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Listed here are all the in character information collected on missions that have been submitted to Valley Archives. To read any of the reports just click on one of the links below to expand and contract the yearly listings.

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The Tempest - Catacombs Scroll On Orlon PDF Print E-mail
To Molgus Zilbrosar

It appears that the Agoth Experiment has gotten out of hand - I am going to divert your team back onto our original purpose.
Dymtharis created the Cadre for a purpose and it is time to get back on track.  Orlon had his agenda and that allowed me to fund a number of missions to places of interest.

As usual ours is not to only group interested in these historical areas - the starry wisdom of the Ministry of Astrology, the Starfall Haruspex, the Un-named and of course the Archivists.  Be wary of them most of all - they know much and their reach is long, we are not even safe in our own Tower from their wrath.

I have sent Herbert to Red Hook - it is said that there is a piece of on ancient map drawn upon a rock outside that village.

I have sent Trevutus to the farm in Kalid lands to decipher an ancient inscription, I have sent Xirn to Froghorn to find an artefact, and I am sending you to the Darkwell to examine what we need before Otion gets there.

Scribe to Tiresias
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The Raging Torrent - Zelian Drug Antidote PDF Print E-mail

Honourable Harondu

To prepare antidote, must have blood of he who is immune to effects of poison.

Mix with handful of poppy seeds and ground bark of elm.

Add to this one part of powdered silver and three parts of charcoal.

Heat mixture and then add two drops of sulphur.

Antidote can be strengthened appropriately to either cure poison or weakened to keep the recipient in need of more.

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The Raging Torrent - Talon letter to Belem PDF Print E-mail

I meet with mixed success in my investigations.  Although I traced their route back I found but traces of an encampment.  It seems the Shark Cultists have a highly mobile base that is assisting them in evading detection.  I was only able to follow their further traces back to the river whereupon they ended.

Further questioning of one of the recovered individuals did provide me with some answers.  It appears that Lan’cet and his Prime Alchemist have been concocting a variety of different poisons variant upon the ones already seen.  Of particular interest is the delayed effect that they can brew in so that the poison does not activate for a set period of time dependent on the strength of the mixture.

He revealed that both Lan’cet and his Prime Alchemist appear to have taken on a number of more experimental projects.  The Prime Alchemist has taken an interest in the Garamite crystals similar to the ones I found in the Gilden Hills in that he wishes to acquire some at source as he believes he has formulated a potion that can preserve their magical properties.

Lan’cet on the other hand seems interested in replicating Scalpel’s original work with the Scales and has been capturing Valley members on which to test his theories.

I shall continue to seek answers.

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