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Primary Mission Objective:  Travel to the Butlers Boon waystation and prepare for a meeting with various Nation Representatives to engage in discussion with the Temple of Four Winds and the other Oracles. 

Secondary Mission Objective:  Utilising extensions of the Portal Network extend details of the invitation to a number of the nation groups.

Valley Group
Kevralyn Soulfire - Red Sorcerer.  Party Leader
Quicksilver - Arch-sorcerer and White School Guildleader
Kyle Ompac- Sentinel Champion and Guildleader
Lupus - Grey Gauntlet High Priest and Guildleader
Teppic - Grey Path High Priest and Guildleader
Michael - White Sorcerer
Hak - Reaver Champion
Nerak Soulblade - Reaver Champion
Velkin Nightshade - Assassin
Doctor Tannenbaum - Good Priest
and I

Earth Day
We approached the Butlers Boon and found the exterior crawling with undead.  It seems the grounds transformation into a waystation hasn't removed the old Borovine feel of the place.   After fighting our way inside we did a brief investigation of the area in preparation for securing the building for the meeting the next day.

During the course of this activity we were all thrown to the ground and severely injured by a massive explosion somewhere beneath us.   Upon investigation it appeared that there were a number of bombs secreted in the basements and there was a co-ordinated action in three different locations in order to try and defuse them while hepaths appeared and attacked.

I went to bed early and missed much of this but I assume there was further discussion and investigation ahead of everyone else retiring.

Fire Day
Our plan for the day was to use an extension of the teleportation network in order to meet the representatives of the Dymwan, Halmaddons Heights and the Horde in order to confirm the details of the days meeting.

When we arrived the first thing we found was the body of the Dye Fah Dyne we expected to be managing the use of the portal.  This was concerning as we had no way back without using the portal network and the DFD rep was required to make this end function correctly.  We resolved to worry about that later and go and try to sort out the representatives first.  

During the course of a long days adventuring we learned the following;
•    The Horde
We met and discussed the meeting with the Horde and they initially seemed keen to be involved.  It transpired however that they would be unable to attend due to the death of their representative during his travel (See: Cult of Hate and Pain below)
•    Halmadonians
Despite a little tension owing to some of our group being Evil we engaged with the Heights and they were given the information required.  They would manage to send a representative to the meeting despite the issues with the transport network.
•    The Dymwan
Seemed less interested although the information was passed to them.
•    Cult of Hate and Pain
We had several encounters with elements of what I assume are related to the Cult of Hate and Pain. 

Nomads who hated _everything_ (and I mean everything) seemed to be empowered by their rage and would berserk regularly striking with exceptional strength.  Even without their rage they seemed to be so fuelled by hate that they were far more puissant than their shabby dress might have suggested.

We found the dead body of a Pordaradrim shortly after destroying a bunch of animated trees, walking moss and similar 'natural' creatures who were roving around causing mayhem.  Before we could complete our investigations of the body however a group of yellow and blue elementals appeared around the body and teleported it away.  A very strange occurance that we first attributed to a malfunctioning Teleport network but in hindsight may be related to Radnar Stormheart the Sneverheim known to be a tool/pawn/ally of Calix Wraithspawn.

As we left we discovered the Horde rep with a massive axe wound tainted by strange energies.   The explanation of this quickly resolved itself when a small group of the horde came around the corner one of who carried a gigantic axe.  He embraced pain and grew in power and ferocity as he was struck.  Eventually after a long and painful battle, we piled a large amount of power into him in the form of Remove Pains which seemed to distract/hurt/annoy him in equal measure,  he called on his axe to protect and guard him and he vanished leaving the axe behind.  Upon further investigation the Axe was Blackwolfs "Axe of Law" which was now filled with Hate becoming one of the four weapons of hate of which the Valley has some experience going back decades.  Michael took the burden of carrying the axe with him shielded by his powers as a white seer from some of the influence it would attempt to weild.

Having resolved out goals in the area Quicksilver managed to activate the portal back by summoning a number of elementals and binding them into the portal.  We were unsure how stable it would be or whether any of the reps would be able to use it but we had to return in order to prepare.

After dinner it transpired that not all the bombs had been dealt with.  Visions and dreams had shown us that the bombs were somehow linked to the Vale of Memories (which makes sense given the Waystations are also linked to it in some way) existing in and out of phase.   These visions seemed to show a figure in Green with silver accents summoning hepaths into the building bringing the bombs with them.  There seemed to be a large number of them and given the impact we had seen one cause it made us somewhat nervous!  We made a valiant effort to remove as many as possible before the big meeting but it was a difficult activity and we had to urgently perform the Ritual of Neutrality in order to protect the Oracles and Dignataries for the meeting later.

We found a suitable location to perform the ritual.  Which involves calling the attention of the mystics and then demonstrating the skills and abilities that we wished to protect the area from.  We began with a duel between our two of our Warriors and after a suitable demonstration we found ourselves assailed by a large group of hordlings who proceeded to demonstrate their example of a good kicking!   After defeating them we reformed and performed a ritual of magic which resulted in a load of goblins and sprites arriving to assault us with many spells.  These to fell and we proceeded to demonstrate power to the obvious result. 

