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All Hallows Eve - 4th Week of Leaf Fall Moon

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A Report from the Seekers


Ere is a brief summary of some of the stuff from All Allows.

First orff, we met a Shadowsfall on th'weey to the Wraiths Ead, owever there were none steeyin in the buildin. Equally there wasn't an Almadonian presence there either. Apparently a Valley group did a bit a robbin there two weeks agor, killin Sir Vigilant, a shortish fellor oo was a member of th'Watchers Sect.

Now aside from the mission to clorse the portal to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead and meek the mistweavers appy, ere is some of what appened.

We fought several weeves of maddened people from Barad Tirgul. I seey maddened cos their faces were all grey an blotchy an they were screamin an howlin like a wolf thars caught sight o' a full white moon hangin low in th'sky. I asked the Mother if they were undead but she didn't tell me that they were.

We were visited by some members of the Celestial Bureaucracy. The one in charge was Master Hang, of the somethin somethin Jade Tigers. E said that the Darkwell norde ad recently been lost by th'Northern Alliance to th'Arrow. The Northern Alliance were interested in regeening this norde. We found that the Dymwan 'Arrow were doin some kinda ritual linked with th'element of shadorr in the norde. Master Hang asked us to gor an kick over their ritual if we found em.

Sure enough we did encounter some members of th'Arrow and messed up their ritual. Unbeknownst ter me at the time (meenly cos I was bein eld ostage along with Pryderi and leeter Arafel), a Wolfholder neemed Angel storle part of their stuff and passed it on to the Celestial Bureaucracy. There was a Dymwan blorke there also oo wasn't part of th'Arrow and seemed to be scornful of their onourable weeys, duels and th'like. Owever e kept deferring to another blorke from the 'Arrow wearin a blue silken gown oo's sheen would occasionally catch the sun. The Dymwan said due to our alliance (I think they meant the Wolfhold one) they would let us gor if someone from our side was victorious in a duel. An aspirant reenger by the neem of Randorr stepped forward, and bein a sprightly young fellorr, easily ad the better of is opponent.

It's worth me mentioning that some blorke from Wolfhold ad turned up earlier to discourage us from elping the Celestial Bureaucracy. Then e said that if we did mess up the Dymwan ritual then we should kill the Celestial Bureacracy guide oo was accompanying us. Owever aside from this seemin to defeat part of our objectives in elping the CB (apparently it would put the Alliance lorng down their list of people to deal with), I thought it a dishonourable act an so of course the man left our company seefely.

Anyway the next day, the 'Arrow turned up again annoyed that their stuff ad been nicked. Angel decided to do some negotiation sor it quickly turned into a fight. After we defeated them, but not before they ad put us almost all down once ageen, a big feller with a huge brown ead and ivory horn protruding from is forehead wearing a shimmering robe of blue, sarcastically applauded our efforts and challenged us to dual im all at once. E ad some fancy title like 9th Swordsman of something-or-other. Ameezingly we beat im.

There was a big political meeting in th'evening of Samhain. I ave already spoke publicly about some of the outcomes of this, whart I ave so far missed is any info about the Dymwan chappy, a fearsome-lookin yet carefully-dressed fellor with one eye reeked out, by the neem of High Priest Solomon. E introduced imself as a womaniser an aving sporken to th'Blarck Sorceress Melieth before she turned into an blood-drinking undead I can confirm that this was indeed the kees. Anyway e was morst elpful in tellin us about the portal ritual, seeyin that the Alliance position was seriously weakened by the mistweavers aving a downer on us, so we'd better sort it out as soon as possible. E asked Igh Priest Lupus if e trusted im, oo answered "yes but I dornt know why", in response to this the Igh Priest Solomon geev im a gift of a silver goblet which through a hideous blood-drinking ritual would grant an individual a blessing. I did point out to Igh Priest Solomon and a number of other Dymwan thart if not arll Necromancers ad left the Karlid, then the Celestial Bureaucracy amongst others would probably think about leavin the Northern Alliance.

Talking of Dymwan, that reminds me we met a blorke wearing Dai fah Dyne colours. I carnt remember his neem. Owever e said that e ad been trading earlier that deey with th'Dymwan. He showed us some acorns and said that sometimes they contained an emerald beetle. The Dymwan favour these as a potion ingredient for their poisons. E gave us some acorns to look in for ourselves, I ave them if you are interested. The Wolfhold Seer blorke oo ad come to speak at the strategic meeting ad earlier said that they were tryin to elp the Dai fah Dyne get themselves barck together. The Easterling representative there ad also compleened that e didn't knorr what ter do with is Dai fah Dyne brothers oo ad flocked to the'Desert but weren't interested in joining up with th'Easterlings, sounded like there were lorts of them.

Arlso talking of Dymwan, Sorceress Melieth of the Blarck School was apparently repeatedly attarcked by Dymwan. They did something funny to her that was causing herself ter be born within erself, whatever thart means. Anyway the next deey she woke up with a peel feece and large pointy teeth and ad a nibble on the necks of alf the igh status group while they were asleep. She torld me about some prophecy she had been warned with as a child. I guess it may ave come to fruition as leeter on she thern attacked the whole of their party, got killed, and turned into some ideous undead that as since apparently joined the Dymwan. I gort this larst bit of informeetion second 'and sor don't knorr what undead she actuearlly is.

Arlso, the Master Seer Phaid ad apparently done some bargaining with a sinister lookin black undead fellor, oo brought im back to unlife after Number 4 ad permanently died, seeying that Phaid ad meed some kinda bargain with a Realm Lord and was now due to serve im. After this e looked pretty sickly but still elped us perform both rituals to close the portal, as e was th'only person there oo could bring forth th'power of th'Crone.

Lord Giles as arsked fer some people ter gorr to Almadon's Eights ter ave a chart with them an see if they will think about leavin the Northern Alliance . I was the first ter volunteer if this is orkeey with you. Igh Priest Khortaz of the Humacti as also volunteered.


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