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Having successfully fled from Pradot Mar and his Valley lackeys, after much wandering across Orin Rakatha, facing rejection wherever he went, ex-Pradot Vay came across a manor, formerly a part of one of the Borovine estates. 
Easily defeating the undead guardians with the assistance of his followers, Vay took control of the manor, despite the protestations of the pathetic creature that called itself ‘butler’ who repeatedly stated that the Lord would return from his journeys soon and that Vay should be gone by then.
But Vay determined to remain, focusing on gathering components and conducting rituals to increase his strength – no matter what the means. 
It was thus his descent into the true darkness – that of the void. And then the Lord of the Manor returned home.
Demanding that Vay bow to him and show the respect due to the Lord of the Manor, conflict ensued. 
It was a close fought battle. The Lord was old and well versed in varied combatative skills with his thralls skills complementing his own well. Initially it looked as if Vay would be defeated, despite the prowess of his loyal trio and their troops. But then he unleashed the powers gained from tainting his soul with the Void, to devastating effect.
And so the Borovine Lord fell, after many hundreds of years of life, leaving Vay in control of the manor, free to continue with his experiments without censor.

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