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A Storm on the Horizon - Garamite Letter 1

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My lord and master Duke Draha

I have done as you asked and spoken with the King.

Your suit falls on deaf ears as he is consumed with his own ambitions.

If we seek to live upon this land as towered folk do then we must do so without his aid.

The wendigo beasts have many allies and have said that a tower awaits the followers of the North Wind.

Since the breaking I hear the pure call of our master as cold and clear as the northern frost and the wind walker can no longer bend the will of the weak amongst us.

I say they are still treacherous and not to be trusted completely but they may yet serve to bring our clan to greatness.

You must feel it the change in the winds call since the breaking.

It no longer whispers and cajoles but roars with the force of the storm.

"Bring forth winter drive those upon the land back to their Towers or consume them utterly"

Our path is set



Guardian of the Crystal Groves



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