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The following is an account of the valley mission “Moragar’s Legacy”, Bone Moon PC10, as written by Wulfric Baneguard. For the quickest possible summary:


Cleanse Moragar’s Inheritance of chaotic corruption.

Determine who will carry Moragar’s Inheritance ongoing.


Moragar’s Inheritance successfully cleansed.

Moragar’s Inheritance given to Aluviel the Pure of the Order of the Broken Arrow, with promise of assistance given from the Halmadon’s Heights and the Senatus Empire.

This account will note the events that transpired as best I observed them and will focus on the key elements and what supporting information is required for understanding. This will leave out accounts of many individuals work, so I want to personally thank each and every person who accompanied me on this task. Without everyone’s support we would not have accomplished this critical task, and I think in this current time of split affiliation we should remember this.


Wulfric Baneguard (party leader)

Smudge Welk


Dame Layla Mayfield

Bill Jingle





Baroness Ksndra







Earth Day

We gathered at The Breaks waystation in the Mere to be briefed by Sir Clavados and Wolf. Between them they carried Moragar’s Inheritance, a great artifact of Law, and informed us that it was corrupted by chaos. This corruption was believed to be spreading discord and mistrust across Orin Rakatha. Sir Clavados tasked us to cleanse it of this chaotic corruption before it could then be carried on its path across the planes.

The nature of how Moragar’s became corrupted was not understood at the time, but we knew that Duke Zengarrad T’grath (a mindflayer Duke of the Abyss, also called the Mindscreamer) was seeking it.

To assist us in this mission, Sir Clavados entrusted us with the two pieces of King Michaels armour that are currently held by the Valley, as visions indicated that the armour and Moragar’s were connected in some fashion. He also informed us that following the death of the Uncles last year, the previous corrupted bearers of Moragar’s, there had been no psionic attempts to influence whoever carried the armour.

Our first task was to travel to the Good Node of Knowledge that was nearby, where visions indicated we would learn more about the task before us.

Whilst the node itself could not provide information to cleanse Moragar’s, we were met by a member of the Heights, Hafran the Wise. He had been tasked to bring us a book of visions and information by Aluviel the Pure, a member of the Order of the Broken Arrow (the ancient order who had been entrusted to carry Moragar’s Inheritance).

This book however was the official property of the Halmadon’s Heights, and Hafran indicated he had brought it to us at great personal risk. Indeed, a group of the Knights of Purity tried and failed to retrieve the book and Hafran through combat.

On returning to the waystation, we were met by Sir William Bly of the Knights of Chastity, who wanted to discuss the book and the cleansing of Moragar’s. After some assurances of our qualities, it was agreed that we would retain the book and use it to cleanse Moragar’s, but that we would return it immediately following our mission.

Studying the book identified our path to cleanse Moragar’s. We needed to obtain 4 specific ritual components, prepare them at a Node of Law with a provided ritual, then finally use all 4 to enter the aritifact and cleanse the corruption, in the form of a hepathic creature called the Tainted One, from within.

It also provided information on how Moragar’s Inheritance had been corrupted. It was being carried through the Abyss at the time when Valley forces destroyed Balor on his home plane. The Mindscreamer took the chaotic energies that remained of Balor and forced it inside the artifact, corrupting it.

During the evening, we were assaulted by a force of hepaths who dealt psionic damage and would frequently stun your mind, making them exceptionally lethal to those caught by themselves.

Fire Day

We travelled to The Greenheart to recover the first two ingredients, an Axantal flower and the heart of an Ygethmore, a creature of chaos. A vision from the book identified that the flower would be carried by a Silver Priest, and so we met with the Laire Tinwe to arrange this, guided by the book.

The priest agreed to show us the location of the flower, if we cleansed the area of corrupted ogre shaman and its forces, which we completed successfully. He also asked that we remember the names of 10 Laire Tinwe who had fallen in conflict with the Dymwan. Additionally, 8 of the fallen’s bodies (provided at the end of this report) had been taken by the Dywan and he asked that if we came across information regarding those taken to pass it along.

With this information our scouts were able to recover several Axantal flowers from a hostile region of the forest. The book then guided us to a member of my order, my first contact with anyone from my home plane of Caliban in the last 7 years since I arrived on Orin Rakatha and joined the Valley.

This chapter master of the Baneguard, Harald Wolfsbane, indicated that he could assist us in summoning this creature of the Bane, called the Sundering Beast. We also discovered that he had joined the Order of the Broken Arrow and agreed to meet with us that evening to discuss this further.

To summon this beast and its horde of chaotic creatures across the planes we had to use my blood, almost all that I had, to call its hunger.

Thanks to the support of all gathered with me I was able to prevail and slay this creature of the Bane, both gathering the required ingredient and proving myself before a senior member of my order. With this test complete he granted me permission to undertake my final testing and perform a Great Hunt.

While traveling to the Node of Law, where we needed to prepare the first two ingredients, we were met by a scout of the Senatus Empire. He knew of our task and generally indicated we were meddling with things too important and beyond us. He said that his mistress, Arbiter Juliana Benedictus, would meet with us at the waystation later and discuss matters. His manner was quite confusing, which he explained was because he saw all potential futures and would observe as they occurred.

Once we began conducting the rituals, we were assailed by a further force of these psionic hepaths. On the completion of each rite, we observed a vision connecting to the corruption of Moragar’s.

The first vision showed the Uncles as fully corrupted, marked thrice on each cheek by a symbol we attribute to the Mindscreamer. They were sacrificing a witchfinder from Horsod Forest in some kind of blood ritual.

