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Listed here are all the in character information collected on missions that have been submitted to Valley Archives. To read any of the reports just click on one of the links below to expand and contract the yearly listings.

If you wish to send in any material for publication, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A Storm on the Horizon - Geomancer's garamite scroll 2

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You are to meet with this Geomancer on my behalf.

Our allies have arranged this meeting but I fear they may betray us.

See if this one they have sent us too can be trusted.

If you find it so you know what we are willing to offer him.

I trust you will do well.

Duke Draha

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A Storm on the Horizon - Shrine Letter 2

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Travel to the ruined shrine that lies close to the Open Gauntlet waystation.

We have word that some who dwell within the Dymwan intend to awake that which rests there.

Morever they intend to do so in a manner not in keeping with scripture.

It is of the utmost importance that they fail.

If all else is lost then it would be better that he be awakened early rather than fall under their sway.

Take such forces as you need to complete the task.

Kamenyati the Undying

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A Storm on the Horizon - Garamite Letter 2

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Duke Draha

Long have my kin guarded the knowledge of the temple of the Boreas.

Many are the times we believed we had found worthy successors to pass on this mantle.

Many are the times we were disappointed.

Your desire to forge a place for your kith and kin in this land is one we find worthy.

Your dedication to our master seems sincere.

We will met with you to discuss our next steps and will send others to you to do likewise.

May winter never end

Tal U

Dragon Shaman and Hierarch of the Boreas

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