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The Story of the Master of Shadow

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Aberash was a bright student who had a quick mind and immense capacity for remembering every detail, his recollection of information was extraordinary, even for one of his race, once something was committed to his memory it was never forgotten.  He easily made friends among his fellow students during his studies although several of them were jealous of his abilities. Aberash focussed his early studies on the element of Light, less interested in the aspects of Ice, although he excelled in that learning as well for completeness.  His manipulation of the primordial essence was astonishing and he soon became a Master and joined the exalted heights as one of the Masters of Law.

Aberash was one of the leading lights in the fight against the Void, gaining the notice of the Black Pharaoh for his ability and earning a place among his guard, accompanying the Black Pharaoh on his assaults against the Void.  It wasn’t until the battle of a thousand stars in the distant plane of Kulthea that Aberash found his abilities lacking, unable to pierce the dark night. This failure greatly troubled Aberash and his demeanour slowly changed, becoming much more sullen and prone to outbursts of anger.

The Black Pharaoh took Aberash to one side and suggested that he turn his considerable talents to expand his knowledge and become a more rounded Master.  This was something unheard of among his people, to become a Master of more than one discipline. So it was that after the lesson of Kulteha did Aberash turn his attention to the element of Darkness.  As before his skill at learning was astonishing and he worked hard and long to attain the title of Master of Darkness, together with his mastery of Light. Thus Aberash became the first of the Mystics to become a dual Master.

With this new knowledge the abilities of Aberash increased manifold and he changed his name to that of Bezaleel.  Thus did Bezaleel stand at the side of the Black Pharaoh becoming his right hand man and never again failing his mentor.  Bezaleel naturally followed his mentor to the newly created prison, Orin Raktha, and there was tasked with a great service, to watch over the Void and keep it in check, in particular its attempted corruption of magic.  

Bezaleel embodied the Node of Shadow and called it into himself to watch over it and stem its influence.  For over a thousand years did Bezaleel complete this task, but over time the influence of the Black Pharaoh lessened, as he slept, and the pulsing heart of the Void did grow stronger.  Once, where a champion of Life stood, became a corruption of Darkness and the heart of Bezaleel did turn by the honeyed words of Velash. A true Master of Shadow was born and Bezaleel did betray his heritage to serve Velash and the Void.

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