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Listed here are all the in character information collected on missions that have been submitted to Valley Archives. To read any of the reports just click on one of the links below to expand and contract the yearly listings.

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The Story of the Voidweaver

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And so, it came to pass that the voice of the Mystics was hard to find.

The Shadowsfall the proclaimed enforcers of the Mystics will gathered their Council of judges and debated what to do.

One by one they put their view until Judge Arenal spoke his peace. He called for the Cataclysm to be enacted to force the Mystics from their hiding and to the forefront of this lands power once more.

Rejected by his piers he sought other allies of great knowledge from the Court of Dreyfuss.

They counselled his actions unwise as to change the natural order was not to be done lightly.

Not deterred he pushed on with his plan and studied  the ancient texts of the Keepers lore.

First one must break the fabric of this land and threaten its existence only then will it enact its own defences and trigger the chain of events that will lead to a Cataclysm.

Seeking allies on this land he came to talk to one of the three, Burblegut Fantasia first of the Mist Weavers, servants of the Mystics will.

By ancient pact Burblegut listened to Judge Arenal the decreed voice of the Mystics and aided his plans.

An ancient barrier held by three Towers, but one was weak and susceptible to the power of the Mists. So was forged a plan to erode this weakness and force a hole in the barrier exposing the tomb of the Myst Lord an ancient creature of the Mystics creation.

Rituals cast the barrier was slowly weakened but such use of Power does not go unnoticed.

Success Judge Arenal had broken the barrier and the tomb stood before him his  victory was at hand.

Then came war, enemies at hand, the people of the Valley stood against him but what chance have they against the will of Mystics, A Shadowsfall Judge and a Mistweaver surly they are fated to lose.

Battle raged for many hours till dawn came close the final blow by conflict and diplomacy the Valley triumphed slaying the Judge Arenal and convincing Burble Gut of his folly.

But what does this story teach us? That tell is to come for the Valley people soaked in the blood of their enemies parlayed with Burblegut as they had no wish nor will to fight him more, a truce carefully negotiated the Valley left leaving  Burblegut to find his own path.

The Triangle and its infectious void taint, the lure of investigation, the whispers of power. Time does not erode a nagging instinct to follows ones calling for the pull of controlling such power is great in the minds of whom believe they can.

Burblegut Fantasia looked into to the void and felt its pull and excepted it whole for though ancient and wise folly can befall us all.

And so was born the Voidweaver a sad end to any tale.

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Story of Pradot Vay and the Borovine Lord

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Having successfully fled from Pradot Mar and his Valley lackeys, after much wandering across Orin Rakatha, facing rejection wherever he went, ex-Pradot Vay came across a manor, formerly a part of one of the Borovine estates. 
Easily defeating the undead guardians with the assistance of his followers, Vay took control of the manor, despite the protestations of the pathetic creature that called itself ‘butler’ who repeatedly stated that the Lord would return from his journeys soon and that Vay should be gone by then.
But Vay determined to remain, focusing on gathering components and conducting rituals to increase his strength – no matter what the means. 
It was thus his descent into the true darkness – that of the void. And then the Lord of the Manor returned home.
Demanding that Vay bow to him and show the respect due to the Lord of the Manor, conflict ensued. 
It was a close fought battle. The Lord was old and well versed in varied combatative skills with his thralls skills complementing his own well. Initially it looked as if Vay would be defeated, despite the prowess of his loyal trio and their troops. But then he unleashed the powers gained from tainting his soul with the Void, to devastating effect.
And so the Borovine Lord fell, after many hundreds of years of life, leaving Vay in control of the manor, free to continue with his experiments without censor.

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The Story of Captain Harald

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With the loss of his Nations lands, having ensured those of his people that could made it to the relative safety of the Saldorian borders, Harald gathered those that he could count on and set out to seek vengeance.
For in his heart he knew that the calamity his nation had faced was due to the Valley and set out to destroy them no matter what.
Having fought numerous successful battles, it came about that a Time of Reckoning was called.
Knowing that the Valley would do everything they could to ensure that the Kalid would not regain their nation, Harald set about to do whatever he could to disrupt the proceedings, ideally impacting further the reputation of the Valley, but ultimately just to gain revenge on those he saw as being responsible.
Thus, when many groups left the Valley Nation to oversee the Time of Reckoning, he chose to follow one that included a Valley Sector Lord well known for his persecution of the Kalid. While not Giles, slaying this individual would be a victory for those who had fallen to the minions of the Drow upstart.
However, just as he was ready to launch his attack, the Valley group left, heading to an old building surrounded by Undead. Delaying his attack until the following day, he found the Valley members gone without a trace.
Subsequently he sent groups of scouts out around the area, meeting with them, periodically, only to find that the Valley group was nowhere to be found.

Having searched the area for most of the day, Harald determined to send a group of scouts to the building to check it more thoroughly and stake it out in case the Valley group returned, setting up camp nearby in the meantime so he could react quickly should they be found.
These Valley members would pay the price so many of his people had paid recently he vowed, and he would make sure to kill the Sector Lord himself, never again to make notes of how many were slain.

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