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My Lords and Ladies please accept this as another Mission Report from Hak Leafbiter. It is as ever in his own words and from his own viewpoint that he told to us all in my bar the other night after he returned from the mission.

Bill the Barman – Hobbits Arms PH.


Neko Maneki – Monk of the Middle Way (Party Leader).

Jux – Guildleader of the Reavers.

Hak Leafbiter – Barbarians Lodge.

Albert Von Henken – Reaper – Witch-hunter Sergeant.

Kreiger Rekke – Sentinel.

Otto – Reaper.

Damian Von Torsz – White Path.

Anton – Archers.

Wolfgang – Sentinel.


To recover anything useful from a Jewelled Pavilion Cache left behind when they lost their tower.

As the mission was during Wind Moon and not long since the Festival of Candles I thought that I might be tested by an Immortal as to my memories of Nature, its restraint and its element, but I wasn’t challenged.

Earth Day.

Well the party all met up whilst journeying to the Mystic’s Footstep waystation. I got there by hard trek and riding, hard riding it was coupled with much sneaking past Fortress of Pentar patrols. Well I got there by fair means and not foul!

I met the gathering Valley members, a group of Lots(6) Witch-hunter’s together with Lord Jux the Guildleader of the Reavers and Neko Maneki the Monk. There the Witch-hunters tried to nominate me as Party Leader, but I turned it down and deferred to Jux who then said that Neko could have the honour, so that was settled.

Then out of the shadows Sinister head of Pathfinders appeared before us and briefed us on the mission. He told us that there were Thissessin, Easterlings, Jewelled Pavilion and Fortress of Pentar troops in the area and a lot of hepaths! Sinister told us that the Easterlings had with them a Mage-Doom, but we didn’t meet any of their forces. He told us that a group of Jewelled Pavilion had just escaped to the Mystic’s Footstep waystation after retreating from a battle with a bigger group of hepath’s than they’d had, so we set off to the waystation to have a chat with them and find a way into the treasure vault.

First we met a group of Fortress of Pentar who were just itching for a fight. After doing the usual ward pacts they charged us. We soon dealt with those gits and we proceeded to the waystation to have a chat with the Jewelled Pavilion survivors.

I cannot remember much of the nights conversation with the Jewelled Pavilion as that’s not my thing. I drank a few beers and sharpened my weapons. As I was getting drunk I overheard a bit of what was going on. It seemed that the Jewelled Pavilion cache was disguised by a magic door thing guarded by hepath’s. To get past the barrier you had to get past a hepath and he would only let you pass if you told him three truths. After a few more beers I went to sleep.

Fire Day.

After getting up we had a wondrous breakfast, we then went off to do a ritual. So we had to do a ritual to summon the Hepath Guardian. It was a lot of chanting near a ring of stones. When the hepath appeared we could only talk to it one person at a time. Also as soon as he appeared we were attacked by monsters that were guarding him. The Guardian Hepath asked each of us three questions, I think that we were all asked the three questions but I didn’t later check on this.

The hepath asked me what my name was so I told him that I was Hak Leafbiter of The Valley, next he asked me my deepest desire so I told him. His final question was what did I fear? I told him that I was afraid of magic but this displeased him so he mortally wounded me. He told me that a fear of magic was common to all of my kind, so he asked me what I truly feared. I told him that I feared to die an old man in my bed and not from a glorious death in battle, that I wished to meet my ancestors in Valhalla! Thus having truthfully answered his questions I was teleported from his presence to a courtyard where I met the other members of the party who had talked to him before me. I did a tribal dance to ward off magic whilst we waited for the rest of party to arrive.

Eventually the rest of the party arrive and thus we progressed on. Our next challenge was down a short corridor, it turned around a corner to the right and just beyond the corner was a hepath / golem thing guarding a gate. He hit for high magic and was adept at warrior skills like knockdown and knockback. We eventually managed to defeat this guardian but it took the offensive capabilities of the whole of the party, particularly Anton’s crossbow bolts.

