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Two groups were sent to secure the World Window and ensure that its operations could resume. A low and high status party.

Our first task was to seize a nodal point of power, one of four that powers the window itself. There were three more, 2 power and 2 magic nodes. Three other groups had been dispatched to secure them for the KVA.

We secured this eventually from the creature guarding it, a Khalid Soulmaster and the Djinn that it had bound to it. The Soulmaster was defended by a number of traps and magical defences. The Sorcerer Harlequin managed to find a way past these and lead the attack on the Soulmaster itself and which lead to its destruction.

In the morning the T’an’s second in command arrived and gave us more information about our mission. We were to find and bind 3 or more Djinn’s. They were the only creatures that could run the nodes that in turn ran the World Window.

Our group was also asked to retrieve a bag of earth from four Pathfinders who had gone missing. It was understood that the bag was to be given the priority over everything else.

I am pleased to report that over the course of the mission between both groups we bound three Djinn to run the devices that run the Waystation and through the efforts of the high status group recovered the bag of earth on behalf of the Cabal, from the Khalid. The earth was from Myrandia, and will allow those that wish it to travel there.

Night had fallen by the time we had secured the bag. On our way back we encountered a group of Dymwan who cheerfully told as some good news and, of course, some bad news. The good news being that they had removed all of the Khalid in the immediate area, the bad news being they had simply instructed a very powerful group of undead it to kill everything in the our area. Sure enough it wasn’t too long until we encountered them. Everyone fought with great courage, but in a very short time most of us were paralysed. Special commendation needs to be mentioned to Ruhk who took the fight to the enemy again and again in order to ensure the party survived.

I must also mention that the high status group killed a powerful member of the Wizards Concillium who was conducting a ritual to prevent the World Window from working. It is believed that he was working for the Khalid. Diplomacy was not well received by the Wizards Concillium Member. Praise should be directed to Mrytle for using her full range of negotiation skills to try and resolve the situation peaceably.

In the morning we were told that senior member of the KVA were to try and align the mechanisms that control the World Window. A series of strange effects occurred, culminating in a magnificent lightning storm which we observed from the safety of the node itself, which prevented any magic or power from being used.

By this time the low status group had turned up. For some reason their healer, Doom, had gone, leaving them without the means to cure themselves. Jack was roped in to provide for them, leaving us with Nero as primary healer. Waves of Morlocks and Elementals started to attack. Pathfinders told us that a trap had gone off and creatures called Mindflayers had been summoned to retake the node. The door to the waystation slammed shut. Several waves of morlocks and elementals teleported in. Our strength, courage and most importantly, unity of purpose made each fight a short one.

Pathfinders soon arrived with news that the World Window had been properly aligned and that the KVA now controlled it.

Other information:

We witnessed a bizarre meeting between a member from Halmadonian’s Heights, Dymwan, Wizards Concillium and Reader. They seemd as if they were meeting long lost friends. Their explanation was that this was indeed the case and they all used to know each other. Clearly this was beyond the bounds of what is normal. However, as no-one could determine if they were being influenced in any way, and they were of no threat, they were allowed to leave.

The King’s envoy Verric, gave the King’s proclamation to both groups regarding the return to Myrandia. The King says that we are to return in order to reclaim our lost lands. The King requested that a debate be opened to discuss the matter openly with all the people of the KVA. The Empire sent several representatives to answer any questions. Regretfully I was not able to talk to them as other matters needed my attention. Oh, except one, the leader of Special Unit 9, who told us that the World window is much more than just a travelling device. When Jack asked him if it be used to travel in time he did not answer.

By my very tired hand,



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