The second vision showed the Uncles meeting with a masked figure who they called Aluviel the Pure in the abyss. However, the manner of the figure led us to believe (and later confirm) that this was instead the influence of the Mindscreamer. This time they were only marked once on each cheek, leading us to believe that we were going backwards in time with each vision.

Following the successful completion of both rituals, we returned to The Breaks waystation. Not long after we were met by this Arbiter of the Senatus empire, who was keen to discuss Moragar’s and what she as a representative of the Empire could do to support us. She indicated that the empire would be best placed (in her opinion) to carry Moragar’s, as they are fully committed to law, have strong interplanar capabilities, and are a powerful and well supported faction.

She additionally said that she could help us gather one of the two remaining ingredients, Holy Water of Law. For this she provided a chalice, temporarily empowered it with Law, and then completed the purification when we quickly returned with it filled with water from a fresh flowing source.

That evening, we were assaulted by forces of the Circle Aflame, who from our best understanding were trying to claim Moragar’s Inheritance and burn down the waystation.

Additionally, Bill and Michael were attacked by Grist constructs from among the Valley support group with Wolf, specifically a Humacti and a Dark Path member. For more detailed information on the Grist, I would direct you to the report “Shards of Power” as written by Bill.

However, the quick summary is as follows. The Grist are an insectoid race of psionic users from the Astral Plane. They infect people with parasites to control them, or they replace them with construct copies (capturing and holding the original). Constructs bleed acid, and can be detected with a simple cut, parasite hosts require invasive surgery. Constructs explode in a ball of acid when defeated.

We finished the evening by talking with Aluviel the Pure, a member of the Order of the Broken Arrow and a hepath of the Abyss. He had been guided by Law to join the order and in the process had come into possession of another piece of the armour of King Michael.

Through discussions with him we learnt that he was able to carry Moragar’s Inheritance by himself, a feat only high priests of Moragar can accomplish. He also was impervious to any psionics that we could test with him. Between these two factors we identified him and the Order as the best candidate to carry the artifact going forwards, but that they would need assistance to facilitate planar travel.

Steel Day

In the morning, we faced a further set of attacks by Grist Constructs, a Reaper and a Brethren member. Although they only attempted to kill Bill, with the other merely questioning and paralysing Aamil.

We then set off to Starvale Peaks to obtain our final ritual ingredient, the blood of a Drow seer. Making our way through the outer Drow guards, they were particularly interested in Draal as he is currently without house.

The seer would only meet with him alone, and after much discussion attempted to slay him. After clearly demonstrating that we would defeat her forces, she acquiesced to providing the required blood.

We were then able to perform the ritual on the two remaining ingredients to prepare them. Once again, we were assaulted by a force of hepaths, and again completion of each ritual showed us a vision.

The first showed the uncles travelling through my home plane of Caliban, with creatures of the Bane trying to corrupt and twist them. They seemed very tired and weary under this influence but were unmarked.

The final ritual showed a proclamation from the Mindscreamer, where he told of his status as an Aspect of the Greater Mind, and how he was influencing people without them knowing (my interpretation being that he was referring to those with a psionic influence following him as their aspect, but this is personal conjecture). Specifically in the vision, he was able to control any with his enmity, those carrying the amour, or those with a connection to the sphere of the mind.

Following this we then performed the final ritual to travel inside the artifact and cleanse the corruption from within. Upon our arrival we were met by Moragar, or an aspect of him in some sense. He was unable to tell us much as his mind was clouded. To clear this, we found and cleansed a site of Evil, Fire and Darkness.

With this complete he could then help us to summon the chaotic corruption, the remnants of Balor, so that we could strike it down. To achieve this, we had been given 3 scrolls to empower blunt weapons with Law, and so myself, Layla and Caradac fought and slew the Tainted One, as only these lawful weapons could harm it.

On our successful return to The Breaks waystation, we were surprised to receive a visitor from the Circle Aflame, a man named Ongûlûn the Hunter. I talked with him about his visit, and he said he wished to meet with the representatives of the various nations who were present.

I questioned him on their desire for Moragar’s. He said he would take it, melt it down, and use it to create more creatures. But considering our multiple successes over him, he agreed to foolish to try further.

That evening we were visited and congratulated by Sir William of the Knights of Purity, where we returned the book as agreed. The Arbiter from the Senatus Empire also turned up, and I discussed with each of them separately the matter of what would happen with Moragar’s. I presented the case that the Order of the Broken Arrow would be best to carry the artifact, but that they would need assistance in this, particularly to accommodate traveling the planes.

We were also visited by Nerak and two other drow. They were here to get our help to conduct a rescue mission for Eremor Shaderiver, the head of black school of magic, who was trapped in the Elemental Plane of Darkness. I was not a part of this mission, so all I can report is that they reported that it was successful.

At this point Aluviel the Pure arrived. He formally accepted Smudge into the Order of the Broken Arrow, who had received blessing from Moragar himself and was now a high priest of his.

We then decided upon what should be done with Moragar’s Inheritance. It was our recommendation that the Order of the Broken Arrow carry it, to which all agreed, but that they would need help. Both the Heights and Senatus Empire offered their services, to which Aluviel accepted on behalf of the order.

The fallen Laire Tinwe who were taken:

Prince Gul Arth Lithuidir

Harna Dewron

Gaer Harnedir

Ariollin Arasdaer

Maltecet Galeidir

Pel Osgaron

Brethilon Thiliedir

Camaendir Thiliedir

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