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In order to use a Scroll once it has been written, you must be able to read the appropriate runes, either power or magic - if in doubt, ask the writer which rune set they will be using, as a Scroll you cannot read will be useless to you! Note that you do not have to be a caster yourself - as long as you can read the runes, you can use the Scroll.

When using a Scroll, simply read the runes as written, and the spell/invocation will be cast - you have 30 seconds to target the spell/invocation with the final line of vocals. (unlike the usual 5 seconds if it were being cast normally.)

For the scroll to work properly it must be read out audibly and clearly otherwise the scroll will not release the spell/invocation. If you are interrupted in any way whilst casting the spell/invocation then again it is not released from the scroll and is considered a failed casting. A failed casting does not mean that the scroll is wasted however it takes a full 24 hours before the attempt can be made again.

You cannot read a scroll you cannot see, so if it is dark light a candle.

The cost of purchasing a piece of blank scroll paper is 100 gests, a character is required to learn how to write their own scrolls for use.

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