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Well my Lords and Ladies, I bring to you another mission report from Hak Leafbiter. This account is somewhat late and it has been like pulling teeth getting this account from Hak. These last few weeks have seen a change in him, between the bouts of sleeping on the door and his increased feasting, Hak’s tempers have awoken in him causing him to fight more. At least this new Hak has kept the Red Sorceror’s from my doors!

Bill the Barman – Hobbit Arms PH.


Lady Kevralyn – Drow Mother (Party Leader).

Lord Quicksilver – Sector Lord of Aether Town.

Kyle Ompaq – Sentinel Guildleader.

Lupus – Gauntlet Guildleader.

Teppic – Grey Path Guildleader.

Michael – Acting White School Guildleader.

Nerak Soulblade – Drow Baron of Darkhome.

Velkin Nightshade - Darkhome.

Ligner Larsson - Archives.

Doctor Tannenbaum – Good Priest.

Hak Leafbiter – Reavers.

Sylar – Dark Seers.



Our group was to travel to the Butlers Boon Waystation and act as security for a meeting of various nations. The meeting was to decide where the Temple of The Four Winds should reside upon Orin Rakatha.

Earth Day.

Well the mission sounded easy enough to me, go to the Butlers Boon Waystation and act as security for a meeting. They didn’t mention the use of vile magic in getting there. Whilst I was in the tavern having pre-mission drinks they tricked me, they told me to follow them into another room of the bar. So I went through the door and found myself in a stone circle. Stupid Mages, I tell you they’re taking over!

So there we were at the start in this stone circle, Lady Kevralyn Soulfire was the Party Leader. As soon as we got there we were attacked by loads of Undead! We managed to fight through the undead and gained entry in to the waystation. As if by magic the Butler appeared and told us that we were safe from the undead who wouldn’t enter the building.

After we’d healed up and had a chat with the Butler we were all injured by a large explosion from underground. After this we were attacked by a group of blank faced monsters, like LoX but with different colours.

After getting healed up it got a lot weirder! People took notice of the boards on the walls full of squiggly writing and talked about bombs. Apparently there were some in the basement and one of them had caused the earlier explosion. So the party split up and the skinny people headed into the basement. They said that they had found the bombs and the party started to work out how to make them safe. As this went on the weird stuff occurred, some invisible walls went up in the waystation which further separated the party. The party in the basement were stuck down there, I was stuck in the room at the top of the basement stairs and we couldn’t get into the main room where the rest of the party were. We could all talk with each other which was handy though. I guarded Teppic whilst we passed messages back and forth between the basement and main room. During all this we were periodically attacked by more groups of blanks.

Anyway eventually the bombs were sorted out, we then got back together as the blanks had stopped attacking us and the walls had gone away. We then had a few beers and then went to bed.

Fire Day.

The next day we awoke to a fine and hearty breakfast, we then left the Waystation. We didn’t meet any undead but we did meet some Hordelings. These were swiftly returned back to the mists to get bigger.

The next thing that I remember is waking up dazed and confused in another strange place. Everybody was looking at the body of a dead Dai Fah Dyne. Perhaps he’d fallen off of his Camel?

Anyway we headed off to look for agents of the Dymwan, Halmadonian Heights and The Horde.

First we met The Horde and had a chat with them which made a change. It seemed that they’d had a lot of bother with some strange Nomads nearby, upon being invited to the meeting they said that they would only come if we sorted out their problem with the Nomads.

Next we were attacked by a group of walking trees, certainly entertaining. A hard fight this was, especially as one of them was only affected by Nerak’s Axe. Much kindling later we got healed up and carried onwards.

We then found another dead body, but before we could have a good look we were attacked by a group of Yellow and Blue Elementals who scarpered away with the body.

Next we encountered the Nomads that had been bothering The Horde, they all had strange black markings on their faces and they were all enthralled by a stinking Witch! Well we set to and we finally killed the Witch and the Nomads.

