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The Time of Reckoning (Fools Moon - PC 1)
The following nations have been recognised.



Celestial Bureaucracy

Halmaddons Heights

Saldorian Enclave



Fortress of Pentar

Labyrinth of Xenos

Halls of Suhtek

House of the Weaver

Dai Fah Dyne

Wizards Concillium


Laire Tinwe





Halls of Asgard

Cold Dawn


The Horde

Keisora Dynasty

Crimson Winter

It has been agreed that those people who are speaking on behalf of the Mystics shall be recognised by a common symbol, the colours of the former Valdemar (Blue and Red tabard).

The Mystic known as the Black Pharaoh is resident within the Valley nation. The four Oracles who reside within the Temple of the Four Winds are recognised as the Voices of the Mystics.

The Valley nation is acknowledged as being the enforcers of the Mystics, when empowered to do so by either the Black Pharaoh or the Voices of the Mystics.

Not all Valley groups will be empowered to act on behalf of the Mystics and only those groups who display the agreed symbol shall be able to make such claim.

However, the Valley nation is empowered to investigate transgressions of the Law and report them to the Mystics, as part of their role. Whilst performing these duties they must themselves adhere to all Laws of the Land and respect the rights of nations.

At all other times any groups from the Valley nation that are encountered should be deemed to be on nation business and not Mystics business.

The Pordaradrim and the Thissessin continue to work on behalf of the Mystics in the restoration of the Land. They should not be hindered in this duty and should be offered all aid as possible when requested.

The Laws of the Land
Heraldry: Each nation shall be known by their colours. Those without nation and therefore without colours will be known as Nomads.

The wearing of colours by all is not compulsory as long as at least one third of a nation group display their nation colours openly. Those that choose not to display their colours accept that they will be treated as Nomads.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

This Law will be monitored by the Valley people.

Subterfuge: None shall wear Colours that are not their own.

Any individuals caught wearing false colours will be slain and have the false colours removed. If these individuals were part of a nation then they will be exiled by their nation. If they were not part of a nation then they will suffer permanent death and be claimed by the Mists.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

All nations will enforce this Law.

Justice: All sentient life forms of Orin Rakatha are subject to its Laws; Nomads are no longer considered outside of the Law.

Nations are free to treat with others according to their nation beliefs. Halmaddons Heights, Laire Tinwe, the Pordaradrim, the Valley and the Saldorian Enclave have stated that they will not persecute Nomads.

Sentient life forms include Unique undead (those without a Lesser or Greater prefix) and Elemental Lords and Princes.

Only those nations detailed above have agreed to abide by this Law, all others will continue to persecute Nomads as they wish.

This Law will be monitored by the Valley people.

Alms: Nomads are not to be used for Nation business.

Nomads are not to support nations or conduct business on their behalf. Any nomads found to be performing duties for nations shall be slain.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

This Law will be monitored by the Valley people.

Reckoning: Nations shall not diminish themselves by taking up those without nation (Nomads or Dispossessed).

Nations may only take up to 10% of their total population from outside of their own nation. Nations are to be restricted in size and once they reach this number they are no longer allowed to accept outsiders (anyone not born into their Nation or already part thereof) into their Nation.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

This Law will be enforced by the Mystics and any nation that violates this will have their Nation status revoked at the next Time of Reckoning and the protections of their lands removed.

Gathering: People shall not travel the land in Groups larger than twenty individuals.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

This Law will be enforced by the Mists and Hordelings who will be drawn to such large groups with increasing ferocity until each member of the group has been permanently slain and consumed by the Mists.

Detention: Nations shall not hold people from other nations against their will within their land.

Holding an individual against their will includes any form of spiritual or mental influence that would otherwise alter the normal actions of an individual. It is permitted for nations to detain those from other nations outside of their lands.

If a nation flouts this Law then their Master of Lore shall withhold any nation Bane against nations entering lands to retrieve their kin. Any nation who continually flouts this Law will have their nation Bane and Boon withheld for increasing amounts of time until they comply with the Law.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

This Law will be monitored by the Valley people.

Passage: Waystations are deemed to be neutral ground for all and nations shall not take up arms against each other within them. Nomads are not permitted entry within Waystations.

Waystations will be staffed by dedicated people who are beholden unto no other nation but serve all and are sworn to the Master of Lore who maintains the waystations.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

This Law will be upheld by the Master of Lore responsible for the management of Waystations.

Trading: Trading is to take place unhindered and nations shall not take up arms against Traders. Free passage between enclaves will be granted to all traders.

Nations that violate this Law will have trading withheld from them by all Nations until suitable reparations have been made, as agreed by the aggrieved Trader.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

All nations will enforce this Law.

Slavery: The holding of sentient life forms for the use of slave labour is forbidden.

This Law is linked to the Law of Alms and the Law of Detention. The use of Nomads or prisoners to perform slave labour is prohibited. Slave labour is defined as forcing sentient beings to perform tasks against their will and without some form of payment. However, Nations are free to treat their people in accordance with their customs; providing their people with sustenance, protection and lodging is deemed adequate payment by some in return for performed tasks.

All nations have agreed to abide by this Law.

All nations will enforce this Law.

The Cataclysm

The much talked about Cataclysm has now taken place which has resulted in huge alterations to Orin Rakatha and how we operate.Many of these changes still have to be confirmed and will be the focus of our investigations and future missions over the next few months as we establish the lay of the Land and our place within it. Prior to the Cataclysm two groups travelled to the Rainbow Landing waystation to liaise with Dreadlord Araikas. The primary group led by Delta managed to free Dreadlord Araikas from the grip of Black Pharaoh and worked with him to ensure that the Cataclysm continued in a controlled manner and to the benefit of the Valley. A report on what happened can be found within the Library (on Babble). Deltas group reported that the Mystics have been put to sleep and the responsibility to monitor Orin Rakatha has been passed to the Temple of 4 Winds, with assistance from Dreadlord Araikas who now resides as a guest within the Temple. The Valley has been designated as the Voice of the Mystics and will replace the Shadowsfall as the law enforcers of the land; this move has been accepted by the majority of other Towers.
As the massive upheavals caused by the Cataclysm settle a group of adventures will be sent out to explore the immediate area of our new land and report on what they find. These exploratory missions will continue to be sent out to gather information as we re-establish ourselves within this new post-Cataclysm Orin Rakatha.
At the start of the Cataclysm the following changes were announced by the Mystics.

The Time of the Towers is at an end.
The current Laws of the Land will remain.
Waystations are to be renewed.
The Ley lines will be renewed.
The PoMaL has been restructured.
The Mists of the Land will be renewed.
The people of the Valley will enforce the Will of the Mystics.

The Time of the Towers is at an end.
Those formerly referred to as Towered will now be recognised as a Nation.
Nations with sufficient status (as judged by the Mystics) will be recognised and given an area of land to reside within.
A nations land may be close to their former Tower(s) or may be some distance away; each nation will be assisted in their movement to their new land. These areas of land will be based around the remains of former Towers, the physical structures, which will remain but no longer contain any mystical properties and will just be large structures.
A nation may only ever have one area of land and not multiples. However, the size of the land will grow to reflect the amount of status that each nation wields and will be sufficient to house all of their people.
Each nations area will be protected from the Mists and Hordelings, similar to a Tower, but will not prevent other people from entering.
However, each nation will be granted two boons from the Mystics to help keep and protect their Land. One boon will boost their own people whilst within their Land and the other will work against anyone not invited into their land.
Each nation shall have at least one Master of Lore within their land, dedicated to the preservation of its people and to provide its protections and also to maintain a Node of power.
Areas of land will be granted or renewed once each year at a Time of Reckoning as before. There will be a period of change whilst the Land is altered to reflect these changes and the next Time of Reckoning will be in Bone Moon next year.
Until the next Time of Reckoning, the areas around the old Towers will act as sanctuaries from the Mists, Hordelings and other changes to the Land and be open to any who can travel there and remain. There will be some other smaller areas of sanctuary created by the Land, based upon existing nodes and ley lines (and Masters of Lore).
An area of Land will be set aside for the purpose of larger gatherings of nations. This land will be protected from the Mists and Hordelings and will allow nations to conduct their business. The same rules of hospitality and fighting will be observed for this land and as a consequence will be monitored by the same Master of Lore who monitors waystations.
An area of land will be set aside for the followers of the Mystics, namely the River People and the Keepers.

