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With the loss of his Nations lands, having ensured those of his people that could made it to the relative safety of the Saldorian borders, Harald gathered those that he could count on and set out to seek vengeance.
For in his heart he knew that the calamity his nation had faced was due to the Valley and set out to destroy them no matter what.
Having fought numerous successful battles, it came about that a Time of Reckoning was called.
Knowing that the Valley would do everything they could to ensure that the Kalid would not regain their nation, Harald set about to do whatever he could to disrupt the proceedings, ideally impacting further the reputation of the Valley, but ultimately just to gain revenge on those he saw as being responsible.
Thus, when many groups left the Valley Nation to oversee the Time of Reckoning, he chose to follow one that included a Valley Sector Lord well known for his persecution of the Kalid. While not Giles, slaying this individual would be a victory for those who had fallen to the minions of the Drow upstart.
However, just as he was ready to launch his attack, the Valley group left, heading to an old building surrounded by Undead. Delaying his attack until the following day, he found the Valley members gone without a trace.
Subsequently he sent groups of scouts out around the area, meeting with them, periodically, only to find that the Valley group was nowhere to be found.

Having searched the area for most of the day, Harald determined to send a group of scouts to the building to check it more thoroughly and stake it out in case the Valley group returned, setting up camp nearby in the meantime so he could react quickly should they be found.
These Valley members would pay the price so many of his people had paid recently he vowed, and he would make sure to kill the Sector Lord himself, never again to make notes of how many were slain.

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