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Saldorian Path of Truth Iron Star Letters PDF Print E-mail
Honoured N’Sago Ryusonama,
I can only assume that Daniel has fallen and that the Iron Star as we knew it is over.  I am packing my remaining articles and along with that chattel which remains under my control, principally through the use of the collars provided by Aljoran Wraithmind, moving the final camp within the Lower Waite.
With Ko’Su’Gara slain along with most of his retinue I suggest we attempt to meet there and pool our resources in a new brotherhood and either attempt to leave this plane behind or find a new home to insinuate ourselves into.  Perhaps the Kalid?

I shall remain in the camp for two moons before I take the remainder of my band, shed our colours and bury the most incriminating items so we can return to them later.

The Star will rise again,


Sale made in Snow Moon by,

N’Sago Ryusonama,

I the undersigned agree that the following commodities are purchased in good faith and the understanding that no recompense may be sought for problems arising in either health or behaviour in the future.
Two Elven druids (Sisters) of little skill or training.  Both most lovely.
A Half Orc warrior of great strength if little finesse.
Human Wizard of advanced age but showing aptitude for Water magic.
Three human children (two girls, one boy).  All virgins of the same parentage.

Agreed and Signed,

Enchanter Lurixinades

 For whosoever may find this,

It appears Ulrik could not keep his meddling companions in order and now I am forced to flee my comfortable life within Barad Tirgul.  While Govik may be bullish in this plan to re-establish the Iron Star in secret within the heart of another Tower I find it unlikely that such a motley crew as we have remaining here at this time will be welcomed into another Tower. 
Should any Brothers of the Iron Star find this the stone within this cache can be used to reach me through the use of the Whispering Wind spell.  Govik is too eager to be on his way and will not wait despite none of the Celestial Bureaucracy arriving and few from the Dymwan so I trust that the messages to them have arrived and this missive will eventually be found.
The Manacles contained in this chest, for they are a little conspicuous for such ‘interplanar travellers’ as we will soon be to be carrying, may prove useful in re-establishing the trade once we are settled.  

While only a prototype it should prove more than sufficient to restrain the most truculent of cattle.  After rendering the intended subject unconscious place the restraints upon them.  This should be followed by the following invocations; Beguilement of ritual rank, an Interrogation and a Cause Pain.  When the final invocation is complete the subject should be incapable of removing them of their own free will.  More importantly however the subject will be unable to resist answering any question posed to them truthfully.  I believe the installation of a number of these in a secure holding facility will be invaluable in rebuilding our intelligence network for the growth of the organisation.


Priest, Wizard, Dispossessed.
The River People Story and Waystation Attunement Instructions PDF Print E-mail

For a very long time the River People held a Tower on an island in the middle of one of Orin Rakatha’s great rivers; their Tower colours were green and light blue.  The River People are an old race of human stock and they were one of the first people.  

For many years they were the craftspeople and artisans of Orin Rakatha; plying the waterways of the plane in their light, wooden craft, bringing entertainment and rare goods wherever they travelled.  Much of their rank and power was vested in creative and manufacturing skills, such that they included many artists, ensorcellers, empowerers and potion manufacturers.  These items they sold to other traders, as well as to any individuals who could afford them.  

The River People have a natural affinity for the Good and Nature Spheres and an almost innate ability to cast green magic.  They all have a love of water, particularly flowing streams and rivers, but a poor understanding and mistrust of the Evil sphere and those who use it.  Most also have some skill as performers and entertainers.

The River People were governed by a council of sages.  The most respected individuals of the River People, regardless of sex, were acclaimed as senior sages and entitled to attend the Council of the Commons.  From the ranks of the council was elected a chief, or head, sage who led the commons of the River People for seven years.  Those who were ear-marked for a place on council were made junior sages at an earlier age and could attend certain council meetings as spectators, though they had little other role to play until they were acclaimed as senior sages.

The River People were never great warriors, and they fared less well after the plane was altered by the Mystics and the Towers, Mists and Hordelings were created.  This restricted their movement and their trade, and they began to fear ambush and betrayal.  To counteract this threat new classes evolved in their society; these included their first true warriors, but also encompassed guards and frontrunners.  Guards were assigned to a specific group of people within the River Folk, whilst frontrunners became scouts, paddling light canoes ahead of and behind the main group; seeking safe routes and watching out for trouble.

Over forty years ago there was an alarming reduction in their numbers, which had been more or less stable for many years, due to the actions of the Kalid and the River People were poorly equipped to deal with such force of arms.  Efforts were made to train more warriors and the Tower members became close to reclusive.

Then, approximately twenty years ago, disaster struck.  The boats carrying the most senior sages of the River People to the Central Isle of the Mystics for the Time of Reckoning were all mysteriously lost, despite the fact that the waters were calm and the River People were expert boatspeople.  The Kalid were held responsible, though this was never proved, but it meant that the River People lost their Tower.

This had a devastating effect upon the River People.  No Tower would take the whole populace of the River People and they would not be divided, though in an effort to ensure that their military skills were maintained and developed selected individuals were temporarily apprenticed into specific towers for an agreed fee paid by the sages.  Over the following years Hordelings and continuing Kalid persecution took their toll.  No permanently safe place could be found and the numbers of the River People began to dwindle away.  

Following the loss of their Tower, when it seemed likely that the River People would be wiped from the face of Orin Rakatha, a mysterious individual named Madrigal came to the remnants of the River People and offered a route of escape to a place of promised safety.  At first the Commons of Sages rejected his offer, fearing more hardship or another Kalid trap, but in a closed session of only the most senior sages Madrigal was able to convince them, and plans were laid for the escape.