The current Laws of Land will remain.
The Laws of the Land, as set down by the Mystics, are to be upheld and will be enforced by the Mists, Mistweavers and people of the Valley.
The Laws of the Land are as follows:

Heraldry: Each nation shall be known by their colours. Those without nation and therefore without colours (formerly Towerless) will be known as Nomads.
Subterfuge: None shall wear Colours that are not their own.
Justice: All sentient life forms of Orin Rakatha are subject to its Laws; Nomads are no longer considered outside of the Law and are no longer to be persecuted.
Alms: Nomads are not to be used for nation business.
Reckoning: Nations shall not diminish themselves by taking up those without nation (Nomads). This means that nations may only take up to 10% of their total population from outside of their own nation. Nations are to be restricted in size and once they reach this number they are no longer allowed to accept outsiders (anyone not born into their Nation or already part thereof) into their Nation.
Gathering: People shall not travel the land in Groups larger than twenty individuals.
Detention: Nations shall not hold people from other nations against their will within their land.
Passage: Waystations are deemed to be neutral ground for all and nations shall not take up arms against each other within them. Nomads are not permitted entry within Waystations.
Trading: Trading is to take place unhindered and nations shall not take up arms against Traders. Free passage between enclaves will be granted to all traders.
Slavery: The holding of sentient life forms for the use of slave labour is forbidden.
Waystations are to be renewed.
Waystations will no longer be bound to the Place of Myths and Legends and can no longer be used to access the Place of Myths and Legends.
All waystations will be protected from the Mists and Hordelings may not enter them.
Waystations are not to be owned by any particular nation and are places of sanctuary for all nations and no nation should be barred entry. Towerless/Nomads are not permitted entry within a waystation.
Waystations will be staffed by dedicated people who are beholden unto no other nation but serve all and are sworn to the Master of Lore who maintains the waystations.
A Master of Lore has been assigned to watch over and nurture all of the waystations.
Continuous fighting between nations within waystations will attract the attention of the Master of Lore who will deal with any transgressors.

The Ley lines will be renewed.
As part of the restructuring of Orin Rakatha the ley lines will change and be renewed.
All Nodes of power will be relocated and maintained by a separate Master of Lore; there will be 54 Nodes and Masters of Lore in total.
32 Nodes will be within a nations land, the remaining 22 Nodes will be in the wilds of Orin Rakatha. These Nodes may be re-aligned at a Time of Reckoning.
For High Priests and Sorcerers to access and progress their abilities they will need to pledge to an individual from their own nation who has connected to the relevant Node (e.g. Fire Sorcerer to Fire and Evil High Priest to one of the Evil Nodes).
Nations should provide unhindered access to other nations Nodes and use this as a basis for trade and diplomacy among nations. It is prohibited to deny access to a Node and the respective Master of Lore will act against those who try to prohibit others accessing their power.
Due to the restructuring of ley lines this may result in changes to peoples abilities and the items that they employ. This will settle by the first Time of Reckoning in Bone Moon.
The date has been reset and it is now PC 0, it increases at the beginning of each year (Cold Moon), so next Cold Moon it will be PC 1.
The people of the Valley will have four Masters of Lore; Evil Sphere (Ushaz), Neutral Sphere (Protection), Good Sphere (Reason) and Law.

The Place of Myths and Legends has been restructured.
The Place of Myths and Legends will now be referred to as the Vale of Memories.
The Vale of Memories is no longer connected to waystations and can now only be accessed (and exited) by those with the relevant knowledge utilising one of the three Dream nodes. There is no other way on to or exit from the Vale of Memories.
The Master of Time will continue to reside upon and monitor the Vale of Memories.
Travel via the Vale of Memories is possible by those with the necessary skills but will be extremely perilous.
It will not be possible for anyone to permanently reside upon the Vale of Memories.

The Mists of the Land will be renewed.
The Mists will continue to be maintained by the Mystics and shall roam the unprotected wilds of the Land to help enforce the Mystics will.
Those without protection shall be consumed by the Mists and reduced in status until they become shadows of themselves and totally absorbed by the Mists.
The Mists will be drawn to large concentrations of people (greater than 20) outside of protected areas, but will not be able to enter a nations land, any Nodes or any Waystation, nor will they be attracted to groups of less than 20 sentient life forms.
The Mists will be monitored and manipulated by the Mistweavers, how they do this will be decided by the Mistweavers themselves.
Hordelings will be produced by the Mists, from consumed people and the fabric of the Land to assist the Mistweavers in their task.
Hordelings will continue to roam the unprotected wilds of the Land and will help to enforce the Mystics will.
Hordelings will be drawn to large concentrations of people outside of protected areas, but will not be able to enter a nations land, any Nodes or any Waystation.
A Hordelings potency will reflect the status of those it encounters.

The Valley People will enforce the Will of the Mystics.
The Tower formerly known as Fortunes Keep shall now be known as the Valley People or the People of the Valley (commonly shortened to the Valley).
Due to their part within the Cataclysm the Valley have been recognised as protectors of the Land and will replace the Shadowsfall as representing the Mystics and enacting their will.
To enable the Valley to complete their new task they will be relocated to the shores of Rainbow Lake. Assistance will be given by the Land to minimise any disruption or loss of life during the move from their current location.
The Valley shall administer and host each Time of Reckoning, ensuring that the Will of the Mystics is maintained.
The River People will continue to work with the Mystics in maintaining contact with the Central Isle.
The Temple of Four Winds will remain the Voice of the Mystics and pass on their guidance to their enforcers within the Valley and the nations of Orin Rakatha. The Valdemar have been accepted into the Valley and will work as enforcers for the Temple of Four Winds.

This is a time of great change and potential confusion. Anyone who wishes clarification on the above should contact their Sector Lord (e-mail Bruce Duncan or Paul Matthews).

Opening of the Gates
Recently a group from Fortunes Keep assisted the Wizards Concillium in the conclusion of their Grand Experiment to attempt to re-establish planar travel. All of the mana that they had trapped within Elemental plates over the last year or so was gathered into a central ritual near Valgrind Pass; this mana was focussed and aimed like a giant projectile against the Vanishing Tower. The result of the experiment and release of all of the mana ended in the disappearance of the Vanishing Tower and a massive loss of life, the largest single loss of life ever recorded. It is still uncertain exactly what happened to the residents of the Vanishing Tower or why their Tower disappeared and a group will be despatched shortly to try and obtain more information.

The aim of the experiment appears to have been successful and the potential for planar travel has been re-established and the gates opened. A Mystic Gate materialised where the Vanishing Tower used to be, which appears to be able to facilitate travel to other planes when used correctly. There was an initial struggle between opposing Mistweavers attempting to control this gate, with the Mistweaver Ushurak being successful. Ushurak has declared that he wishes to ensure that planar travel is once again available to all Towered people on Orin Rakatha. However, Ushurak has declared that he is forbidden by the Mystics to allow use of the Mystic Gate until after the Cataclysm has taken place.

Ushurak has hidden the actual gate within the Mists and made it easier to use by linking the gate to a mobile device that summons it forth. The device contains 16 keys, representing the 8 elements and 8 other domains (Good, Neutral, Evil, Necromancy, Nature, Mind, Shadow and Dreams). In order to access a plane three of the keys need to be utilised to activate the gate, the trick will be in identifying what keys are attuned to which plane (their signature) the signature for Orin Rakatha is Evil, Nature and Dreams. This device has been given to the Wizards Concillium to control, but Fortunes Keep have been given unrestricted free access to this device in return for their assistance in the experiment. Aether Town have been given the responsibility to liaise between Fortunes Keep and the Wizards Concillium and are looking to see if they can identify the signatures for other planes. Unfortunately their attempt to contact Murandir has been unsuccessful; it appears that Murandir has drifted away from Orin Rakatha and is consequently too far away to be reached via the Mystic Gate.