Our next encounter was with another hepath guarding a courtyard behind two warded gates. When we peeked around the corner of our gate the hepath would shoot fireballs at us. To get past this took the sneaky skills of Jux crawling low under the wall whilst we distracted the hepath. Jux came back and told us that he had been past the hepath into the courtyard, he told us that we had to say Password 1 and the hepath would let us in. So we did this and were allowed to enter the courtyard, then the hepath vanished.

So we entered the courtyard with Password 1 written on the floor in flour. Gaining the courtyard enabled us to enter the treasure cache proper, so we entered and had lunch. The magic user looked around the courtyard and detected three places where the could talk with hepaths and find things out.

Next I remember that within the treasure cache was a vault filled with weapons, locked boxes and other creepy magic stuff. Also in the vault there was a lady guardian hepath / djinn. She told us about the treasure, what it was worth and whether it was magical. Otto took a box from the room as the lady said that it contained an item of great evil and potential destruction, so he took it so that it could be looked after in a Valley vault. So the party looked around the room and asked the lady about various items in the room. I took out a wavy sword that I found and asked Neko if it was magical because I didn’t want to talk to the magical lady, he examined it and said that it wasn’t magical so I took it back and left it in the room.

The Witch-hunters re-entered the room whilst I was just outside the door in the corridor. I saw them enter and then they all tried to kill the lady of the treasure! When they did this they weren’t able to harm her as she was very angry and she violently and very magically ejected them through the exterior wall. I could then hear lots of screaming and groaning coming from the courtyard, so I got the rest of the party and we went to have a look. When we got outside into the courtyard we saw the Witch-hunters writhing in pain on the floor covered in blood and there limbs at wrong angles. We had a good laugh at them and whilst they were being cured I had a beer.

Next we had another ritual to conduct. Led by Neko we had to chant over and over again to gain the attention of the Locksmith another hepath, well we did this and he appeared out of thin air.

The Locksmith was in charge of a prison containing Lots(28) of cells and he could unlock Lots(5) of them a day. The Locksmith assumed that we were its masters as we had summoned it. He asked us what number cell we wanted to be unlocked and then he went away to unlock them each at separate times when we gave him another number.

So off the Locksmith went to unlock the first cell and in the meantime we were attacked by magical creatures. This also happened each time we’d been into a cell and come out. Perhaps it was an aspect of the locking mechanism or the fact hat we weren’t Jewelled Pavilion and the prison was rebelling against our presence and the intrusion, who can say?

My memory of the majority of the cell occupants is greater that my memory of the intervening attacks. Upon informing the party that the first cell was able to be entered, the Locksmith gave us some options. He told us that after we had interrogated each occupant that we could either release them, leave them in custody or have the prisoner executed. So we entered each cell and talked with each prisoner.

The first cell held a blindfolded dwarf. He was wearing a blindfold as he was blind and upon being touching members of the party they were blinded too. We could cure the blindness in our party but not his. We decided to leave him in the prison so that he was safe and so that others would be safe from his affliction.

The next prisoner was a beguiling Snake Man or maybe a Thissessin and we asked the Locksmith to have him executed.

The next prisoner was a thief and a braggart who said that he had knowledge of Valley secrets, he told us that he’d tell us them if we released him. He was a real slippery fish and you could tell that he had his own agenda’s. He said that he had been caught as he had been betrayed by his own team of thieves. We told him that we would have him released if he joined and he told The Valley his secrets. We showed him the colours of The Valley and told him whereabouts on Orin Rakatha The Valley was and that he’d have to join for a year and a day. We then told the Locksmith to release him back to Orin Rakatha.

I can’t remember much about the next prisoner apart from the fact the party executed him as he attacked us.

The final prisoner was a Witch-hunter Captain. Upon entering the cell and announcing ourselves all of the Witch-hunters began kissing up to this new prisoner and bragging of prowess and past deeds. I questioned him as to his true identity as he did to me. He seemed genuine enough, another leather clad zealous nutter! We showed him the colours of The Valley and told him whereabouts on Orin Rakatha The Valley was. We then told the Locksmith to release him back to Orin Rakatha. Damian Von Torsz handed to the Witch-hunter Captain his dagger for protection and to curry favour with him. Except this didn’t quite work out as planned, because as soon as he handed over the dagger it was confiscated by the Locksmith. The Locksmith stated that it was against the rules as the Captain was still a prisoner at that point and thus not allowed weapons.

