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The following is account of our mission to the best of my memory. I don't do names. Some of it might not be in quite the right order but the important bits should be ok. Others had the luxury of notebooks and eyes that work. They can fill in the missing bits.

The Party

Wulfric Baneguard (Leader)
Dame Layla
Bill Jingle
Smudge Welk

Earth Day

The party approached The Breaks Waystation near the edge of The Greenheart and were approached by a Halmadonian who was fleeing from his own people. The Halmadonian carried a book, written by one of their seers, that outlined the process that needed to be followed to remove the corruption upon Moragar's Inheritance (MI). He added that he had been compelled by the Sphere of Law to deliver the book into our hands at the nearby Node of Knowledge. Forces from The Halmadonian Order of Purity intercepted us and demanded their colleague's return. Their demands were denied.

Sir Clavados and Wolf arrived and delivered MI into our care alongside the arm greaves of King Michael's armour. Those that could carry MI were Michael, Silverheart and Smudge. Study began on the book and we learnt that we would need to collect four components. Ritual destruction of these components would provide us with a vision. By interacting with the visions, we would be able to unlock the means to cleanse MI.

We were also beset by malevolent spirits connected to an Alip, some sort of tortured soul that had been buried in a graveyard in the waystation's garden.

A representative from The Halmadonian Order of Chastity arrived with a proposal that The Heights take charge of MI following the removal of the corruption.

Fire Day

Following breakfast, we were assaulted by forces of The Circle Aflame who sought MI. They were repelled.

The party headed into the margins of The Greenwood, skirting Laire Tinwe lands as best as possible. After warming up with a couple of groups of hordelings, we encountered Laire Tinwe elves. Discussions went favourably and they warned us of a corruption that had been affecting the nearby woodland. Pressing on, we battled our way through increasingly aggressive plant-life before locating the flowers we required.

We were then intercepted by a lone traveller who introduced himself as a member of The Senatus Empire. He asked to meet us later at the Waystation.

En-Route to the ritual node, we met a traveller from the lands of Kaliban. He was a senior Baneguard and also a member of The Order of The Broken Arrow (TBA). He recognised Wulfric as a fellow Baneguard and they shared greetings and information.

The Baneguard performed a blood-rite on Wulfric that would allow him to summon a mythical foe and elevate himself within his people. The howls of The Sundering Beast and it's hepathic minions could soon be heard. A bloody battle ensued and Wulfric stood victorious whilst holding the heart of the creature; the second component that we required.

Travelling on, we finally reached the ritual node and began preparations to use the first two components. When the flower was used, we were flung into a vision that erupted from MI. In that vision, we fought 'The Uncles' and their Hepaths at their most chaotic. Once defeated, they left behind a facsimile of MI that was aspected to Evil.

When the heart was used as part of the ritual we received a second vision. We once again fought The Uncles, but they were more themselves, less aggressive and chaotic. Once defeated, they left behind a facsimile of MI that was aspected to Fire.

Sidenote: When performing the ritual, the wielders of the book were able to communicate with a sentient invisible penguin that assisted them with their efforts. Yep, I know it's weird, but I felt it worth mentioning.

Returning to the waystation we scraped off the mud, left our cloaks dripping and settled down for food. We were joined by an Ambassador from the Senatus Empire and the gentleman we met previously. The gent was 'gifted' and could perceive events 'out of time'. The Ambassador made a proposition very similar to the Knight of Chastity the previous day. They would provide their might and resources to carry MI across The Planes. They did add the caveat that the planes where they have influence would probably receive beneficial favour.

As a gesture of good will (and a mighty push from the Sphere of Law), the Ambassador revealed that she could create 'Water of Law' and had been guided to bring the necessary components with her. We were sent to a nearby brook to retrieve a goblet full of running water and return it without spilling any. On our return the Allip and his tortured souls turned up. Aamil and Dayleth managed to evade the combat and carry the water to the Ambassador. Smudge 'raced' to the grave to recover a bone that Silverheart had previously discovered would provide the Allip with release.

With the Allip at rest and the Water of Law in our possession. we were once again assaulted by an unsuccessful Circle Aflame war party seeking MI.

We were then visited by Alluvial, member of TBA and wielder of The Gauntlets of King Michael. This individual had been encountered by Michael when he was using Paladin's Hut on a previous mission. It transpired that Alluvial had encouraged and assisted the Halmadonian seers to write the book that we were using. Ultimately, he made the proposal that TBA take charge of MI following the removal of the corruption.