As a result of the Opening of the Gates summoned creatures not native to Orin Rakatha (Elementals, Undead and Hepaths) are now able to return to their place of origin. It would appear that the Mystics ban on people leaving Orin Rakatha does not apply to summoned creatures. Consequently the large concentrations of Elementals, Undead and Hepaths are now starting to disperse, although there are reports that a large number of Green Elementals still remain.

The Grand Conjunction
The Grand Conjunction of the Spheres is imminent and due to take place in under two moons. It has been revealed that the only Spheres capable of being dominant at the next Grand Conjunction are either the Good Sphere or the Evil Sphere. The Temple of Four Winds and Darkhome are sponsoring a group to support Dreadlord Araikas in his attempt to ensure that the Evil Sphere becomes dominant. Sir Danus of Halmadons Heights is attempting to ensure that the Good Sphere becomes dominant.

The Cataclysm
It has been confirmed by various sources that a Cataclysm within a few moons time is inevitable and this has been widely accepted by all Towers upon Orin Rakatha. The nature of the Cataclysm is yet to be determined and several Towers are attempting to influence its outcome. Whilst a Cataclysm is a momentous event, which is likely to severely affect the Land and its people, it is generally accepted that this is not the end of all things but a time of great change; the first Cataclysm introduced the Towers and the second Cataclysm introduced the Mists and Hordelings. Each Tower is preparing for this momentous event in their own way in order to ensure that they survive the process and minimise any losses incurred as a result. The Temple of Four Winds within Fortunes Keep are leading our Towers preparations for the Cataclysm.

The Mists
The conflict between Mistweavers is continuing, with the Hordelings being used as their pawns; lead protagonists appear to be Ragamuffin Heartbreaker on one side who supports a return to how it was before and Arnold Sparkfist on the other side who supports the changes instigated by the Mist Lord and a more aggressive stance by Hordelings. The Mistweaver known as Ushurak has declared that he is neutral in the struggle taking neither side but instead continuing to serve the will of the Mystics.

Fortunes Keep
The four Oracles within the Temple of the Four Winds have officially been recognised as the Voice of the Mystics by the majority of the Towers; elements within the Shadowsfall have also acknowledged this but this is not the official view.

Aether Town has established greater ties with the Wizards Concillium and called for a reforming of the Cabal, to be based within Aether Town. The White School of Magic has moved from the Citadel to Aether Town to join the Yellow School. Malcolm Middleton has taken personal charge of use of the Mystic Gate.

The Humacti Sect, based within the Citadel, has announced that the invocation Discern Nature of Undead is now functioning as normal.

Sector 7 continues to be locked with an increasing amount of water pouring through the boarded up Sector entrance; the Cold Ones have declined to comment.

There has been a vote among the Sector Lords in which they agreed to support Dreadlord Araikas in his attempt to cause the Ascension of the Evil Sphere and influence the forthcoming Cataclysm; the vote was 9 votes in favour and 5 against. All efforts within our Tower are now focussing on preparations for the Cataclysm, which has resulted in a hoarding of supplies.

The Merchants Council have reported that certain commodities are proving difficult to procure as all Towers have started to stockpile supplies and as a result certain items are proving difficult to purchase. Prices have started to increase with some items already twice their usual rate.

Halmadons Heights
The Heights continue to pursue their Crusade against Evil and there have been a number of hostile encounters between members of Darkhome and the Heights. The Heights have called upon other Towers to join them in liberating the Oracles from the oppressive influence of Darkhome and the imbalance caused by the sway of the Evil Sphere.

It has been revealed that a second Grand Knight has recently arrived upon Orin Rakatha, Sir Leon, Grand Knight of the Knights of Virtue, Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Michel.

Relations between the Shadowsfall and Fortunes Keep have continued to rapidly deteriorate, with encounters between our two Towers increasingly turning to violence.

In particular two Judges of note have taken a personal interest in Fortunes Keep; Judge Talin StormHerald, Knight of Judgement has taken a personal interest in the activities of Dreadlord Araikas and Archivist Amos has declared his intention to recover the artefacts from the Temple of Four Winds.

Archivist Amos recently led an assault from the Place of Myth and Legends which trapped a number of Towers around the vicinity of the tavern waystation (including another Shadowsfall Judge); the trap was broken by a group from Fortunes Keep. During this assault several fundamental laws of Orin Rakatha were broken which highlighted the increase of chaos within the Shadowsfall Tower.

There have been increased reports of infighting within the Shadowsfall, which is previously unheard of. Judge Hawson has proven to be friendly to Fortunes Keep and declared that he will act as a trusted guide to shepherd Fortunes Keep through the forthcoming Cataclysm.

Wizards Concillium
The Wizards Concillium are recovering from their recent Grand Experiment and war with the Vanishing Tower. They devoted and lost a large number of resources in the recent Opening of the Gates and are reported to be reconsolidating and reconfiguring their activities, which may result in the loss of one of their Towers.

The Dymwan
The internal conflict with the Dymwan Tower continues and there appear to be two candidates for position of Tower leader, Mian Gravestealer and Calex Wraithspawn. Vampires of the Dark Pass were recently encountered within the Aldonar tombs, with a reasonably sized retinue consisting of a member of the Royal Family called Joshua accompanied by Marius Seren and Chancellor Untapt heading towards the Oasis of Souls to support Mian Gravestealer.

The Kalid
Our scouts report that there appears to be a considerable increase in troop movements within Kalid lands with numerous large groups departing their Towers.

The Vanishing Tower
With the recent disappearance of their Tower the remaining Melnebonean forces appear to be congregating within Valgrind Pass, mainly where their Tower used to be. Initial reports indicate that whilst there was a massive loss of life from this people, it is likely that the bulk of the losses were the common folk/slaves, as the adventurers were outside the Tower fighting the Wizards Concillium during its disappearance.

Other Towers
There is nothing of particular note to report about the other Towers upon Orin Rakatha, although they all continue to prepare for the Cataclysm in their own ways.

The Vanishing Tower
Following the activities of the Wizards Concillium in firing the mist cannon device the Kern Valley Alliance are sending an exploratory force to the area around Valgrind Pass once home to the Vanishing Tower of the Melnibonean people, the site of this mysterious tower is reported to have suffered some great calamity; just how this could have happened is both threatening and wonderful.

The adventurers on this mission are charged with investigating the reasons behind this incident and ensuring that further actions of the Wizards Concillium or use of the mist gates will not pose a future threat to the towered people of Orin Rakatha.

The Shadowsfall and the surviving Melniboneans are believed to hold the Kern Valley Alliance responsible for this mishap and should be approached with caution!

Warnings have also been given by the Wizards Concillium suggesting that rogue elements from the College of Hepathology are active in the area.

Allies from the Pordaradrim and the Valleys Druids marshalled by Arbor are in the area collecting flora and fauna and they should be offered assistance where possible as they may also be able to provide support and insight into the investigation.

Sector 7 Notification
The Seneschals men hammer the final nail, and the barricade across the door to Sector 7 is complete.

A sign is hung which reads "NO ONE MAY PASS - BY ORDER OF THE COLD ONES".

You feel a chill as water from under the door seeps into your boots, and the workmen just shrug and point at the sign as their answer to your questions.

Since the fall of the White Retreat and Wolfhold just over two years ago much has happened within Orin Rakatha and to our people.

Fortunes Keep
As a result of the loss of two of our Towers we have had to merge all of our people into our remaining Tower, Fortunes Keep, although we are still referred to as the Valley or people of the Kern Valley. Fortunes Keep is now ruled by fourteen Lords who sit in Council and vote on matters of import. If the vote is tied then Castellan Lazarus Steel, as the voice of the adventurers who are the lifeblood and Army of our people, has the casting vote. All Lords hold equal status and we do not have a Tower Leader. At a Time of Reckoning each of the Lords pledge their fealty to the Seneschal (Master of the Halls) whose only job is to maintain the Tower and pledge our status. Aside from this duty he has no political sway and does not have a vote on the Council.

The Lords gain their influence from the pledges given to them by their followers, mainly the Adventurers, but also others who reside within the relevant Sector areas. Whilst the Adventurers train within the training camps they are permitted to reside in whichever Sector suits their desires. Adventurers are also allowed to pledge their fealty to whichever Lord they choose (normally the Lord of the Sector they reside within but not always).

