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Starting a Character

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The Heroquest system is a points-based system. All character start as an Apprentice, with a fixed set of skills regardless of the eventual race or class. Subsequently characters gain points from going on adventures, typically one point per hour of the adventure. These points are then spent by the player buying skills, powers and abilities for their character.

Before a character can begin choosing skills on which to spend their points they must choose a race and a class. This choice will determine how many points the various skills and abilities will cost you to purchase (a human warrior is able to gain life points for less points than an elven mage for example). Please find information on:

In-game, your character is a green adventurer. You live in large barracks with all of the other aspiring Heroes and continue to receive training in the fundamentals of adventuring.

There are various levels of Status in society that are explained below:

Apprentice - Having successfully completed his first mission the Apprentice is now able to advance his training.

Guildsman - Once you have attained a certain level of training and performed a number of missions you are granted the title of Guildsman. You gain the title of Veteran, Alchemist, Wizard or Priest.

Master - Once you have attained a certain level of training and performed a number of missions you will be recognised as a Guildmaster. You gain the title of Champion, Master Alchemist, Sorcerer or High Priest dependent upon your Guild.

Hero - Once you have attained a certain level of training and performed a number of missions or have performed a Quest (played a 5 Day) you are then named Hero in addition to your other titles. E.g. Hero Wizard, Hero Sorcerer etc. You are only named Hero once, there is no such title as Double Hero, Triple Hero etc. Once you are named Hero you are then able to purchase Hero level skills. You may play a Heroquest at any Rank.

Lords - Hold a great deal of political power and are the leaders within the army. The amount of Status a people hold is recognised by the Mystics on Orin Rakatha and used to secure land to dwell in. A Sector’s political power (and therefore the level of influence the Lord of that Sector wields) is measured in Status available and therefore the swearing of an Oath of Allegiance to a Lord gives the character measurable worth and leverage.

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