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The Real Nature of Agoth

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The rise of Agoth and how this entity came about is documented elsewhere within this Library; the bulk of this detail will not be repeated here.  Suffice it to say that Agoth, whilst powerful and with a mind of its own, is in reality nothing more than a parasite, the product of a Device (which is referred to as Agoth) that has been attached to the ancient power of the Void, by the skills and manipulations of the leaders of the Dymwan Cadre.  It was never originally intended to become a thoughtform but developed its own consciousness due to the manipulation of the Void and the manner of its creation.  Whilst it is not under the direct control of any of the people who contributed to make it, it does contain a large proportion of their consciousness and is therefore susceptible to their influence.



The Agoth “experiment” was designed to allow its creators to become Realm Lords in their own rights and grant them power to match that of their mentor, Lord Cardinaris.  However the experiment did not yield the results expected, due to Agoth being implanted into the Void rather than a Realm of the Sleepless Dead. The Void itself has no sentience as such except for the drive to consume all and return to the prime state of non-existence. It is this drive that has insinuated itself into Agoth and given it consciousness and the underlying need to seek the destruction of all life, which overrules any desires of its creators.  There is a continual battle between Agoth and its Creators to assert their control and it would appear that Agoth is winning this battle.

The Device (Agoth) was created by Gill and Tiresias to act like a Talisman that absorbs power and stores it for use by its controller.  It was implanted into the Void and has now become part of it.  After Agoth was implanted Tiresias created the Soul Gardens in order to feed it and enhance its strength; Agoth siphons the power of the Soul Gardens in order to turn the raw natural power of the Void into something it can use.  As stated Agoth was intended to be used by its Creators, like you would a Talisman, in order to create their own Realm and populate it with their own unique Undead.  

Initially Agoth followed its Creators desires, because it suited it and cooperated with the building of its Realm and creation of its Minions in order to increase its influence.  However, throughout the process Agoth has dominated its creations and given them all its drive to destroy everything, even its Creators have become tainted over time.  When Gill was consumed in Kulthea, rather than his spirit moving on, it became part of the Device and Agoth – an abomination.  Gill's mind was quickly destroyed and his physical form allowed Agoth to gain even greater independence and influence beyond its original boundaries.  

Since then, Agoth has continued to grow, increasing its power and creating more minions and creatures with but one aim, to destroy all life and turn everything into nothingness.  The speed and power of the growth of what has become the Realm of Agoth has astonished and confused many.  Whilst the nature of the Void has always been present and acknowledged, it has never been referred to as Agoth, or considered to have purpose.  Many still do not fully realise what has happened and do not understand the full threat of what is Agoth.

However, a few have realised the true danger of Agoth and its very real threat, if allowed to continue to grow, then it would become unstoppable.  But how do you stop something as vast as Agoth, with its seemingly limitless power?  It is fairly simple really, if you remember the true nature of Agoth.  Whilst Agoth has access to a vast amount of resources and strength, this is all controlled by the original “Device”.  It is like a tap; vast resources available to it that could flood buildings and continue to spread its influence, but turn the tap off and it can spread no more.  Better yet, destroy the tap and it can never be turned back on.  Some have suggested that you could destroy the Soul Gardens to achieve the same effect, however, the tap would still remain and more Soul Gardens could be produced later.

Clearly this course of action, whilst highly effective, is not easy to achieve.  You would first need to gain access to the Void, which is not straightforward.  Once upon the Void you would need to find the Device and once found you would then need to remove Gill from it and destroy the Device itself.  Even then, for completeness and to ensure the experiment was never duplicated, it would be wise to destroy all the Creators, lest they try again.  

We will assume that access to the Void itself has been obtained.  To locate the Device you would need to “focus” on where you wish to go similar to normal travel upon the Void.  However, due to the alien nature of Agoth, not many could focus sufficiently in order to be drawn to it.  To ensure success you would need an attuned Vere essence.  Vere essences can be obtained from the destruction of a Soul Garden dedicated to a Vere – a further problem in that you would first need to find and destroy one.  Once obtained, this essence would need to be attuned, by uttering at least thirty five words of power upon it from a Book of Keys (one located in the Abyss, Chi Chen, the Hall of Heroes, Thanatos and Orin Rakatha).  The essence would then need to be at the centre of a casting of Invokes from the three prime Spheres – casting the Invoke into the essence.  Finally a spell of each of the eight prime elements should be cast into it before it being subjected to an assault from the Sphere of the Mind.  Not an easy process.  With this attuned Vere essence you should now be able to return to the Void and locate the Device.

The actual destruction of the Device should entail nothing more removing any guardians and Gill, before physically breaking the Device.  Once Gill has been destroyed and the Device broken, the power should be spent.  The Void will still exist and be there, but will no longer have an outlet for its rage.  The Soul Gardens will remain, but will hoard power for no purpose and should deteriorate over time.  As to what happens to Agoth’s minions and creatures, time will tell, but they will lose a lot of their focus and strength, their Priests unable to call upon its power.  

However, as already mentioned, the device is like any other machine, once it has been created, then in theory it could be rebuilt and I would recommend that all the Creators be destroyed.  In addition each of the Creators has upon them a “Key” that grants them to access the power of Agoth.  It would be recommended that these keys be taken and also destroyed, lest some of the power of Agoth still be accessible to its Creators or others.

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