The fourteen Lords are:

Arbor The Ways & Groves
Delta, Dreams-of-Shadows, Kiara or Shard The Temple of Four Winds (changes by season)
Dreadlord Araikas Darkhome
Head of the Merchants Council The Marketplace
His Majesty, the Goblin King The Warrens
Lady Isabella The Six Boroughs
Castellan Lazarus Steel Training Camps
Lord Jalinos
The Hospital
Lord Kettlar von Harzon Aether Town
Lord Melvyn Manypage The Valley Archive
Lord Vetzlar The Menagerie
Sir Clavados The Citadel
Tan Yreth Issa Belloch Redoth Eymeric The Forge
The Cold Ones Sector 7
If you are unfamiliar with the different Sectors or Lords then you can ask your fellow adventurers for more information or trawl through the Archives.

Closing of the Gates
Since the destruction of the World Window by the Mist Lord it has not been possible to freely travel to the majority of other planes and certainly impossible to leave the confines of Orin Rakatha. The Closing of the Gates is widely reported to be one of the initial steps taken to enable a Cataclysm to occur.

Whilst it is still possible to access small areas of some planes directly connected to Orin Rakatha (e.g. the Plane of the Sleepless Dead) it is still not possible to use these planes to escape the confines of Orin Rakatha. These connected planes have also been restricted and travelling far within the connected planes is not possible which means when departing these planes people always return to Orin Rakatha. Travel to Orin Rakatha is still possible from some planes, although it is very difficult, but once people arrive here they are unable to leave and become trapped like everybody else.

A number of Towers have investigated this issue and attempted to resolve it but to no avail. The Wizards Concillium are currently performing a Grand Experiment where they are collecting large amounts of mana and are attempting to use this to create a way off Orin Rakatha.

As a result of the Closing of the Gates summoning creatures not native to Orin Rakatha has proven more dangerous. When Sorcery is cast it invariably summons Elementals who once summoned are unable to return back from where they came from. A similar situation is true when summoning Undead and Hepaths which are also unable to return to their home planes as they would usually do. Consequently there has been a sharp increase in the number of roaming Elementals, Undead Spirits and Hepaths. These uncontrolled creatures appear to be drawn to various parts of Orin Rakatha (presumably where they have strong links to their planes of origin). Elementals are drawn to Starmere Lake, Hepaths drawn to the Void and Undead to the Oasis of Souls.

The Grand Conjunction
Every 7 years there is a Grand Conjunction of the Spheres where one of the three primary spheres becomes dominant and can affect the planes that it has influence over. It is possible to perform various actions to help influence which sphere will become dominant. The Valley have been involved in this process at the last two Grand Conjunctions and directly influenced the results (although not always as desired).

The next Grand Conjunction is due to take place within six moons. Dreadlord Araikas has announced his intention to actively ensure that the Evil Sphere becomes dominant again at this time. If successful this will be the third successive ascension of the Evil Sphere. It has been widely reported that the Evil Sphere being ascendant three times in a row is the final portent that a Cataclysm will occur.

A Year of Reckoning
There has not been a Time of Reckoning for some time now, which is unusual, and is thought to be connected to the actions of the Mist Lord and speculation about a forthcoming Cataclysm. Recently it has been announced that there is now a Year of Reckoning at the end of which will be a Cataclysm. This has come from two sources (the Oracles of the Temple of Four Winds and the Shadowsfall) both of whom claim to be the Voice of the Mystics.

The Cataclysm
All the signs are pointing to the fact that there will be a Cataclysm in fewer than twelve moons time. If true this will be the third such Cataclysm that Orin Rakatha has experienced. Naturally this is cause of great concern and uncertainty. There have been two previous Cataclysms which have brought about much destruction and great change; the first Cataclysm created the Towers and the second one created the Mists and the Hordelings. Therefore a third Cataclysm is likely to bring about a significant change although no one knows what form this change will take.

In preparation for the Cataclysm there have been rumours about beings of power who will be key to the Cataclysm; the Green, the Traveller and He who was bound. The Green has been encountered by some Valley people.

The Mists
Since the destruction of the Mist Lord and the closing of the Gates there has been an apparent resetting of the nature of the Mists and consequentially of Hordelings. There has also been some evidence of conflict between Mistweavers. A Voidweaver currently resides within the Icarthian Triangle.

Halmadons Heights
The Heights have declared their intention to prevent a third Ascension of the Evil Sphere at the next Grand Conjunction and declared a Crusade against Evil to remove any anchors to the Evil Sphere. These anchors were identified as Lord Carfleen of Barud Tirgul, Cardinaris of the Dymwan and Dreadlord Araikas from Fortunes Keep. The first two anchors have been removed, with considerable assistance from Fortunes Keeps (Carfleen and Cardinaris were actually killed by Valley adventurers).

Consequently the Heights have now declared a Crusade against Dreadlord Araikas and his followers (members of Darkhome and casters of the Evil Sphere). Dreadlord Araikas decided to temporarily leave Fortunes keep to reside with the Knights of Our Dark Lady in order to prevent all-out war between Fortunes Keep and the Heights. However it would appear that conflict between our two Towers is inevitable as we stand together as one people and any attacks upon members of Fortunes Keep will be defended by all.

Relations between the Shadowsfall and Fortunes Keep have been steadily deteriorating with increasing conflict breaking out. Several contracts have been placed upon numerous members of Fortunes Keep for various reasons.

It would appear that the Shadowsfall may have lost the blessing of the Mystics although this has not been confirmed. The Temple of Four Winds has proclaimed that they are now the Voice of the Mystics, which has angered the Shadowsfall.

The Shadowsfall have declared that the Valdemar are Towerless and an anathema and are to be actively sought out and attacked on sight. They are actively seeking and attacking any Valdemar groups.

House of the Weaver
With the fall of Barud Tirgul a new Tower has been formed named the House of the Weaver. Little is known about this new Tower and groups have been despatched to find out more.

Wizards Concillium
The Wizards Concillium are concentrating on their Grand Experiment and are also at war with the Vanishing Tower.

The Kalid
The Kalid have joined Halmadons Heights in their crusade against Evil and encounters with Kalid groups continue to be hostile.

The Dymwan
Since the fall of Cardinaris there appears to be some internal conflict within this Tower whilst they establish who their new Tower Leader is.

The Thissessin were freed by the Valley from their bond to Barud Tirgul when Lord Carfleen was slain. Since being freed they have declared a time of cleansing of themselves and the waterways of Orin Rakatha.

The Valdemar left the Kalid when they lost their third Tower and have returned to their original Tower, the Four Winds, in an attempt to fix it and restore it. They are currently at war with the Shadowsfall.

Other Towers
There is nothing of particular note to report about the other Towers upon Orin Rakatha, although they all seem to be preparing for the Cataclysm in their own ways.

October 2011
Lady Isabella, Ochtaran of the Taranor had announced that an old Taranor ritual would be taking place at the Way of Sigh's way station, just south of Fortunes Keep at All Hallows.

This ritual, the Ritual of Ancestors, allows those living to pay their respects to their dead, and sometimes allows for a reflection of the lost to be seen by the living.

Lady Isabella asked that a group be sent to oversee the Ritual, and any that were there may pay their respects as well.

As Isabella was explaining, Brother John appeared, journeying back from the Vortex. He explained what had happened, and brought word from the new King of the Valleys, King Faldor Steel, about what had befallen those upon Murandir, and it was sad news indeed for the people of the Valleys. The words he brought back can be found below - Vortex.

It seemed that the ritual area was being disrupted by elementals, and a Reader merchant, Crescenzo Arius, was overdue. Adventurers were sent out to stop the elemental disruption and to escort the Reader to the Ritual. Once these tasks were completed, the Ritual began, and many of those present, as well as some visitors took part in the Ritual. Dreadlord Araikis was present at the way station, but it is not believed that he took part in the Ritual.