Next the mages had been further talking with the hepaths in the courtyard about the treasure cache. They found out that under the treasure cache there was a tunnel complex filled with more magic loot. So it was the turn of the tunnel rats to come to the fore. This is not my preferred method of fighting in the tight dark places, its more of a thiefy goblin place. The Witch-hunters and Neko went down into the tunnels to look for loot, I did lend Neko my butchers knife it’s a big pig sticker and better than a dagger! I stayed up the top with I think Jux and maybe Wolfgang to guard the top of the stairs.

So a while later they all returned all dusty and covered in cobwebs. They were carrying out with them a large iron bound wooden chest all looking old and expensive. You could tell that there was some treasure inside it but it was stinking with magic. It was a war chest.

Just after unearthing the war chest the party was attacked by the Fortress of Pentar! Finally after fighting hepaths and elementals all day I had a battle against foes that I could wound. So it was obvious what the scum had come for. It was fortunate that the area was a tightly confined space, or so I thought. The Pentar could only come against us hampered by a set of tables on our left and a row of big chairs on our right with only a small gap in between only big enough for two persons side by side. Jux and I filled the bottleneck with the party behind us, Albert and Otto darting hither and thither doing cause mortals – Reapers to the fore! I called upon my ancestor sharks to give me health and I reveled in the call of Wrathblade, I threw my shield taking a two-handed grip and I raged! We chopped the Pentar into a heap of bloody chunks and I reveled in the slaughter and our prowess. The fight was won but coming out of the adrenal rush the experience was soured. The fight was a feint, the Fortress of Pentar had magicked away or stolen in the distraction the big war chest.

After the battle with the Fortress of Pentar the hepath from the morning ritual re-appeared. He told us that we were safe within the Treasure Cache but he had transported it to the Abyss. So inside the safety of the Treasure Cache the night progressed to drinking and the telling of tall tales. Eventually we went to sleep in defensive positions awaiting the morning.

Steel Day

Well we got up and had another superb breakfast, then we had to think about how to get back to Orin Rakatha. The party once again met the hepath guardian who enacted a ritual to send us back to Orin Rakatha. He told us that we’d be able to return with his help but the path back would travel through the Plane of Twilight.

It was a hard slog travelling through Plane of Twilight, oppressed all the way. The party fought weakness and power draining monsters and we even fought against twilight versions of ourselves at one point. It was a steady slog all the way healed by Damian Von Torsz and his book and by the psi powers of Neko, lunch along the way, drinking as we went.

Eventually we managed to make it through the weakened planar barrier to Orin Rakatha. We were met by Labyrinth of Xenos forces, a group of physical drones, magical drones and one power drone, they had no Minotaurs! It was later reasoned by Jux that they had been waiting for the war chest of the Jewelled Pavilion and that it was a pre-arranged meet. Well we eventually managed to prevail against their forces by pitting our strengths versus theirs.

The party mages reasoned that we must have been following the magical energies of the war chest. Eventually the party mages deduced that the Fortress of Pentar weren’t very far away. So off we searched.

It didn’t take long to find the Fortress of Pentar and the war chest. They were located at the top of a hill overlooking a spring of crystal clear water. They had the war chest with them, perhaps they were about to open it, but we got to them first. We caught them on the hop and waded into them before they managed to enact their ward pacts. The Pentar scum had the war chest next to a blasted tree and guarded by three of them. We came at them numerous times but their focus was on protecting the war chest and they were hitting hard! It was time for heroes to shine or the stupid brave to act. I could hear the calls of my ancestor sharks, I threw down my sword and shield. I pushed past the Pentar weasels and got to the war chest ignoring the blades of the foe. Using my sheer strength I picked up the war chest and threw it halfway down the slope like it was nothing! Kreiger ran over and guarded it and the Pentar rushed after it. I picked back my war gear and followed them. Thinking to get the war chest further away from the Pentar force I noticed the leaves on the slope. I gambled that we could defeat the Pentar before they got to the war chest if I kicked it further down the slope. Well it was a good idea apart from certain factors, my prodigious strength, my stout leather boot and the puny magic chest. Alas all I managed to do was put my boot through one side of the war chest and wreck the hinges on the lid! Hah, puny magic boxes are no matches for me. I didn’t set off any magical traps so I wasn’t wounded by my act of destruction. Anyway the Fortress of Pentar group was routed and chopped into bite sized Baron chunks and we’d won back possession of the war chest.

