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Table of Basic Skills


42 Life Points

The amount of damage you can take. You start with 42 Life which means that you may take 42 points worth of damage before you fall over unconscious at 0.

Basic Weapon Skill

The ability to inflict "Single" damage with any melee weapon in one or two hands.

First Aid

The ability to restore lost life through tending and the expenditure of Power. By spending 1 minute role-playing the bandaging of wounds (through the use of bandages and other appropriate props) and expending one point of power a character may restore 6 points of lost life (to one location and total life) to themselves or another.

5 Points of Power

Used during the performance of the First Aid skill. Should a person ever be reduced to 0 Power by any means then they will fall unconscious for 15 minutes at which time they will regain one point of power. Power may be regained by resting at the rate of one point of power for every 15 minutes of uninterrupted rest. It is not possible to rest if you are in danger or otherwise engaged in activity (you cannot rest whilst hiding under a bush in a gale as you hide from the marauding Trolls, you could whilst sitting in a building having a glass of wine with the emissary of the Dai Fah Dyne). Your referee will indicate when you have rested back power.

Discern Wounds

The ability to be able to ascertain how much someone is wounded.

The person performing the skill should say "I’m checking your wounds", "I’m checking to see how injured you are" or similar. The answer will be:

"I’m fine" (unwounded)

"I’m injured" (1 to 29 Life below Total (i.e. on 13 to 41 Life))

"I’m severely wounded" (30 Below Total Life or worse i.e. on 12 Life and below)

The character spends 10 seconds in good light, 30 seconds or longer in poor to no light, obviously checking the wounded person in order to receive an answer.

The Player Ref will tell you at the Battleboard what to say if you don’t know. If you’re checked in the heat of battle and don’t know how badly your injured you can say "it’s not clear" in which case the Discern needs to be done later (once battleboarded).

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