It was then that the Shadowsfall arrived, and informed all that a Time of Reckoning was taking place, and a Pact of Neutrality, where it is illegal for towered peoples of Orin Rakatha to attack each other, was in place until sundown the next day, when the Time of Reckoning would be complete.

As has been known in the Kingdom of the Valleys, this was a sad time for those from the White Retreat, as it was already known that should a Time of Reckoning be called, then the White Retreat would fall, as there was insufficient status on Orin Rakatha to hold it. Coupled with those who had fallen on Vortex, and those who had remained upon Murandir with King Faldor, Lazarus Steel sent troops to assist the White Retreat to assist the last members in moving to Fortunes Keep.

Dreadlord Araikis left to gather his status and pledge it at the central isle.

A member of the Kalid arrived, and offered any who wished it, a place within one of the Kalid Towers.

The following morning one of Lady Isabella's group, Jo-Seth, was teleported away from the way station by an blue elemental, and a group was sent to investigate, whilst some Halmadonians arrived, and having been able to temporarily hold off the Bloodwind Hierarchs, offered the Valley peoples a short time in which to attend to the issue of the 4 Winds, by summoning the Bloodwind Oracle. A group offered to take this opportunity.

Some time later, both groups returned, one with the body of Jo-Seth, which they couldn't yet resurrect, the other group brought news that they had finally brought the 4 Winds into balance, and had the items necessary for the Kingdom of the Valleys to keep their bargain, and form a Temple of the 4 Winds.

Lazarus Steel organised for these items to be taken back to Fortunes Keep. He also began to explain that with the influx of the White Retreat members into Fortunes Keep, it had been decided to re-organise Fortunes Keep.

He was interrupted by Jo-Seth, the Taranor who had been taken and rescued. It seems that he has some ability of Sight, and had seen that Dreadlord Araikis was being assailed by Kalid, not on Orin Rakatha, but on the Dream Plane - Dreamers upon Orin Rakatha had their Dreaming assail the Dreadlord, and had not yet been able to reach the Central Isle to pledge Wolfholds' Status.

Lazarus Steel left quickly, and sent someone to the Adventurers who could take some of them to the Dream Plane, whilst the others went to find the Kalid Dreamers. The forces sent against Dreadlord Araikis were disrupted, and the Dreamers awoken, thus allowing for Dreadlord Araikis to continue onto the Central Isle, but the Kalid had killed Sir Termigan, who had accompanied the Dreadlord.

Sir Clavados attended the waystation, as he was to meet members of Halmadons Heights who were to collect Morigar's Inheritance, which was being brought to the waystation. When Morigars Inheritance failed to arrive at the allotted time, Sir Clavados went to find out what had happened.

As Sundown passed, the Shadowsfall returned, as did a member of the Kalid.

The Shadowsfall announced that the Time of Reckoning was complete, and that as Dreadlord Araikis had been delayed, he had not pledged the status of Wolfhold, and Wolfhold, as well as the White Retreat had fallen. He also said that Annach Morannonil and the Saldor North Tower had fallen.

He then turned to the Kalid, and confronted him over the delaying attacks on Dreadlord Araikis. The Shadowsfall stated that this action, despite not actually breaking the Pact of Neutrality, was against the spirit of the Pact, and he was considering decimation of the Kalid. In response the Kalid stated that he would refuse all Kalid entry back into their Towers, until they had slain a member of the Kingdom of the Valleys or they were decimated by this action. After a short consideration, the Shadowsfall agreed.

A Message was then sent by Lazarus Steel, offering a place in Fortunes Keep to all from Wolfhold.

Then the Kalid attacks began.

Wave after wave of Kalid attacked the way station. The Kalid control centre, and a Summoning Ritual were found, and groups were sent out to destoy these, all the while the way station was defended. The Pathfinders kept bringing in reports from both the White Retreat and Wolfhold moves to Fortunes Keep, and it seems that the Kalid were waiting for this, and had attacked those leaving the Towers, and many were slain by the Kalid

Eventually, the Kalid in the area were defeated, and the way station secured.

The reports from the Pathfinders were as follows


We have been attacked by units of the Kalid as we left The White Retreat with the last of their people.

They are obviously trying to stave off any unnecessary Hordeling activity, but forming up in small units, but its a bit chaotic, so difficult to tell.

Dabuler Torch of the Red School took a force of Sorcerers to try and break the blockade of the Seekers, but they were overwhelmed by elements of the Crimson Feast



Kalid attacks continue with little respite.

They managed to sneak a small group of Stone Panthers behind, and got inside the cordon.

Salistor and Sniffles were killed



Fighting even fiercer now

The salient was getting smaller when a group from the White School tried to lure away some of the Kalid units, and open a path for those who were following

Gilrain Hardwicke should be remembered for his sacrifice in this



They just keep coming, Brood creatures amongst them now.

We nearly got cut off again.

Thorn Oakenshaft, Marcus Downspout along with Gwydian Mac Arn, took their unit into a rear guard position, to allow everyone time to move

I fear the worst for them all



Sad news from a White School contingent, whilst evading a unit of the Brood, they ran into elements of the Crimson Feast, and Ryoff Kyrander was lost



In the distance I could make out Fortunes Keep, then I saw a group from the Hospital, being led by Davrok Thunder get ambushed by some Valdemar. I only wish I could have been able to warn them, but the White Path members I had with me werent able to move swiftly enough.

John D


My heart breaks at having to report this news to you. Our predicament was seen from the Tower, and Avalon led a unit to our rescue, but they became victims of some creature from the Crimson Feast, and all in sight of the Tower.

Kalid units are roaming all over. I return to the field to try and guide some other groups to safety



Dominion led his team to the southwest in order to break the Kalid ambush there, but the Kalid appeared to be ready for them.

Iron Guard tried to get there, but it didn't look good.



Iron Guard group driven back by fierce fighting from a group of Stone Panthers. Thael Surelight was with a unit of Wolfhold Scouts, but they got hit by some Valdemar, some of the Scouts got away, but Thael didn't make it.

Will this never end?



We finally made some progress, but theyre harrying all the time

Whod thought Id ever want to see those bloody Dark Seers, hey, they wouldve been really handy.

Sections of the Kalid 3rd Legion attacked a group of Brethren. BoShek was immense.

Dont think Ive ever seen anything fight like that before, he destroyed them.

But it seems that even rocks can be broken, he was overwhelmed by a group of Stone Panthers

RIP BoShek he earned my respect



We thought our group had evaded the Kalid units around Wolfhold, but we were mistaken. Sections of the Brood Legion caught us in a gully. It was a fierce fight, but Malrin Thornblade fell. I only made it our because they thought I was dead.



A unit of Brood were setting another ambush for the Dark Path, but were spotted.

Galadrin lead a unit of Iron Guard warriors to disrupt them, but they were caught in the open by a unit of weird creatures. I fear Galadrin is lost.



Some carelessness has cost lives.

Tierson was leading a group of Brethren near to Fortunes Keep, and thinking they were safe, they let their guard down.

They were mobbed by a unit from the 2nd legion and all were slain.

Those lost from Wolfhold were Sir Termigan, Dominion, Malrin Thornblade and Boshek.

Those lost from The White Retreat were Sniffles, Gwydian Mac Arn, Salistor, Ryoff Kyrander, Dabuler Torch and Gilrain Hardwicke

Those lost from Fortunes Keep were Thorn Oakenshaft, Avalon, Galadrin, Davrok Thunder, Tierson, Thael Surelight and Marcus Downspout.

Next morning, Kalid elementals attacked again. The Pathfinders had located a possible area for the missing Morigar's Inheritance, having tracked the movements of Kalid groups in the area, who seemed to be converging on an area, but if that was the location of the Inheritance, the Kalid appeared not to have any Good High Priests with which to carry it, so were most likely going to try and destroy it, which would have serious consequences for the Kingdom of the Valleys peoples, who have gained an additional Spirit Strength from it, which would be lost, should the Inheritance be destroyed.

The group set out to recover Morigars Inheritance and found it defended by Kalid, but with the Kingdom of the Valleys all fighting together, these were destroyed, and Morigars Inheritance returned safely to Halmadons Heights.