Next after meditating, invoking and then getting healed up we met more scum. The ravens of war had called the Shadowsfall to our presence. Neko and Kreiger took the war chest away and out of sight whilst the party waited for the Shadowsfall to make their move. We didn’t really need a fight at this point so it was bluff and bragging time. I reapplied my foes blood to my hair spikes and sharpened my sword. So we played to the plus points, there was a dirty great ditch between our two forces, we held the high ground and looked dead hard and we outnumbered them. So we had a little chat with the Shadowsfall and I didn’t antagonise them by mentioning the Shadowsrise. From a position of strength we departed the scene but kept an eye on them as we did, later we then caught up with Neko and Kreiger together with the war chest. We then carried on towards the Mystic’s Footstep waystation for we had a great thirst and needed food!

We got back to the waystation for some great food and a beer. Whilst we were there a man appeared within the room warning us of his Chaos Master. He said that there had been a mass breakout from the Jewelled Pavilion prison and that the Chaos Lord had gathered them to his banner and was set to attack Orin Rakatha by following the magic of the war chest. The man was trying to escape from his captor, but he was summoned back and he left.

So we all prepared as best we could for the next big battle against the Chaos Master. We sharpened our blades and formulated a battle plan. Jux and I were take on the Chaos Master and the others would fight his minions, one of which was a juggernaut and Damian Von Torsz would heal our backs. We went out to the courtyard in front of the waystation to await the Chaos Master and his forces.

The battle to come was an epic one from what I can remember. I think that I have missed out a previous battle in the day, but I’m not sure. I think we slew two hepaths and ate their hearts but it just seems too unreal to me!

As if the very crows of war were blotting out the sun the battle came to us at dusk. The minions of the Chaos Master broke upon us like a wave, the juggernaut to the fore surrounded by lesser minions. Next came the Chaos Master and his Herald from earlier. The Chaos Master was a brooding and evil looking man with a magnificent moustache, he was clad in fine raiment and he cackled maniacally. He carried a large sword and cast high magic and power. So Jux and I took on the Chaos Master, it was a very weird and long battle. We hit hard, they hit hard, the Chaos Master would strike hard and then do mass healing to everyone, it was very strange! I called upon my ancestor sharks and trusted to my shield in support of Jux. My shield was cleaved in twain, I then grabbed another that was to hand and then that too was busted up. It was as if my fighting style was being mocked! My ancestor sharks were angered and I raged two-handed with Wrathblade, the song of battle was in heart. Then the Chaos Master hacked my left leg off so I had to hop in battle. Later in the melee I lost control on Wrathblade when the Chaos Master’s Herald cast Mass Fumble. So further suffering hurt and an intense adrenal hangover mid battle was not great, luckily Damian Von Torsz was administering plenty of cure mortal that were gratefully accepted. We gradually killed the Chaos Master and his minions, he started to lose power or something as when he got weaker and more injured his attacks lowered in strength. At the end of the battle I was still standing, sorely injured but alive, it was a good fight.

We then went back into the waystation for some well deserved drinks. Then later in the evening Verryn Manypage arrived and congratulated us on our completion of the mission. We handed over to him the war chest so that it and its contents could hopefully studied and he gave Albert Von Henken treasure and Gests for the party to divide. Also attending with Lord Manypage was the Witch-hunter Captain that we had released from the Jewelled Pavilion prison. Lord Manypage announced that the Witch-hunters would be officially be recognised as a standing army with The Valley, led by their new Captain. After this the party treasure and Gests were bid for. I won a Mace of Power that can cast Heal once per day, another of the items was a Scroll of Blood Magic which I think Jux got. After this the Witch-hunters talked with their new Captain whilst Neko, Jux and I back briefed Lord Manypage on events that happened during the mission.

Cheers Hak Leafbiter.

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