Steel Day

We set out to locate the fourth component, guided by the book we were to collect blood from a specific drow seer. We soon came upon groups of Drow shades and spiders. We fought our way through until we encountered the Drow Seer that we sought. Draal engaged in 'Drow Politics' and all went as well as as could be expected. She was initially reluctant but saw the error of her ways when surrounded by the bodies of her retinue and her blood was willingly given.

Once again, we arrived at the ritual node and used the Water of Law component. The vision that resulted was of a time when The Uncles were initially being corrupted. They were aware of us and grateful for help in destroying the Hepaths. Once defeated, they left behind a facsimile of MI that was aspected to Darkness.

We then used the final component, the Drow Blood. Things went a little crazy as a powerful Mind Flayer and its friends turned up. He stated that he was the Aspect of Mind and of Chaos. He then mentally dominated a handful of party members and it all got a bit confusing. Thirty plus 'Heals' later, with a healthy drizzle of 'Mass cure mortal', the party were successful in repelling the enemies.

The party pressed on to the final ritual node where the Rite of Cleansing would properly begin. The invisible penguin guided us through the process as we placed the facsimiles in a triangular pattern upon the node. MI was then placed across the triangle bisecting it in two. Silverheart and Smudge held hands, we all said 'I Do' and into The Inheritance we travelled.

Arriving inside MI, we encountered a stranger who we deduced was Moragar himself. He explained that his mind had been clouded by the corruption of Fire, Evil, Darkness and Chaos. We set out to cleanse him of these corruptions and as we did so, he was able to further assist us. Finally, we prepared Weapons of Law, faced off against and ultimately, defeated The Tainted One.

With MI cleansed, we were teleported back to the ritual circle. Awaiting us was an Umber Hulk and a myriad of spiders and myconids. A crazy fight ensued. I recall our scouts talking to someone on the side-lines but don't recall who as my mind was in a feeble state at the time.

Back to the Waystation for food and refreshment. The repast was slightly spoiled by the presence of representatives of Circle Aflame. They admitted that they had been sending waves of troops to steal MI with the hope of forging some arcane evil artefact but it seemed like 'too tough a job' so they were packing it in and going home.

A little later, Neerak and a pair of distinguished Drow arrived and requested aid. They need six people to venture into the Realm of Darkness to seek out and make contact with Eremor Shaderiver.
The volunteers were Layla, Spark, Draal, Smudge, Aamil and Varsh. They passed through a portal to find themselves in the grounds of a keep on a rocky escarpment. Drow, mana-draining shades and a scarecrow rushed to attack us and were duly dispatched.

Entering the tower, we descended into the catacombs where we discovered Eremor, accompanied by a 'vassal' of the local Prince of Darkness. On behalf of Lady Kevralyn Soulfire, Neerak passed on an invitation to Eremor to return to the Valley and resurrect The House Tumdurgul. Eremor expressed his desire to do so but, due to a pact, would require permission from 'The Prince' in order to do so. The vassal stated that he would attempt to expedite affairs if we would be so kind as to kill a mana-eating monstrosity that he'd trapped in the cellar. So we did. We also discovered a drow assassin who bore a letter. There was talk of a Mistress of Scarecrows from the Shadowlands having emnity with Eremor. Others will be able to recall more. Eremor also stated that he would welcome Draal into the House upon its formation.

Returning through the portal to the waystation we discovered that Halmadon's Height's representative from the Order of Chastity had arrived. As had the Senatus Empire Ambassador. While we were awaiting the arrival of Alluvial it became clear that Wulfric and the others had delivered the party's pre-agreed proposal to the guests; namely to all work together. Alluvial arrived and discussions in to the future of MI entered their final stages. Ultimately it was agreed that TBA would take possession of the artefact whilst the Valley, Senatus Empire and Halmodan's Heights would provide support and assistance to ensure its continued safe passage.

We are proud to report that due to the hard fought efforts of those listed above, Moragar's Inheritance has been freed from corruption and has returned to its Blessed Journey through The Planes.

Scribed by Cletus The Fighting Fetus (Gnome)

On behalf of:

Sgt. Cheryl 'Smudge' Welk
Champion Sentinel, High Priest of Moragar, Order of the Broken Arrow


Throughout the mission there were assassination attempts made by exploding pod-people. Simulacrum of Valley people. There was talk of low-level simulacrum that bleed green goo and aren't particularly bright. But there was also talk of higher quality ones (that may actually be parasitic control by some hive-minded bug). In truth I managed to be absent when every event occurred but it sounds proper dodgy and probably needs looking into.

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