Fortunes Keep has announced that it has reorganised to accommodate those from Wolfhold and the White Retreat, and everyone will have free choice in where the live within the Keep.

There will be 13 Lords who will run Fortunes Keep, the 12 Sector Lords and Lazarus Steel, who will be the voice of the Adventurers, in recognition of the sacrifices and dangers which the Adventurers face on behalf of the Peoples of the Valleys.

As Chaos gathered on Murandir, King Paullandiss had called for all Heroes of Law to make a stand.

His call was answered by
Sir Verrick
Brother John
Sir Kal
They learned that the Chaos Vortex was responsible for many of the unusual things that had befallen the Kingdom of the Valleys over the near past, and that King Paullandiss had determined to close the Vortex, but this was going to take the ultimate sacrifice.
King Paullandiss, Raucus, Lord Sebastian, Duke Hanrow, Taraman, Helios the Luminary, Gelithial Nomass and Dunstan all sacrificed themselves into the Chaos Vortex to close it.
A plot against the Kingdom of the Valleys was also uncovered, and the Heroes slew those who stood against them, namely Attelus, Zanak Scorpion and Snarlow.
After the sad passing of King Paullandiss, his successor was announced.
Sir Faldor Steel is now King of the Kingdom of the Valleys.
He sent this message back with the Heroes
My Peoples
Firstly, We wish to pass on our sincerest condolences for all those who have passed into the Chaos Vortex to close it, and thus save us all from the taint Chaos brings.
A sacrifice of this magnitude should display to us all how even those who seem detached from normal life, have had the interests of the Valley Peoples at their hearts.
We have asked those who bear this scroll to retell their tale to you all, for We are sure that they can convey all that happened in much more detail than We can convey in such a letter .
Although it may seem strange to you, so soon after Our coronation, that We send these words to you, We feel that honesty is the best policy
The King shall not be returning to Orin Rakatha in the immediate future.
There are also a number of others who will be remaining here with Us as well
There are many things that need to be accomplished upon Murandir to secure our position and make sure our futures can be all that we wish them to be not least of which is dealing with the Senate and also coming to a new understanding with the Drow who are returning to their ancient home.
We have a solid belief that those We have left in charge on Orin Rakatha will carry out Our instructions and continue to ensure that the Valley Peoples can live and grow as we all desire.
We have had many discussion of late, concerning the future of us all, and One knows you will all assist to the best of your abilities in these troubled times to help make the Kingdom of the Valleys great.

Our thoughts, as always will be with you all

Faldor Steel
High King of Rol-Farantir
King of the Peoples of the Valleys
And he provided a list of all those who are staying on Murandir with him
Sir Tristram
Sir Thomas Smetham
Ulrik the Steadfast
Lord Creyn
Sir Volminor
Brother Simon
Morkar the Fitz
Mathias Cooper
Ringwood Stark
Brasim Holchak
Karloth the Delver
Alorn Verithis
Gilliard Greyarm
Sir Thorlec
Sir Arren Hardwicke
Sir Kelro
Sir Leonidas
Johann Zharinsky
Lightfoot Flame
Orlon Tenquil
Werdna D'Nall
Gilbert Oathtaker
Nithlok Dahl
Atelante Darkstar
Eremor Shaderiver
Black Rod
Dalvain Spellsword

February 2010
The Mists have entered the Kern Valley and collected around the White Retreat. No traffic into or out of the Tower is possible. All players who live in the WR are assumed to have been elsewhere when the Mists rolled in (so they may attend events as normal). All training is available via the Barracks, Schools of Magic & the Temple in Fortune's Keep. Many of The Valley Pathfinders are still undergoing their quiet contemplation and their place in the field is currently being taken by members of the Ranger's Guild. There are rumours of other Towers also being surrounded by Mists. Any information on this phenomena is desperately sought by the leaders of the Valley.

Following the return of the select group sent to investigate the death if Illithian Greenheart, they have sucessfully removed the difficulties surrounding our use of Resurrection.

It appear that the spirit of one of our long dead Valley members, Sir Pelinor, was being controlled by a group of Axians, to restrain the spirit of Illithian Greenheart in a place of the Dead. The group gained assitance from the former Valley druid, now know of Rolu, in this task.

Unfortunatley, despite all thier efforts, Illithian Greenheart has now been permanently slain. We thanks his spirit for all his efforts in the Kingdom of the Valleys, and wish him peaceful rest.

One piece of good news, is that Randolphin Abroghast has been returned to the KoV. He was found by a group from the Wizards Concillium, but he is altered from how we last saw him.

The Pathfinders Guild wish to announce that Jeremiah Clearwater will take up the position of Administrator with immediate effect. Leaf has left this position to concentrate on field operations. Lazarus Steel has confirmed that all operatives ave completed their time of contemplation, and the Pathfinders continue to offer assistance to all advneturing groups from the Kingdom of the Valleys.

January 2010
The Kingdom of the Valleys have announced that a group will be sent to northern Orin Rakatha to investigate the area where Illithian Greenhearts body was found. Despite all efforts, it has not been possible to resurrect him, and this coupled with the recent difficulties resurrecting other member of the Kingdom is of great concern. All willing advenurers are asked to muster outside the Towers on the 27th, and transport to the area will be arranged, as travel on foot around Orin Rakatha is still extremely dangerous, due to the eratic and unusual mist activity.

November 2010
The body of Illithian Greenheart has been recovered from an area in the North of Orin Rakatha. Despite the efforts of the Hospitallers Guild, he has been unable to be resurrected.

Following recent reports from High Priests Anatharian and Sasha, it appears that something is affecting the use of the Good Sphere when attempting to resurrect. They reported that when they tried to use the resurrection invocation on a recent flower picking session, it took much longer to cast the invocation, and it took power from both the caster and their recipient.

This turn of events following the failure to resurrect Illithian Greenheart seems to indicate that this unusual occurrence has not stopped yet.
All Kingdom of the Valleys operatives are advised to take extreme caution when outside of the Towers, until this worrying matter can be resolved.

Another Kingdom of the Valleys member has been announced as missing - Randolphin Abroghast, Sorcerer of the Yellow School of Magic. He left the Towers some time in the last couple of weeks, but has not yet returned.

Anyone who has information pertaining to the whereabouts of Randolphin should pass on their information to Lazarus Steel, Guildleader of the Pathfinders.

November 2010
Illithian Greenheart, Assistant Guildleader of the Druid Sect is currently missing. He had been travelling to visit family in Laire Tinwe, but has not returned as expected.

October 2010
There has been unprecedented Mist activity upon Orin Rakatha, with thicker and more frequent Mists moving across the lands.

Because of this the Shadowsfall have announced a postponement of the Time of Reckoning.

The Pathfinders Guild announces that, with the assistance of Lord Vetzlar, they have successfully guided back to the Towers, those who had remained behind as observers, following the gathering at the World Window Waystation.

September 2010
The KVA force was sent to the World Window Waystation, where they were to meet with a group of Senior Members of the KVA Leadership, who had gained use of the World Window.

They found that currently at the Waystation were the Dai-Fah-Dyne, who were engaged in a competition between the 4 Sultans to elect a Malik - one overall leader of the Dai-Fah-Dyne.

During this mission a number of things were learned:-

The Axians have permission to be upon Orin Rakatha.
The Mist Lord had destroyed access to the Astral Bridge, which linked Orin Rakatha, Thranduil and Murandir, so the only way to get to Murandir was by the World Window.
A Time of Reckoning was imminent.

King Paulandiss announced that he was granted the powers of a High King by his membership of the Senate, and all those who lead our various Towers and Groups, known as the Stewards, who swore allegiance to him as High King, now had the powers of a King. This means that any who swear Fealty to one of them would gain the benefits of Swearing to the King.

The Stewards are:-

Steward of Wolfhold - Dreadlord Araikis
Steward of the White Retreat - Sir Clavados
Steward of Fortunes Keep - Lord Velteyn
Steward of the Dark Camp - Raven
Steward of the Village - Raucus
Steward of the Goblinoid Races - The Goblin King
Steward of the Underground Races - Darketh Nightspawn
Steward of the Lizardmen - The Lizardman Chieftan

And because of this High Kingship that High King Paulandiss now holds, and the fealty given by the Stewards to him, The High King has announced that we will no longer be known as the Kern Valley Alliance, we will now be known as the Kingdom of the Valleys. This is to represent the Kern Valley on Orin Rakatha, and the Valley in Rol-Farintar upon Murandir.

