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These scrolls referred to as Quatrains were recovered from recent missions into the Circle Aflame lands. As yet we are unsure of their meaning or relevance.

A coffin is put into the vault of iron,

Where seven children of blood are held.

The ancestors will come forth from the Sleepless Dead,

Lamenting to see thus dead the fruit of their line.

Quatrain 142.1

The eye of Ravenna will be forsaken,

When his wings will fail at his feet.

The two of beasts will have made an accord,

And the Black and the Red will be trampled underfoot

Quatrain 17.5

Because of discord and negligence

An opening shall be given to the Cabal of the Dragon.

The Shadow of the Three Sisters will be soaked in blood,

And the Hearths Blood flow with Evil.

Quatrain 82.9

When the snakes abandon their Nest,

And the Mystics Voices are troubled by the Five.

Because of them, a Blood will flow.

The leader flees, hidden in the swampy marshes.

Quatrain 301.2

Near the borders of a falling Nation.

There will be two scourges which they will never see,

Poison in the Knights Well, points to the Five.

Leads to the great immortal secrets.

Quatrain 97.7

At sunrise one will see a great Hatred,

Noise and light rising towards the Peaks of the Starvale.

Sails of Steel and Death come, Anger in their Hearts.

They bring the tainted Weapons to break the order of the Mystics.

Quatrain 375.6

The changing Wind splits the four asunder

As new lands cherish the icons of old

Old enemies offer aid and succour

Waiting for the rebalancing of the scales of Time.

Quatrain 20.21

As six become one, old ties lie in shreds.

Waiting for the Mists to part once more

Daggers at Dawn spell the end of an era

The reborn immortals once more take the field

Quatrain 87.9

The swathe of darkness falls under the Light,

As one vision ends and another begins.

Newfound strength found in furious Law

The four arise to herald the new Age.

Quatrain 127.1

As Law becomes Chaos the hate rises forth.

The storms furious tide turned asunder.

The scourge of the Land, desolation in its path

Gives rise to the Protectors Wrath.

Quatrain 87.9

He will be wrapped in fabrics red as sunset flame,

Born of obscure and dark family.

He who the revered power of the great Sorcerer,

He blew Maeglor’s dust away.

Quatrain 83.1

The one born deformed suffocated in horror,

In the habitable nation of the great Djinn.

The severed hand of the captive delivered,

Hail and thunder, Shaking Earth

Quatrain 88.2

Newly arisen but bound in chains still.

In order to rise, one must fall.

A people forsaken as enemies are embraced.

The end of Time breaks all bonds of old.

Quatrain 56.9

On the day the red one will be taken by raiders,

Because of him peace will be troubled.

Anger and pain will he expose through a false act,

The crooked staff in his hand his mouth sealed.

Quatrain 211.1

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