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LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing and is sometimes known as LRP or larping.  Generally speaking, it involves a mix of:

  • combat, using safe rubber-padded weapons - the "live action"
  • immersive and improvisational acting - the "role playing"

Larping allows you to do things that you'd never contemplate doing in real life.

Here's a short 20-second clip from one of our Quest events that may help give you a better idea...

Dim lights


Fantasy LARP takes you away from a world of computer screens, mobile phones and cars, far from the worries of everyday life, and into an extraordinary magical universe.  You create your own character, change your appearance, and live as that person would for a couple of days. 

Heroquest Events

LARP events are often known as adventures or dungeons, and usually take place as part of a bigger campaign set in a well-developed alternate world.  Having run for over 20 years, HeroQuest has a long-running plot arc and rich campaign, full of intricate history and notorious enemies.  A HeroQuest dungeon might well involve:

  • frequent combat - a fight perhaps every hour or two
  • talk - your character might need to negotiate to achieve your goal
  • puzzle-solving - a scroll full of mysterious runes may well hold the key to your success, can you decipher it in time?
  • a number of overlands - often ranging between 3 to 8 hours at a stretch, over and through a wide variety of terrains (forest, dunes, scrub, caves...)
  • a hot evening meal - just what any adventurer needs after a day's exertions.

LARP is a very social hobby, enjoyed by players of all ages, genders and backgrounds. 

Most importantly of all, Heroquest is FUN! At times it can be light-hearted; at other times deadly serious, and the aim of any event is for people to enjoy themselves. Why not come to a forthcoming event and find out?

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