High King Paulandiss also announced that the Order of Saint Michael would be moving to Murandir.

He also announced that with the amount of people who had relocated in recent months, it is now felt that there may be insufficient status upon Orin Rakatha to maintain the White Retreat.

In case this was the case, discussions had been held, and it has been decided that plans needed to be put in place, should the White Retreat be lost. If this occurs, then the White Retreat would move to Fortunes Keep, and because of his experience and acceptability to the majority, Sir Clavados would become the Steward of Fortunes Keep.

High King Paulandiss also announced that because of the fragmented nature of our situation, that a new training regime was being implemented.

All those seeking Military training will now gain it in the Barracks.
All those seeking Spiritual training will now get it in the Temple.
All those seeking Magical training will now get it in the School.

These will be common area within each of our groups, who will offer the appropriate training to any who go to them, and from now on, training will not be done under the heading of the Guilds.

Guild members will still have to follow the constraints of the Guilds and their specialities to be members, the teaching will be done communally.
Lord Giles announced that the Grey School of Magic would be moving to Wolfhold, and pledged his allegiance to Dreadlord Araikis.

The more experienced group, whilst performing a task for one of the Sultans, found Lazarus Steel. He had been trapped for some time inside a Djinni Bottle. They brought him back to the fold.

He made an announced following recent events concerning the Pathfinders Guild.

Belem de Traverney's orders were all countermanded, and that Belem, when found was to be brought back to Fortunes Keep.
All Pathfinder operatives were recalled to Fortunes Keep for a period of "quiet contemplation" before they would be sent into the field again.
Pathfinders would no longer use aliases.
Caradac was free to become a members of the Pathfinders Guild, as Taraman declared all of his loose ends at the White Retreat were now complete. Caradac agreed, and was made the personal Ward of Lazarus Steel.
Any questions concerning Caradac's activities required no further investigation, and he had no charges to answer under Valley Law.
Quicksilver also had no charges to answer under Valley Law, as he was put in an unsuitable position, by those who should have known better.
Lazarus Steel also said that he would ensure that the Pathfinders Guild went back to being the Guild which allowed our various and diverse peoples to continue to act as one cohesive unit. They would guide all of our peoples who need guidance out in the Worlds. They would carry messages for all the peoples, Guilds, Towers and Groups. They would give assistance to all those who adventure and act of behalf of the Kingdom of the Valleys. He also said, that despite the general level of amusement shown towards the Pathfinder Guild, which he hoped was light hearted, that the returning to their traditional ways would give a strengthening and trusted link between our peoples.

The Dai-Fah-Dyne announced that Arak Vambassa was now the Malik of the Dai-Fah-Dyne

May 2010
Since the threat of Agoth has been resolved some other threats have become apparent. The North Wind continues to blow unopposed and out of balance. Chaos stalks the lands of Murandir and a new Hordeling Warlord has arisen.

Simian of the Seers Sect was trialled and found guilty of breaking Valley Law but was spirited away at his trial by creatures of the North Wind only to return as the Oracle of the North Wind threatening to return midsummer to take his revenge upon the Valley Peoples.

The Poisoning of Green Magic and the machinations of LanCet, a coming of the Shark God, have been resolved by a group of Valley Heroes. The King has sent a diplomatic mission into Lizardman lands which has yet to return..

The Congress has met and a new Primus is announced and the Valley Alliance Tower has been renamed Fortunes Keep

The Primus for Fortune's Keep is announced as:

Lord Velteyn - Head of the Yellow Guild
Sir Faldor Steel - Marshall of the Order of the Knights Martial
Rednow Ffuts - Head of the Merchants
Mathias Cooper - Head of the Grey Path Sect
Lord Creyn - Head of the Hospitaller Sect
Magellan - Assistant Head of the Dark Path Sect
Isabella - Guildleader of the Green School of Magic

Lord Velteyn is announced as Steward of Fortunes Keep.

A mission to the Open Gauntlet recently has identified that the Warlord appears to be recruiting Mistweavers. His plans and what this means for the Valley are open to question.

Lord Raven has announced that he is creating a new Dark Camp on Murandir and invites all members of Wolfhold who wish to return to Murandir to swear allegiance to him. He recognises Dreadlord Araikas as Tower Leader of Wolfhold and any who wish to stay on Orin Rakatha can swear allegiance to Araikas. To this end both leaders are creating a List of who swears to which Lord. Members of Wolfhold are asked to present themselves to their Guildleaders at the earliest opportunity to declare their allegiance.

The Goblin King calls all loyal subjects to join him on Murandir before the end of Hunting Moon. He announces that Bael is his champion and head of his personal guard, Carrion is announced as his master of information and Regeck the Dark, Twister of Souls is announced as his spiritual advisor with all other Ash-Gnazi declaring their loyalty to the Goblin King.

Rachek Drummond has returned from his diplomatic mission to the Goblin Kings court and informs that the Goblin King sees himself as an equal to King Paullandiss and does not recognise Paulladndiss's right to rule the whole of the Valley as the wild lands and the goblin and tribal people are ruled by the Goblin King.

Bael announces that now that he is moving to Murandir to join the Goblin King and Raven in the new Dark Camp all members of Wolfhold that are loyal to the Iron Guard are to join him.

Carrion announces that now that he is moving to Murandir to join the Goblin King and Raven in the new Dark Camp all members of Wolfhold that are loyal to the Wolfhold Scouts are to join him.

The Dark Seers announce that half the Circle of Master Seers is moving to Murandir and the other half will stay on Orin Rakatha - it is not known where Snarlo will be spending his time

Dominion of the Reapers announces that the Reapers Sect will be staying on Orin Rakatha and continues to be loyal to Dreadlord Araikas.

Gorlan of the Barbarians Lodge has also declared that the Lodge is moving to Murandir.

Sir Termigan announces that he continues to be loyal to Dreadlord Araikas and will take charge of the Iron Guard as well as the Fell Knights and that all members of the Iron Guard who wish to remain on Orin Rakatha can continue their training under his leadership.

A Valley group including of Sorcerer Feyldwyn of the Green School of Magic and a number of skilled Wizards has gone missing around the Dragur Forest area. They were due to return from diplomatic talks with Laire Tinwe and the Wizards Concillium (following the successful inter-Tower collaboration to cleanse poison from the lands of Orin Rakatha) a moon ago, and concern is growing about their continued absence. Pathfinders have reported increased undead activity in the area, but no sign of the missing Valley members.

February 2010
As the Necromancer Guild lost so much status, as well as its guildleader during the Valley's campaign against Agoth, it is now no longer a viable guild. Effective immediately, all Necromancers are now ordered to report to Dominion in the Reaper Sect for assessment for re-deployment.
Mothac Storm has been permanently slain by persons unknown. The new leader of the Brethren Sect is The Commander, BoShek is assistant and as yet no administrator has been identified.
Lensal Blackbone has been permanently slain by persons unknown. The new leader of the Reaper's Sect is Dominion. The Hand becomes the Assistant guildleader but continues to act as its administrator also until a replacement is decided upon.
Araikas is taking over the Dark Path guild in addition to his duties as Steward of Wolfhold. He has promoted Magellen to assistant and Morkar the Fitz has taken on the responsibility of administrator. In addition, the Dark Path is to remain in the Valley Alliance tower with Magellen taking up residence within that Tower.
There are no changes in any of the other Wolfhold Guilds.
The trial of former Master Seer No. 10 has been set for the first week of Wind Moon.

Further Alliance News:

Pathfinder reports indicate that this winter has been particularly harsh, and that in the north of Orin Rakatha, travel has become difficult. Spring appears to be late coming.

Pathfinder reports indicate that lizardmen have been unusually aggressive over the last few moons and have been found far outside of land associated with the Thissessin.