Finally we performed a ritual combining many skills and abilities of the Valley and two figures appeared.  They assaulted us with all many of spells, invocations, skills and abilities.  We fought them to a standstill until eventually one called a halt and asked us if we were ready for the final part.   With the response Ushrak the Mistweaver arrived with a clamour of hordlings of various types.  He berated us for several failings specifically that we had allowed Radnor Stormheart to be captured/corrupted and that we had allowed the Pordaradrim to be slain/corrupted/both.  After giving us a good solid beating around the field he finally relented and asked what we wanted to which we confirmed we wanted a Ritual of Neutrality in the local area for eight hours which he then enacted.

At some point the VoM and OR must have crossed over as I found myself on the Vale of Memories watching as the Oracles and various dignitaries arrived.   Master Delta and sitting oracle Driedyn lead the discussions and the following points were raised/agreed;
•    Kiara (Oracle of the Dreadlord) renounced her position within the Valley, took up a tabard from Gabriel Chide of the Pentar and joined their Nation to travel and live with the other worshippers of the Dreadlord within the Fortress.  Her words as she left were "Neither Chaos nor impurity are defence against the howling heart of evil".  She took the Axe of Law and Hate with her having been challenged by Hak to leave it behind.  Her and Gabriel Chide left before the meeting proper.
•    It seemed to be broadly accepted that the Temple of the Four Winds (meaning the sitting Oracle) would move from the Valley and take up residence elsewhere.
•    The sitting oracle is protected by the Mystics (the others are not)
•    Several Nations wanted to ensure free and clear access for all people (including nomads) to the Temple
•    Several Nations offered their services to protect the temple although some came with the caveats (The Heights only during the sitting of the Oracle of the Protector, the DFD only for recompense) while others did not (The Shadowsfall)
•    The Shadowsfall Oracle Judge Brae seems to shift in shape and size on a regular basis and generally speaks in ritual phrases while Judge Flam interprets, or does the majority of the speaking.
•    The Circle of Flame seem to have some element of prophecy amongst them.  Their representative Basil handed several scrolls of prophecy to Lady Kevralyn although it wasn't clear to me why or what they referred to from where I was.
•    There were several other discussions held around the room between small groups but trapped on the VoM as I was I couldn't overhear most of what went on.  Hopefully others will expand on the information learned as a result of these conversations.

During the course of the meeting a bomb appeared in the centre of the main room along with a timer.  Quicksilver, heedless of his own safety, began to attempt to defuse the bomb with various of the party assisting to locate the correct instructions.  Sadly Velkin (or defusing expert) was trapped outside in another room and unable to provide guidance.  The Nation representatives were of course aghast.  The Reader attempted to bribe his way free but was unsuccessful.  Chancellor Marius teleported himself away and the Shadowsfall called on "The Mother and Father" and were similarly spirited away.  The other reps either lacked the ability to leave or chose not to do so. 

The bomb exploded leaving many strewn around the room in very bad shape.  A number of white figures appeared but they must have been associated to a Nation as they were unable to inflict injury on any present.

As we patched ourselves up it became obvious that three individuals were missing.  Sir Gallant of the Heights (Order of Chastity), Ambassador Markham of the Wizards Concilium and Enchanter Auris of the Labyrinthe of Xenos.   We resolved to do what we could return them the following day once we had a chance to consider the options.

Steel Day
Having had visions and dreams once more we decided that the missing representatives must have been blown onto the VoM as a result of the explosion.  We investigated the cellar and found a weak point which we could force ourselves though onto the VoM to search for them.  So that is what we did.

During the course of the day we did indeed locate the three individuals and managed to banish them back (or allow them to take themselves back) to Orin Rakatha.

We also saw a series of visions
•    A dark figure discussing with a figure in green (and a bit of shiny stuff) the plan to blow the waystation up
•    The same pair of figures talking about how the first explosion was one of the "softening up bombs" and how the main charges hadn't gone off.
•    The same pair bemoaning the fact that the detonation at the main meeting wouldn't be fatal as the main charges were out of sync.  The main objective thought seemed to be to embarrass the Valley rather than kill everyone.
•    Calex Wraithspawn raising a rabble of cultists to attack the Butlers Boon and raze it to the ground
•    The Green clad hepathologist was also given instructions to attack the waystation and kill the Valley with "his strongest hepaths”)

The combination of these visions left us with a nice clear picture of what we would be doing later that day so we proceeded to seal the tendril of shadow that was still linking the VoM and Waystation together in order to try and prevent similar messes in the future.  With the sealing complete we were banished back to OR and found a delicious meal waiting for us.

After dinner we were assaulted (shocking I know!) by a horde of Cultists which were dispatched at relatively high cost to ourselves.

Following this attack further probing attacks were made until finally the man in Green appeared with a number of Hepaths of considerable power attacked.  While we were distracted by _that_ Calex Wraithspawn and his undead attacked from the opposite direction which was very troubling as you might expect.  At this point a furious battle raged back and forth with small groups being separated and fighting back together until eventually Calex was driven off no doubt to trouble us mightily in the future!

The Pathfinders then arrived having made the place secure and putting pickets in place which heralded the arrival of several notable Valley members for political discussions.   During this time I took my leave to undertake some personal business but I understand much was agreed.

Ygdrassil shelter you,

Ligner Larsson
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