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Guildsmen Characters

If your character has managed to survive long enough to gain 200 points, rank 20, you will gain the status of Guildsman 

What is Status?

  1. Status is a measurement of inner strength that is recognised most importantly by the Mystics of Orin Rakatha. It is a symbolic representation of the characters influence, strength and power.
  2. The Mystics on Orin Rakatha use Status as a method of deciding who should be recognised as a nation and be allocated an area of land (the only safe place to support civilisation). The exact amount of Status required to be recognised as a nation is unknown. Status must be presented to the Central Isle at the Time of Reckoning which may occur at any point once per calendar year. In some exceptional circumstances the Mystics grant new-comers to the plane an individual audience and chance to present Status which may result in that group becoming recognised as a nation immediately. A single individual must hold sufficient Status to claim a nation by themselves to succeed.
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