News from the Merchant Guild (Rednow Ffuts) indicate that trade negotiations are not going well. Many of our usual trading partners are upping their prices, or refusing to renew existing contracts. Seeker reports indicate that this is limited to our Towers.

The Hospital is pleased to report that the magical herbs recently procured from Akari Island and the Pordaradrim Gardens seem to have made an effective antidote in curing the Green Sorcerers, a number at whom had been at death's door. However, they are concerned about a number of unexplained maladies affecting many of the common folk of the Valley Alliance Tower.
December 2009
Sorcerers of the Element of Water are said to have been suffering a spate of problems over the last few moons. A number of prominent members of the Green School have recently moved to Murandir. It is rumoured that some of them were suffering from ill health. It has been confirmed that, bar a couple of exceptions, none of ourGreen Sorcerers are able to currently cast Arcane Green Magic.

The Wizard's Concillium have sent an Emissary to the White Retreat seeking assistance in locating three of their Sorcerers who have gone missing in the area of Starfall Lake. Their own efforts to locate them have apparently come to nothing. It is believed that they were travelling in the company of several Wizards of the Green School of Magic, who are also missing.

The Pathfinders Guild have reported that a small patrol in the Lower Waite were forcibly removed from the area by a large and aggressive Shadowsfall group bearing 'unusual markings' on their faces. This group also witnessed the massacre of several small hordeling bands and a Kalid patrol who refused to comply with the Shadowsfall.

The Rangers Guild wish it to be known that Champion Pugnug Gnarltooth conducted himself with exceptional bravery. He was able to travel alone from Pendaron Wood following an ambush that resulted in his party being captured by a Hordeling warband under the command of a Troll Shaman. His swift action allowed members of the Blue School of Magic, Micheline Sect, Rangers and Grey Gauntlet Sect to mount a resuce operation, during which all members of the missing group were successfully recovered. Several of them had been slain, although none permanently. Alladius Emberweave, of the Red School of Magic, did suffer some mist exposure and is currently in the care of the Hospital - we all hope she makes a swift recovery.

The branch of the Hospital set up in the Valley Alliance Tower is said to have been overwhelmed with patients in the last couple of moons. They have urgently requested assistance from their colleagues in the White Retreat to cope with the deluge.

The Merchants guild have reported that several towers have raised their prices for perishable goods over recent months. Further investigation revealed that these rises have only been levied against members of the Kern Valley.

Rednow Ffuts has announced a Valley-wide competition to come up with a new name for what was the Valley Alliance Tower. The Prize: 50 Gests. The Rules: Entries must be posted in the Guild Halls, along with the entrant's name. There are no limits on the number of entries that can be made per person. The competition is open to members of the three Towers in the Kern Valley and those in service to the King on Murandir who have lived on Orin Rakatha. The authorities reserve the right to not choose any of the names if no suitable ones are forthcoming. Entries must be received by the end of Cold Moon.

Adventurers are asked to report any unusual Hordeling activity to the office of Mathius Cooper, Grey Path.

Sources from within the Wizard's Concillium have confirmed that the Green College of the Concillium are also suffering "issues" in casting Green Magic.

A former Hero of the YMCA, Marik, has won the title of "Chief Political Advisor to the Goblin King Drow Branch" following a thorough screening process of a highly competitive nature.

The Goblin King has released the following statement through the usual channels. "Happy Yule All!". That is all.

November 2009
Reports from Murandir indicate that:

Shark Cultist activities have almost completely dropped off
the area between Kingsfort and the sea is now mostly safe.
There have been no recent reports of Lan'Cet.

The Goblin King appears to have gathered many of the Wolfhold Ash-Gnazi to his banner. He seems in a very strong position, with the number of tribal creatures increasing since the Empire have left.

There have been increased encounters with Chaos creatures in all areas of Rol-Farintar.

Lord Vetzlar has recently set up an area in the Kingsfort trading post, selling potions.

House Valdurim appear to be in some difficulties with many members falling foul of "drow politics". Reports indicate that the Patriarch and those most loyal to him have moved to a heavily-defended house. This house was previously owned by an Empire noble and lies on the edge of Valley lands.

Several members of Wolfhold have recently gone missing, these appear to be people in mostly administrative roles. The Steward is appealing for information.

Some members of the Green School of Magic are reported as having trouble casting sorcery.

October 2009
We are delighted to announce that the threat posed by the entity that was Agoth has now been ended. Whilst there has been much loss of life and turbulence caused, we have stood firm and perservered.

We owe our thanks and a great debt of gratitude to the following people.

Sir Kal
Kevralyn Soulfire
Lancorrin Bloodcall
Ezekial Bramble

All of the above have been named Heroes of the Kern Valley.

Sadly Gravesong is unable to return to us and remains guarding the Hall of Heroes.

Puke has become the Realm Lord of Battle once again and is temporarily acting as the Head of the Necromancers Sect, due to the permanent loss of Lady Mortifera.

Wolfhold have confirmed that their Alliance with the Dymwan is at an end.

June 2009
The following reports have been released by the Kern Valley Guilds for Green Growing Moon.

Oasis of Souls
There have been numerous reports about increased activity in the vicinity of the Oasis of Souls; in particular there appear to be multiple small skirmishes against the Easterlings by members of the Northern Alliance. It has also been reported (but not verified) that a number of the Kalid groups attacking the Easterlings have been accompanied by Morgul Wraiths. There have also been unconfirmed reports received that Barud Tirgul have sent a number of groups towards the Oasis of Souls, presumably to be used as reinforcements.

The Shadowsfall have announced that a Time of Reckoning will be held within two weeks. All Guild Leaders have begun the preparations of swearing fealty and confirming the situation of their Guild members. All members of the Kern Valley have been asked to report to their superiors and re affirm their loyalty.

Catacombs of Agoth
There have been increasing encounters between forces of Agoth and the Kern Valley, although no significant encounters to date have been reported. There have not been any reports from the other Towers encountering hostility from the Catacombs of Agoth. Worthy of note is that there have been repeated attempts by the Catacombs of Agoth to enter the Aldonar Tombs. The Humacti Sect and Necromancers have increased their presence in this area.

White Retreat
The Humacti Sect have confirmed that all Undead summoned onto Orin Rakatha appear to have the ability to cast some Black Magic.

The Humacti Sect have informed us that Necromancy has grown alarmingly stronger upon Orin Rakatha, it appears possible for some Necromancers to cast vocal length ritual invocations and the summoning of Undead appears to have become easier. The Necromancers Sect has confirmed this.

There have been numerous reports that some members of Wolfhold are unable to leave their Tower (particularly those from the Commons), with others finding it increasingly difficult. It would appear that new bureaucracy has been implemented which requires written authorisation by a Lord of Wolfhold (or their representative) before being allowed to leave. There has been no official statement from Wolfhold although some sources have stated that Wolfhold are merely conducting an internal Census and wish to properly monitor their population.

The DFD have announced that the World Window has now been repaired, at great cost, and is once again open for business. However, the DFD have stated that the Kern Valley are not permitted to use the World Window until they have agreed compensation for being the ones responsible for breaking the World Window. It has been reported that the first Tower to use the World Window have been the Host of Veranon, who have sent a large number of groups from Orin Rakatha.

Kern Valley
Preparations for the wedding of King Paullandiss are proceeding apace at the new settlement of Kingsfort in the ancient Valley lands on Murandir.

A number of people from the Commons have already moved to Murandir, accompanied by Guild representatives and members of the Army. It is understood that the King is currently in Empire lands, and will soon be bringing his bride-to-be back to Kingsfort, but as yet nobody seems to have set eyes upon the Widow, as she is known. The recent announcement of a Time of Reckoning has sent those organising the event (particularly Priest Edwin) into something of a panic as guest lists are rearranged at the last minute, but the King is clear that the wedding will proceed as planned. It is rumoured that fabulous prizes have been set aside for those who are victorious in the various tourneys and the revelry and ribaldry that will accompany the Kings stag night remains a popular topic of conversation and speculation in the various Alliance taverns.

May 2009
Reports from across Orin Rakatha confirm that close to the time of Reckoning this year, Orin Rakatha was covered by a giant black sandstorm for 2 days. After this the black dust upon the floor vanished.
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