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Like other LARP systems, Heroquest has its own rules that we've developed and play-tested for over thirty years. We have now updated updated our rules, but haven't had the time to update the whole website, so now you can download a copy of the rules document, and a new Battleboard that compliments it.

**Rulebook v2019.5 is here - November 2019**

Changes in new editions v2019.5

  • Rewording of Armour Dexterity skill.
  • Some minor reformatting of skill descriptions (but no rules changes).
  • Wording explaining the casting of spells in metal armour, and the ensorcelled effect on this.
  • Fixed typo in Sleep spell.
  • Clarification on Tempest 9-10.

Download a .pdf (with Bookmarks) copy of the Heroquest Rulebook v 2019.5 Here


**Battleboard v2021.1 is here - June 2021**

Changes in new edition

  • Include updated HQ Abilities.

Download an Excel copy of the Battle Board v 2020.1 here


**New list of standard HQ Abilities v2.0 - June 2021**

Download an Excel copy of the HQ abilities v2.0 here 


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