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LARP Costume Suppliers

  • Eldritch - Simon's fine larp weapons and armour.
  • Darkblade - LARP costumes, armour and weapons.
  • Chows Emporium - Specialises in supplying LARP products. All of our clothing and accessories have been either designed or sourced particularly with LARP in mind
  • White Wizard Purple Elf - Custom embroidery, engraving, and printing.
  • Medieval Clothing Search renaissance clothing, renaissance costumes, medieval clothing, renaissance dresses, medieval costumes historical collocation at effective cost and get also renaissance festival updated dates, address, images, maps and videos.
  • Gothic Clothing - Find huge collocation of Gothic corset, Gothic Shirts, Gothic Clothing, Pirate Shirt, Skirts, Goth clothing, Blouse, Coat, Pant in the various design and colors available on TheGothCode.
  • Pirate Shirt - provides latest design of pirate shirts, pirate dresses, renaissance costumes, medieval clothing, coat, pants so wear it to any styles and fashionable pirate costumes, renaissance Clothing or medieval clothes.
  • Wyrmwick Creations - Armour and Props for Film, TV & LARP

Other LARP Clubs

  • Heroes and Heroines - Staffordshire-based live action role playing club.
  • Herofest - Herofest larp organise and run larping Festival live action role playing weekends. We combine all of the fun of a Festival weekend and the rich detail of an established campaign world, with none of the disadvantages of either. The result is an excellent weekend with an in-depth campaign background, allowing characters to immerse themselves into the LARP/LRP experience.
  • Legion of Dreams 


  • Heroquest on Facebook - Heroquest's very own Facebook fan page, where you can get in contact with other Heroquest users by the power of social networking.


  • Scoutbase - information and directions to scout camps.
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