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If you have never attended Heroquest before you should play a New Recruit (sometimes called a Basic) using the Basic Rulebook

Gaining Points & Skills

All new characters start as Apprentices (it is assumed that you have completed Basic Training as a New Recruit but no-one has to start as a Basic again)

Even if you have previously played a character in Heroquest your next character still starts life as an Apprentice (although it’s possible to accrue points via “monstering” to use on new characters).

All Apprentices start with the Basic skill set as well as a starting set of skills based on Character Class, Character Race, Sector and Training Camp.

The Heroquest system is points based. This means that players choose the skills their character will have. After completing an adventure you are awarded a certain number of points. This reflects an amount of time the character can book in the Training Camps in order to learn skills. The character can decide which skills he wishes to learn by “spending points” on those skills and thereby receiving training.

Points are awarded after adventures in the following way:You earn points equal to the Average Rank unless you are below Rank for the event. If you are more than half the Rank of the average of the party then you earn an extra 10 points. Rank is an Out of Character measurement of how powerful your Character is & is mainly used to determine if spells affect you - for every 10 points you earn you increase in 1 rank (so if you had 200 points you would be Rank 20) , Status is an In Character measurement (your Status is your character title – e.g. Apprentice, Veteran, Champion, Hero etc).

Type of eventAverage RankBelow AverageMonster
Multi-party weekend40 character points 50 character points 20 character points 
Single party long weekend70 character points 80 character points 34 character points 
Single party 5 Day100 character points 110 character points 50 character points 

After returning from an adventure the character must receive training. Without this training it is impossible for the character to spend his points on skills. Training costs are calculated using Character Points.

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