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Cosmic Power

High Priests are the personification of the power of their Sphere able to call forth its strength in ways impossible for simple Priests.

The High Priest also speak for his Sect in matters of politics, whatever agreements he makes the Sect will honour. However this authority brings with it responsibility, for the High Priest must remember always that he represents his Sect and his Sphere and that any actions he may take reflect not only upon him but on the Tower in which he dwells.

One does not become a High Priest easily. You must be offered the position by the Sect: only those who truly embody the ideals of the Sect will be considered. Not all Priests accept the call to become a High Priest; some would prefer not to have the responsibility, whilst others do not have the faith required for the position.

Cosmic Power

Cosmic Power is the official name for invocations of levels 9 and 10. There are two types of Cosmic Invocation; those which can be cast in the field (as described below) and those which are prepared at the Ritual area of the Sect before leaving on a quest.

Casting Cosmic Invocations on adventures

Casting Cosmic Power on adventures is difficult and time consuming. Many High Priests choose not too because of the equipment and effort required. Such High Priests prefer to concentrate on prepared invocations as described under their descriptions.

If you intend to cast Cosmic Power on adventures you should understand the following rules and be prepared to have the Referee observe your casting carefully: much is expected of High Priests in terms of making your casting suitable impressive. Because of the ceremony area described below (which is usually set up in or near to whatever base the party are using), it is impossible to cast Cosmic Power on overland adventures.


A Talisman is vital for the casting of Cosmic Power. Should a caster complete an Cosmic Invocation without a Talisman they will die.


Cosmic Invocations require an elaborate and extensive ceremony to be performed at a hallowed area, dedicated to their sphere (Hallowed Ground for the Good Sphere, Balanced Ground for the Neutral Sphere, and Unhallowed Ground for the Evil Sphere). This ceremony can only be performed at the prepared area.

The ritual should be appropriate to the character and impressive to behold, even more so than the rituals performed to carry out Ritual Power. You should have a unique ritual for each Cosmic Invocation that you can cast. Again, the Referee will monitor your casting and offer advice as required.


Cosmic Invocations require 20 minutes of uninterrupted ceremony to complete. Should the caster be interrupted in any way the invocation will fail and the caster will lose the power for the invocation. The casters concentration is disturbed if anyone enters the ceremony area during their casting, they are struck or otherwise interrupted from the ceremony.

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