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Where were you born?  Why have you been drawn to the life of an adventurer? 

With almost 30 years of plot, there's a place for your character in the HeroQuest world, and we will do our best to integrate your ideas with our campaign. Try reading up on the campaign for more inspiration, to get a feel for where your character might fit in.


There are no hard-and-fast rules, but here are what are hopefully some useful tips...

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  • In the HeroQuest system everyone starts off at a novice level, so creating elaborate back-tales of daring-do and heroism generally doesn't work very easily, as you have to subsequently explain why these days you aren't as good!  
  • Try to avoid clichés.  It's true that adventurers are - to some extent - misfits, willing to risk their health and lives whenever they step out of the Valley.  But not everyone needs to be the lone good drow, have had their parents murdered by orcs, have a birthmark and a sword handed down to them from parents they never knew, be the son of a king, or be suffering from amnesia.
  • Being the wide-eyed farm boy with no hideous background is a more-than-valid archetype.
  • Referees will often try to incorporate character backgrounds on their dungeons where relevant.  One of the more interesting personal plots in recent years came for a character (pictured above) whose background was simply that she used to be a door-guard outside a particular tavern.
  • There's no need to use other player characters in your history - although you can if you both wish - the referees can easily use Non-Player Characters (NPCs) to play people from your past where appropriate.

Whatever your background, your character is mostly going to be known for your actions while out on missions, as opposed to anything that happened far back in your past before you started adventuring.

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