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Of the Tests of the Drow

All Drow undergo many tests, both of their ability in their profession and of their loyalty to their House. These tests are set by superiors, sometimes at a set point in the career or sometimes upon a whim. Testing is an integral part of drowic culture. Penalties and rewards vary depending on the test. 


Of the Magical Items of the Drow

Drow magical items are famous for their unique properties. They are often very highly magical when compared to more 'normal' items but a major flaw in the eyes of non-Drow is they degenerate or even decay in sunlight. Extended removal from the Drow homelands again means that drow items degenerate in power. A more powerful item may still retain its magic but to a lesser extent.

Of the Divisions of the Drow

Since the Drow are ruled mainly by pure magic users, the development of younger magic users is restricted, forcing combat skills upon them. Drow are encouraged or forced to learn the combat and lower magical arts. Although magical arts come easily to the drow, young drow are limited in what they are taught and very few drow make it to sorcerer status. Drow war groups contain a good mix of all types of Drow from one House who work together for the good of the group.

Drow acolytes are respected for their command of the spheres, but this is seen as their unique domain and something less than magic. A powerful priest may be seen on the same level as a not-so powerful mage. It is uncommon, but not unheard of, for Warriors and Scouts to rise to the heads of Families and Houses.

Of Lolth

Within the Drow view of the multiverse all Drow have a healthy respect for the arachnid. This respect is derived from the Drow Aspect of the Dark Sphere of power. This representative is seen as a huge spider and is called by the Drow 'Lolth'.


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