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Scrolls found at a Shadow Node

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Excerpts from Verrick's report, from a mission near the River Calix, South of Dragur Forest (circa '99).

Briefly put pacifism was not to win this day and we fought, disrupting in the process a ritual we were later to find out was being used to utilize the power of a Shadow Node. This ritual was an evil thing; the drow had sacrificed the four Elfar and even one of their own, a woman bearing the jewels of a Sorcerer who could cast the highest level of arcane magics. A scroll clutched in the Sorceress’s hand said the following.


"Whence the Opening of the Portal has been consummated. All scions shall each take but one of the binding charms and the words of control space and only then will the DUNPARAPET be lowered and the CIMMERII allowed to cross over."

"Whence the CIMMERII are assumed, those that remain shall be imbued and will release the binding charms to the bodies of the failed kin whence the failen will be banished to the nether shadows"

The book identified the building as the residence of the Dymwan leader ‘Algrim Faintheart’ who commanded over this area during the war, the book was his diary and revealed the true madness of Necromancy.


Library annotation (unattrib.): "failed kin" is likely to mean the alfar

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