After getting healed we headed on. Next the party found some Dymwan and Lady Kevralyn had a chat with them. Next we were attacked by a group of LoX, two Wizards and a Minotaur. The LoX were as ever on a Magic Hunt, but we found out after having butchered the Minotaur that they hadn’t found any prior to meeting us.

So we proceeded onwards and eventually we met the Halmadonians and Michael did the talking here. There was a bit of tension as there always is when talking with these goodly nutters, but they accepted the invitation to the meeting and we didn’t get into a fight.

Next we found another dead body this was an Orc, one that we had talked to earlier. It was easy to see what had sent him to the Mists a Large Axe wound.

So we carried onward s down the path warily. We then met the killer, it was a large Ogre with an even Larger Axe. He was the new Leader of The Horde who followed him up the path. The Horde were Very Angry, a lot angrier than they usually are. They wanted a fight and we gave it to them, it was as if you could see the Mists as we fought and hear the songs of the Valkyries! It was a very scary but fun melee, the Axe Ogre was berserking and the party Priests all kept on removing his pain to calm him down. I had to use my amulet to cure myself in the fight, the fighting was that intense and euphoric that I was kept up by the sheer love of the fight. Well the now calmed Ogre called upon his Axe to save him and he teleported away, but his Axe stayed where he had been. It was just lying there on the ground tempting me to pick it up, it was Very tempting. Michael did some invocation so he could pick it up without frothing out on us. As he did so the Axe’s song disappeared from my mind and I collapsed from my wounds and was tended by my Guardian Spirit.

So having got healed up we headed back to the Waystation as we had done all that we had set out to do.

Whilst we were having a breather Quicksilver did some magic stuff and a load of Elementals turned up. He told us that we had to stop them from wandering off and keep them near him so that he could trap them. Well we did this and after a bit of a fight he trapped them all. As the Elementals were all trapped by his spell a big swirly gate appeared and the party started to jump through it. Well there was no way that I was going to jump into all of that magic stuff so I carried on walking as it was just too scary! Bloody Mages! But oh no! As the big swirly gate was closing a tendril of magic yanked me through the gate, it must have been all the metal I was wearing acting like a magnet. Argh! Stupid Mages, they’re a lazy lot, they can’t be bothered walking anywhere. That’s why I’m strong and they’re all weaklings.

Well the swirly magic spat us all out very near to the waystation. The party had another look for more bombs whilst I did my tribal dance to ward off evil spirits and then I had a beer. Then we all went outside to cast a Ritual Neutrality. The ritual was in Many(3) parts, in the first bit Kyle and I had to fight each other to show off the prowess of melee. Boy can Kyle hit hard, you wouldn’t think that Sentinel were better than Reavers in a fight. Just goes to show, although he is their Guildleader! So a hard bit of fun with healing thrown in as we fought. Then a bunch of Hordelings turned up looking for a fight. So Kyle and I gave it to them aided by the other party members. We also had to do a lot of silly chanting and there were two other parts of the ritual Magic and Power followed by their respective type of Hordelings that turned up. I mainly defended myself in these parts of the fights as my sword wasn’t hurting these types of Hordelings.

At the end of the ritual some Angry Shouty Git turned up and had a duel with Quicksilver with swords. Mr Shouty beat Quicksilver Many(3) times but Quicksilver wouldn’t yield. This seemed to impress the Shouty Git who said that the ritual was successful, but that by the Time of Reckoning The Valley must have rescued one of the Barbarian Gods a Sneverheim called Radnar Stormheart.

Well the ritual and all this fighting had been a success and we all got healed by Mr Shouty. We headed back to the waystation for dinner and to await the other Nations for the meeting.

Well the meeting wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be. Sure there was lots of talking but the food was good. The Lox Enchanter sure ate a load of Spare Ribs, he must go through lots of Minotaur’s back home! Lady Kiara denounced all of her Valley Status and joined The Fortress of Pentar. She also stole the Big Axe that we got from the Ogre, picked it up as if it belonged to her with no ill effects from its powers. I told her that she shouldn’t take it as it was Valley Property, but she’s a spooky Oracle and I’m just new here. I didn’t think that I’d of won that fight, Rite of Neutrality or not. I might be thick but I’m not stupid!

