases resolved many matters arising which are detailed below.

Interpretation of the Laws

There were several times when the our interpretation of the laws was put into action and on the whole we acquitted ourselves well however on one occasion a mistake was made.

We encountered a few nomads who were wearing false colours (COATS). It was decided that they should be killed - as the law states - but before one could be cut down, he cast of the colours and begged forgiveness. Michael, in compassion, allowed him to flee with his life.


Later a Shadowsfall Adjudicator arrived to berate us for this perceived failure and unilaterally decided to mark us all for death for the mistake. Clearly the Shadowsfall have no authority to make this judgement upon us and a representation to them to have this mark removed should be made.


The did make one attack on Frannk and successfully removed his guardian spirit.


Cut off Jewelled Pavilion

A few Jewelled pavilion members were encountered who had been cut off by the  void to the south and could not return home.


Court of a Thousand Swords dispossessed

It had been announced that any nation could take in an unlimited number of dispossessed from this people until the next time of reckoning.


One group we encountered were hostile to our nation, blaming us for their fall. Drake provoked them to their deaths despite being advised against this action.


A second group were more rational and were invited to come back with us to the Valley nation.


Khalid Earthwarp

The Earthwarp were using captured nomads as sacrifices in Void related corruption rituals. These were killed.


Michael said that some Khalid trueblood remained in the Khalid nation and that he had made an agreement with one that the Corps Militia would be removed from the area to make it easier to deal with the Earthwarp. It appears we take sides in internal Khalid disputes now.


Dymwan Necromancer Amorsias

A local necromancer from the Dymwan, Amorsias came to warn us that the Dai Fah Dyne were conducting slavery in the area. Also to warn us off interfering with his experiments.


The nodes discovered the cave in which he was conducting his experiments. On entering, some of the cave was a crawl space and led into five sections. There were numerous traps and unpleasant effects but a considerable amount of scrolls and information was retrieved - including some very disturbing folk tales.

One problem we were unable to resolve however was the plight of a nomad name Lucy who had been experimented upon. A spider grafted to her back kept her safe from the corrupting gas in the caves but manacles stopped her from leaving. The further she left the stronger the pain of the manacles until she would die.


We were unable to remove the manacles and eventually decided to try and pull her from the cave and sever her hands, knowing full well that her chances of survival were minimal. Lucy agreed to this action preferring that small chance to the alternative of remaining at the mercy of the necromancer. Lucy died.


Another group of Dymwan arrived and relieved us of some of the scrolls we had obtained but condemned Amorsias for his contravention of the laws.


Nomads and void recruitment

One of the necromancers scroll detailed how void recruiters infiltrate an area in disguise, engender sympathy among the nomads and then lead them in a ritual to bring the void to that area.


One such recruiter was identified going by the name of Terence and posing as a dispossessed. He visited us and talked of how the nomads could be helped but didn’t want to give away which nation he had been from stating it was ‘in the past’.


He had organised a ritual to bring the void to the area and considerable number so nomads were sympathetic to him. Any we encountered were slain.


At the ritual we managed to break in though the guards and disturb the ritual and then slay the recruiter. He was a shadowmancer so only black magic was effective.


If he had completed the ritual the void would have spread down the central mountain spine and split Orin Rakatha in two.



POD stands for Planar Operating Device and is an unusual Labyrinthe drone, part organic and part elemental. He has access to 9 colours of magic (shadow) and can manipulate the void to travel. He is not connected to the labyrinthe hive mind and has his own purposes and goals.


Currently he is working off a debt to the Valley, specifically the Temple of the Four Winds, and is under the control of Shard Farsight.


Knights of the Cold Dawn and POD

There were two visits from the Knights of the Cold Dawn. The first was from an aspirant who decided Drake was part Hepath and would not be satisfied until he had been bested in combat which Rhianna did satisfactorily.


The second visit was more social and over dinner. They were interested in POD and they wanted to purchase ships from him. I assume so that they can travel back to Hayat Ghallayha.

They expressed doubts as to POD’s trustworthiness and described him as mercenary and self centred.


Halmadonian activity

The Halmadonian patrols we met busied themselves with visits to the way station and little else.

They did state that a number of COATS members were being accepted into their tower.


Vagrants of Dionaite and the Feast of Agape

We met a vagrant carrying a detached eyeball and claiming that ‘the Mistress sees all’. He asked us about ourselves and wondered why we had (inadvertently) wandered into their lands. We apologised and he said it was of no matter. We did not feel the effect of any nation bane however.


More Vagrants joined us on two evenings to celebrate the Feast of Agape which appears to involve a lot of drinking and baptisms. This also includes the acceptance of others into their nation and they did accept some nomads I believe.


Other than that they were noisy and kept me awake.


Dai Fah Dyne and the laws

We discovered a secure holding area that we assumed to be a prison but there was no evidence of slavery so we made no action.


We later discussed variations and situations of application of the slavery law. Needless to say they seemed keen on how any loophole might be exploited. The conversation was amicable however.



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