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The original homeland of many of the Valley peoples is a kingdom named Rol-Farantir within the vast plane of Murandir.  Memories live on and people still resent their traumatic exodus from these lands at the hands of the Senatus Empire 20 years ago.

Over the last 5 years or so after a second great Crusade the Valley peoples once again gained access to Murandir and once again combined under a King (King Paullandiss). Paullandiss sacrificed himself to close the Chaos Vortex which had long plagued the Valley. A new king was announced - King Faldor Steel. However Murandir is drifting away from Orin Rakatha and currently it is impossible to travel between the two planes with a great many peoples staying on Murandir. This led to a loss of Status and the loss of the White Retreat.  

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