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Arcane Magic

Sorcerers are the masters of magic, binding and unleashing elemental forces to their bodies in ways that Wizard's are unable to. Sorcerers perform difficult and time consuming ceremonies at the preparation area of their School before embarking upon a quest and some carry elaborate and bulky casting equipment with them, enabling them to perform certain Arcane Spells in the field.

More importantly a Sorcerer speaks for his School in matters of politics, whatever agreements he makes the School will honour. However this authority brings with it responsibility, for the Sorcerer must remember always that he represents his School of Magic and any actions he may take reflect not only upon him but on the Tower he dwells in.

One does not become a Sorcerer easily. You must be offered the position by the School, either in return for long and dutiful service or for performing great deeds of which benefited the School. Not all Wizards accept the call to become a Sorcerer; some would prefer not to have the responsibility whilst others do not have the dedication required for the position.

Arcane Magic

Arcane Magic is the official name for spells of levels 9 and 10. There are two types of Arcane Spell; those which are prepared before leaving upon a quest and those which may be cast in the field using appropriate ceremonial casting apparatus. There are two types of Arcane level spell; those which can be cast in the field (as described below) and those which are prepared at the Ritual area of the School of Magic before leaving on a quest.

Casting Arcane Magic on adventures

Casting Arcane Magic on adventures is difficult and time consuming. Many Sorcerers choose not too because of the equipment and effort required. Such Sorcerers prefer to concentrate on prepared spells as described further down this page.

If you intend to cast Arcane magic on adventures you should understand the following rules and be prepared to have the Referee observe your casting carefully, much is expected of Sorcerers in terms of making your casting suitable impressive. Because of the ceremony area described below (which is usually set up in or near to whatever base the party are using) it is impossible to cast Arcane magic on overland adventures.


A Focus is vital for the casting of Arcane Magic. Should a caster complete an Arcane spell without a Focus they will die.

In Element

Arcane level spells may only be cast when the caster is "in element" for the colour of the spell which they wish to cast. See being in element for details.

Ceremony Area

Arcane spells require an impressive Ceremony area dedicated to a single colour of magic in order to be cast. The ceremony area should be at least 20 square feet in size, although this space need not be taken up by a single casting mat, and should include props, candles etc. appropriate to both the caster and the colour of magic to which the area is dedicated. It should be obvious that the area is to be used for something far more powerful than High Magic magic casting kit would be.

It would be possible for two Sorcerers of the same colour to share a casting area, but not possible for Sorcerers of different colours of magic. The Referee will inspect your ceremony area to make sure that it is suitable and will be happy to suggest any improvements which could be made.


Arcane spells require an elaborate and extensive ceremony to be performed as the character is performing the most powerful of magics. This ceremony can only be performed at the ceremony area explained above and should be performed for the full duration of the casting time.

The ritual should be appropriate to the character and impressive to behold, even more so than the rituals performed to carry out high magic. You should have a unique ritual for each Arcane spell that you can cast. Again, the Referee will monitor your casting and offer advice as required.


Arcane spells require 20 minutes of uninterrupted ceremony to complete. Should the caster be interrupted in any way the spell will fail and the caster will lose the spell slot. The casters concentration is disturbed if anyone enters the ceremony area during their casting, they are struck or otherwise interrupted from the ceremony.

Prepared Spells

Many Sorcerers spend long hours, days even, at the Ceremony areas of their School situated outside of the Towers. Here they bind Arcane spells into themselves, either as powerful spell stores or in more subtle ways to enhance the effects of High Magic spells they cast whilst on adventures. Prepared Spells may not be cast away from the Ceremony area of the School, even if the caster does have a travelling ceremony to allow him to perform other Arcane spells in the field, as the ceremonies required are too long and arduous.

Prepared spells all have a special duration which means that they will last for the duration of an event.

The caster is "out" the spell slots for any prepared Arcane Spells they have in effect. These spell slots may not be recovered either by rest or Memonicing unless the Prepared spell has ceased to be in effect. Thus a Sorcerer beginning and event with an affinity to Darkness 9 and 10 and a Sight Stealer 9 in effect would be "out" two level 9 and one level 10 slots (plus whatever mana is stored in the Sight Stealer.

Sorcerer's Stores

Many Sorcerers are capable of casting spells which allow them to release spells stored within their body, with but a few words. Such spells are called "Sorcerer's Stores" and they work in the same way as High Magic Spell Stores. Sorcerer's Stores are listed as such in their description.

Each Sorcerer Store spell holds a number spells as explained in the Spell Description. The amount of mana and the type of spell stored varies from Store to Store. Store spells are prepared spells and as such cannot be recast on adventures neither can a store be "re-filled" with mana, this can only be done by recasting the Sorcerer's Store.

However, like most prepared spells, Sorcerers Stores are unusual in that once bound to the caster they are essentially permanent, until dispelled or all of the stored spells are released. Should a Sorcerer's Store be dispelled any stored spells remaining are lost. All of the Spells stored in a Sorcerer's Store must come from the caster of the Store.

The character is "out" slots for the Sorcerer's Store and any stored spells. Slots "out" on stored spells may be recovered (by sleeping or Memonicing) only once they have been released and ceased to be in effect. The slot "out" for the Sorcerer's Store may only be recovered once all stored spells have been released (at which point the store ceases to be "in effect") or it is dispelled.

A character may only have a single Sorcerer's store in effect at any one time, although it is possible to have both a Sorcerer's Store and a High Magic Spell Store in effect at the same time.

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