Well Vilk, Teppic and I had a nice chat with Bjorn Brinson of the Halls of Asgard. Vilk had arrived in Lord Cirith’s party. We all had a few beers and talked about our shared ancestral heritage.

As is the course of these things some nations that had been invited didn’t attend for whatever reason, whilst those Nations that hadn’t been invited did.

A big silver bomb appeared on one of the tables and Quicksilver quickly tried to make it safe. He wasn’t helped by Velkin who got trapped by more invisible walls. As this happened Chancellor Maraius and the Shadowsfall Judges teleported away, and then the bomb went off. Everyone was thrown to the floor and covered in rubble and dust. Injured and dazed we found that we were as is usual blamed by the other Nations for what had happened. The other Nation Agents left apart from Enchanter Auris of LoX, Sir Gallant of Halmodonian Heights and Ambassador Markham from the Wizards Concillium that had all disappeared in the explosion. The party vowed to find them if we could the next day.

Steel Day.

After a hearty and delicious breakfast a strange figure turned up outside. He wasn’t hostile, just curious. He had a white face with flames tattooed around his eyes. He started copying what people were doing and Teppic taught him numbers. Eventually he left but I didn’t see him leave.

Lady Kevralyn was feeling too well so she stayed behind in the waystation. For some reason we didn’t leave by either the front or the back door, we left the Waystation by going down into the basement and following a short tunnel that led out a bit further down the hill.

Upon exiting the tunnel we were met by a group of learner monsters, they had blank faces unlike the earlier person but they were I think the same. It was weird they attacked us first with weak hits, but they got harder and learnt our fighting skills. The other members of the party fought them as if they themselves had only just learnt to fight, whilst I fought them full on what else was I supposed to do? It was as if the other party members were pulling their blows to make the battle last longer. I even had to rescue Velkin from being walked to death. His learner monster was just copying him and they were just walking about. So I came up behind his blank and hacked him to bits.

We headed up into the hills to find the Many(3) missing Nation Agents from the night before. The first that we found was the LoX Enchanter. Each time we met the lost people it was a tough fight as they were with more blanks and they all thought that we were the enemy. Hard fights were all fought through and the lost ones were awakened as if from a dream. The LoX Enchanter initially seemed confused but gradually who he and we were. He then teleported back to his homeland.

Next we fought against Sir Gallant who upon releasing his chained spirit seemed to remember more. He was further awaken by Ligner who talked him out of his dream state.

Next we fought and released Ambassador Markham in his Floppy Hat! Argh! We freed him but we got no apology just a long lecture! Bloody Mages!

We also met some strange figures as we walked along the path. The would be stood talking together in the middle of the path oblivious to anything. We just had to walk up to them have a listen and then we Jobbed them when they noticed us. Weird!

In the next encounter we saw some Dodgy Evil Bloke talking to more of the Angry Nomads, but as we approached them he did a runner as he sent the Angry Nomads against us. Another hard fight this one, but after getting healed up we waited by a nearby pool whilst the Priests did a ritual and then we walked back to the Waystation for Dinner.

After dinner we were again attacked by the Dodgy Evil Bloke who had brought even more Angry Nomads with him together with the Ogre and a reborn Witch from Fire Day. A very hard fight this one and I even got killed in this one and had to get resurrected again. I hate that, feeling a bit thin and stretched now.

After this extremely hard battle and getting more healing and being stitched back up we got down to some serious drinking. A load of Valley high ups turned up to talk about the new Cabal of Mages so I stayed well away from that.

The party then got given a share of the mission treasure or gests. I got Wrathblade a sword that is teaching me Adrenal abilities, well I think that it’ll allow me to work them out. For now it allows me to Berserk once a day which is handy when I need to kill something quicker, but I need to stay near the Priests too as when I’m Berserking I don’t want to use my shield.

Cheers Hak.

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