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Mission To Sanctuary - 3rd Week of Harvest Moon

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We have been ordered to investigate the area known as Sanctuary which lies close to the Valgrind Pass in Western Orin Rakatha by Geran Sal Beridan of the Dark Path.

Sanctuary is an area untouched by mists. It was jointly ruled by a Duke( Spearstrike) and 3 druids who placed a ward around the area to keep out visitors. Some time ago the duke was killed by a Nosferatu and returned as a Vampire Lord. The Nosferatu is also known as Monk, the leader of the towerless group known as Monk's men. Sanctuary had become a training ground for them as it was free from the mists. The Duke had a Son who had been killed by the Duke before he had completely succumbed to Vampirism so that he himself would not become a Vampire.

Fortunately we had with us a Vampire hunter, one Edouard le Voir who adised us how to kill the Vampire. For the Record here is a little information about Vampires. In order of strength they go; lesser vampire, greater vampire, vampire lord, nosferatu and unknown. If you are bitten by a nosferatu you come back one rank lower as a vampire lord. Monk therfore must be a nosferatu as he created the Duke/vampire lord ruling Sanctuary. In order to kill a vampire you have to carry out the following; beat it, surround it with a ring of garlic, stake it, pour holy water on it, trap its gaseous form in a bottle. Then in sunlight release the gaseous form, follow it as it runs back to its lair, beat it again, stake it, banish it using a scroll containing its real name, show it its reflection in a mirror and finally destroy the body with holy water.

So, we travelled to The Plane of Sleepless dead, specifically to the Realm of the Dream Witch, where we were to obtain the vampires true name, the mirror, holy water and more importantly a way to get back to Sanctuary. This was achieved and we returned to Sanctuary via the sativa.

Back on sanctuary we went through the steps above and destroyed the vampire Lord and recovered the dead body of the dukes son and resurrected him. Diplomatic relations have now been opened with The Valley Alliance. It should be noted that Sanctuary lies close to Kalid lands and would therefore be an excellent place to secrete an army prior to invasion.


A large group of them remain in sanctuary however their numbers are likely to be depleted now that law and order has returned. Their leader Monk, The nosferatu, remains at large, not in Sanctuary but wherabouts unknown.


We met a group of these wearing white tabards with a fleurs de lys symbol. They are considerably stronger than the ones wearing green and black. They also use shields and are skilled in spheres and magic.. Their leader teleported away to 'The Villa'. Their 'second' exploded when killed.


Agroup of Dymwan / ex Kalid Steelwind Harrow sect necromancers were encountered. They claim to have left the kalid as prospects were better with the Dymwan. The steelwind say they were kicked out for being dishonourable. We believe the Harrow group followed us to Sanctuary after ditching their dymwan colours and remain there, so all is not as it seems. Clearly a move of convenience for the Northern Alliance.


A group were encountered on the Sativa. They are still in disarray. We had intended to lead them to sanctuary but it is still not safe (vampirism) and the elder druid had requested that we don't let in large numbers of DFD.


druid of The Crone.


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