A gate was constructed and operated by Madrigal; a gate that would convey the River People to safety.  Few knew where it led, but the people trusted their sages.  Fearing a final Kalid attack careful plans were made to defend the portal.  Arrangements were made to close the gate against the Kalid if this proved necessary, even if it meant leaving some people behind.  

When the time came the Kalid did indeed assail the portal, but the River People were ready. The senior sages were some of the first to pass, but as the Kalid pressed in upon the gate Madrigal had no choice but to close it, as previously agreed, with a dozen of the River People still fighting in defence. Nobody knows what became of Madrigal.

The basic unit of River People society is the Familia.  It is made up of an older married couple and their extended family of siblings, children and other relations.  Several closely related Familia make up a Clan; these vary in size, but a person’s connection to the Clan is the most important social tie a River Person has. Senior clan members often act as Sages of the Commons.  Several Clans in turn form the Compania, a loose federation of related Clans that coexist on the main rivers and lakes of Orin Rakatha.

One Familia were from the River Silvershine Compania and so were people who poked their noses into all sorts of things they shouldn’t have.  One of these things was the Central Isle during a Time of Reckoning.  As a punishment (or maybe a reward depending on how you look at it) they became responsible for ferrying the Tower leaders to the Central Isle every Time of Reckoning (the only method of getting there).  This they did to the best of their abilities and everyone was generally happy with the arrangement.  The leader of this Familia became known as the Master of the Isles, as he or she controlled all boating on the Rainbow Lake. This Familia are rumoured to live on the three islands to the Northwest of the lake and this is where all the Tower leaders have to gather at the Time of Reckoning.

When the River People Tower leaders “disappeared” on their way to the Central Isle and the River People Tower was lost, the Kalid presumed that they would be able to take over the ferrying business.  However the Master of the Isles is a hereditary position instituted at the Mystics bequest and the Master of the Isles remains in the same family despite the River People losing their Tower.  The Kalid have tried on numerous occasions to breach the security of the three isles but to date they have always failed.

My lover’s gone, his boot’s no longer by my door

He left alone, and as I slept I felt him go

Returns no more, I will not watch the river

My lover’s gone, his mist-bound ship will never

Bring him home again

My lover’s gone, the child to seal our union

Will never be, the chance allowed to us has passed

I sing alone, while I watch the river

For he lives on, but surely mist-bound ships could

Bring him home again

My lovers gone, he stays upon a distant shore

His soul so strong, his spear and shield lie idle

He fights no more, so I will sail the river

To seek him out, and then the mist-bound ships will

Bring us home again


In order to attune yourself to the waystation you must first decipher the story of the River People, the guardians of this place.

Once you have understood their plight you can attune the waystation to the Spheres, Elements and physical prowess that you wish to gain benefit from.  Whoever is so attuned can gain from the benefits.

The Spheres are represented by three small cups, one for each Sphere; the Cup of Life, the Cup of Balance and the Cup of Death.  Choose the Sphere you wish dominant.  Place the blood of those to be attuned within the cup, saying the name of the Compania that the guardians come from and then Invoke using the cup.  That Sphere will become dominant for those attuned to it.

The Elements adorn the walls.  Choose the Element you wish to be dominant and release it from its frame, by heeding the Undines words and saying the name of the person who helped the River people escape Orin Rakatha.  Once the Element to be attuned is freed then either light it with the Burning Flame or with Waters Embrace.  Air, Lightning, Water and Darkness need the Burning Flame and Earth, Steel, Fire and Light need Waters Embrace.

Physical prowess can be decided by lighting the Fire Essence within the appropriate prowess cup and ensuring that the Calming Essence is lit within the other two prowess cups; whilst doing this say the title of the leader of the guardians.  There are three prowess cups, one for sharp one handed weapons, one for blunt one handed weapons and one for two handed weapons.  When the fire essence is lit in the appropriate prowess cup, the weapon type to be dominant should be named.

To complete the ceremony you must sing the song entitled, My Lovers Gone.

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Song of the Towers PDF Print E-mail

In the Forest of Green Heart

The Laire Tinwe live free

Their treasure is knowledge

And always will be

The Fortress of Pentar

Vengeance they seek

Of the darkest of arts

The knowledge they seek

The Labyrinth of Xenos

A unified mind

And they claim ownership

Of all that they find

In the strong Kalid Nation

The fittest survive

With the strength of their arms

In battle they thrive

The Enclave of Saldor

In truth unified

Their belief in themselves

Is the source of their pride

The Halls of Sutekh

With their outdated style

With their keen mind and cunning

They’ll survive every trial

The Wizards’ Concillium

With their arcane arts

They manipulate magic

In all its eight parts

The power-hungry Dymwan

Seek knowledge, it’s said

They plunder the tombs

For the secrets of the dead

The Dai Fah Dyne seek a profit

Their purses to fill

One hand out in friendship

And one with the bill

The wealth of the Reader

Invested in Gests

Personal power

To the one who deals best

The House of the Weaver

Web shrouded it stands

Secrecy and loyalty

Two feet and six hands

Celestial Bureaucracy

Live in good health

Their focus of mind

Brings knowledge, power and wealth

The Heights of Halmadon

They’re good and they’re pure

They’ll gather their men

And they’ll crusade for law

Lizard people, Thissessin

Hear their ancestors’ call

They ways of tradition

Are held above all


Druids tending the land

Caring and sharing

Nuts and berries in hand

With Knowledge and power

The Shadowsfall now are one

Once guided by Mystics

Now beholden to none

The Valley Alliance

Determined they stand

Diverse and united

Exploring the land

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