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Prof. Rufus Eastbridge. DTM, ASU, ERD

c/o Dept. Arcane Studies

Research laboratory 5F

The Wizard’s Concillium

Ref: Mission Brief AS65A

To the Office of Internal Affairs

Dear Pallinor

It is with deep concern that I must request you to send one of your operatives to oversee the outcome of the above referenced mission.

I grow increasingly concerned that Lord Black’s fascination with seeking absolution for his former actions is detrimental to the smooth running of the College. I have recently learnt that the Dymwan have taken possession of the third Aldonar artefact. That he seeks peace with his former enemies may be laudable, but giving away potent artefacts that require our study and understanding to other towered groups is beyond the pale.

Assisted by information received from the Celestial Bureaucracy, Black claims that one of the participants of the Ritual of Ancestors possesses Aldonar heritage and that the spirit could still carry the corruption wrought on his people by Cardinarris. He has stated that the risk is too great to rely on diplomatic overtures and that force is regrettably the only option.

Of course, the Shadowsfall truce prohibits direct intervention from towered representatives so he will be seeking assistance from the elemental known as Kholinor to achieve his aims.

It would be most beneficial if your operative was to monitor what occurs on the mission and also, if possible, to learn anything that Kholinor extracts from target (assuming he is not summarily slain).

We have already discussed my deep misgivings over the growing level of necromantic practitioners and their rapid promotions within the college so I will not push that point any further at this time.


Prof. Rufus Eastbridge. DTM, ASU, ERD

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